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Fire, Water, and Wood PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire, Water, and Wood

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Fire, Water, and Wood
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Fire, Water, and Wood

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  1. Fire, Water, and Wood By Evan Musu

  2. Executive Summary • Battle Beast was a toy line made in the 1980’s. The main premise of the toys were fire, water, and wood classes of figures. • And there was also an ultimate class which could destroy all other classes called Sunburst.

  3. Executive Summary • The story I propose is a union of fire, water, and wood powers to gain the sunburst power. • You begin as the wood class character and need to get the powers (fire & water) to destroy the Sunburst Lion. Thus gaining the sunburst power and returning it to the starting position. • Thus this should be done in the CTF type in Unreal 2004.

  4. Executive Summary • The game will be comprised of three areas: 1) One area will be a forest area with tree like huts (like the Ewoks from Star Wars). The water power will be here. 2) The second area will be a water area with battleships, row boats, and buoys. The player will have to jump between ships to get to the destination of where the fire power will be. 3) The building in the middle will be the fight between the Sunburst Lion. It will be filled with metallic crates in a maze like fashion.

  5. Executive Summary • The player has the ability to go straight to the Sunburst Lion’s base without collecting the fire and water weapons. But without the weapons the fight will be much harder than with them.

  6. Appearance Wood Warrior (Deer Stalker-Player and Ally) Sunburst Warrior (Sunburst Lion - Boss) Fire Warrior (Colonel Bird -Enemy) Water Warrior (Octillion Octopus -Enemy)

  7. Appearance(Over World Map)

  8. Appearance(Over World Map of building)

  9. Player’s Role and Actions • The player plays as Deer Striker. The ability Deer Striker starts with is wood. Wood will be a blunt mallet weapon.

  10. Player’s Role and Actions • The player has the ability to shoot water, fire, or hit opponents with a wooden mallet. • The projectiles will help defeat the final boss and other enemies. • Other basic controls: -Jump (to jump over obstacles)

  11. Strategies and motivations • With progression of gaining each new ability the player is one step closer to an easy victory. • The wooden mallet is effective but slow to use. • Fire shoots an spiral of fire. • Water shoots a stream of water.

  12. Strategies and motivations • The player can go directly to the final fight between the Sunburst Lion but the battle will be much harder. Thus gaining each power is recommended. • There will also be a hidden flying vehicle on the ground level of the forest area to make going across the map easier. The vehicle has no weapons.

  13. Strategies and motivations • The Sunburst Lion show it weakness when the symbol is above his head. Wood WaterFire

  14. Level summary/story progression • The first area is the wooden village type area. This where you pick up the water weapon. There will be enemy across the village. There is also the hidden vehicle on the ground level. • The second area is the water area. The player will have to jump between boats to get to the fire weapon. There will also be enemies to stop you from achieving you goal.

  15. Level summary/story progression • In the base you fight the Sunburst Lion which with your combined abilities you be able to defeat him. When the Sunburst Lion has fire above his head you attack him with the water attack. When he has wood above his head you attack him with fire. When he has water above his head you attack him with wood. • When the Sunburst Lion is defeated you will be able to pick up the starburst power and return it to the starting position.

  16. Development Specification • Hardware My PC : 3.4 Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, ATI 256 Graphics Card • Software Unreal Tournament 2004 • Algorithm Style Unreal 2004 Game Engine

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