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Fire and Water PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire and Water

Fire and Water

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Fire and Water

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  1. Fire and Water Male and Female Relationships Balance, Rhythm and Harmony Ricardo Carrillo, Stella Botello, Jerry Tello, & Carlos Sanchez

  2. Four Directions • South-children’s direction: place of trust and innocence: Spiritual/Spring time • North-Elder’s direction: place of wisdom and understanding: Mental/Winter time • West-Woman’s direction: place of nurturance and life: Emotional/Fall time • East-Men’s direction: place of clarity and strength: Physical/Summer time

  3. Four Phases of Process • Conocimiento: Acknowledgment: • Who are we? • Entendimiento: Understanding what we do. • Integracion: Integration of Knowledge • Movimiento: Movement towards dysfunction of healing • Sacredness of all relationships

  4. Exploring the Fire Spirit • Men were known to be fire, energy, and strength • Know the fire • Understand elements of a health fire: How to start it, maintain it, cool it. • Healthy fire: comforts, warms, protects, loving and compassionate. • Angry imbalanced fire: burns, hurts, disappears.

  5. Exploring the Water Spirit • Women were seen as water, nurturers, bearers of life, and nourishment. • Wounded fire burns big. What happens when trash get thrown in the water, is it able to nourish others in that condition? • What happens to mothers (water) when they are trashed by disrespect & abuse? • Wounded Fires and polluted attract each other, what kind of relationship do they have?

  6. Healthy Relationship Cycle • Conocimiento: Who are you? What do want in life? What do you bring to this relationship? What likes/dislikes for you; your partner? What are your values? What are your partners values? Who is your partner? What is important to you and why?

  7. Entendimiento • Cargas/Baggage woundedness: How have you suffered in life? How has your partner suffered in life? How does your carga affect they way in which you relate to each other? Can you accept each others carga? How have you damaged your partner and added to your partners cargas? How can you take responsibility for your own carga?

  8. Integracion • How does one move forward when there has been damage to each other? How are you going to have a relationship after breaking or crossing the boundaries and losing respect? How is the couple going to find their rhythm, harmony and balance together? Recognition of the “coyote spirit” and it’s distractions: addictions, infidelity, and violence within you.

  9. Movimiento • Making and setting goals together in this phase is important. • How does one forgive? • How do you repent and repair the damage from the cargas? • What do the partners want out of the relationship? • How are you going to confront the problems that frequent your relationship? • How do you heal?

  10. Ricardo Carrillo, PhD • • • • Private practice: (559) 738-1595 • •