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JRC 2nd Progress Report 2012-13 PowerPoint Presentation
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JRC 2nd Progress Report 2012-13

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JRC 2nd Progress Report 2012-13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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JRC 2nd Progress Report 2012-13. Steve Peedell European Commission Joint Research Centre. Presentation Outline. JRC BIOPAMA Activities 2012-13 Project structure and organisation Timeline and key milestones Budget situation Key achievements and highlights Challenges

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jrc 2nd progress report 2012 13

JRC 2nd Progress Report 2012-13

Steve Peedell

European Commission Joint Research Centre

presentation outline
Presentation Outline

JRC BIOPAMA Activities 2012-13

  • Project structure and organisation
  • Timeline and key milestones
  • Budget situation
  • Key achievements and highlights
  • Challenges
  • Next steps and action plan
expected results
Expected Results

Understanding ecology of PA’s and ecosystem services

Understanding interactions between PA’s and local economy

Improving PA management through better understanding of governance

Data, indicators, models, reports, tools

Regional Reference Information System

jrc internal organisation
JRC Internal Organisation

Marine Ecosystems Monitoring

Ecosystem Services

Species and Habitats

Digital Observatory of Protected Areas


Management & Governance

Pressures and Threats

RRIS Deployment

Terrestrial Ecosystems Monitoring

project timeline milestones
Project Timeline & Milestones











Year 4

Year 5…..

Year 3

Year 2

Year 1



Observatories & RRIS

DOPA, ACP Observatory

DOPA Explorer

Fire Tool

ESP Mapping

Jan/Feb 2013 Pacific, Caribbean, PACO WS

Dec 2012 ESARO WS

Mar 2012 Inception WS

Feb 2012 IUCN

July 2011 JRC

key achievements
Key Achievements
  • Requirements, stakeholder engagement
    • Data needs questionnaire
    • Regional workshops
  • RRIS development
    • Datasets
    • Digital Observatory of Protected Areas (DOPA)
    • RRIS Pilots
  • Reports and publications
biodiversity and habitats characterisation key achievements
Biodiversity and Habitats Characterisation - Key Achievements
  • Modelling tools refined and operational
    • eHabitat, eSpecies
  • Re-computation of indicators for 10000 PA’s
    • From 3000 in Year 1
  • Plant data completeness assessment methodology (JRC, GBIF, Uni Oxford)
  • 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology
  • Data sharing agreement JRC-IUCN-WCMC
ecosystem services key achievements
Ecosystem Services – Key Achievements
  • DOPA Carbon Tool. Change of the tool structure and function
  • Analysis of Ecosystem Services indicators for the West and Central Africa WG
  • Design and development of the Ecosystem Services Partnership visualisation tool
  • Mapping of Carbon sequestration in the Caribbean basin
terrestrial ecosystems monitoring key achievements
Terrestrial Ecosystems Monitoring- Key Achievements
  • Repopulation and restructuring of fire archive data
  • Delivery of eStation information products via web services
pa pressures and threats key achievements
PA Pressures and Threats - Key Achievements
  • Database of land cover changes in sub-Saharan Africa 1990-2000-(2005)-2010
  • Fire tool for PA’s
  • Analysis of requirements for poaching tool
pa management governance key achievements
PA Management & Governance - Key Achievements
  • Close consultation with METT & PAME groups
    • Queensland University, WCMC
  • First draft PA “Identity Card”
  • Scoping of pilot for Central African Region
dopa and rris key achievements
DOPA and RRIS – Key Achievements
  • DOPA Explorer first official beta release
    • http://ehabitat-wps.jrc.ec.europa.eu/dopa_explorer/
  • Various thematic tools
    • Fire
    • Ecosystem Services
  • Baseline web services
    • http://dopa-services.jrc.ec.europa.eu/services/
    • eHabitat, eSpecies, eStation
  • Island Biodiversity Information System
    • Focus on Invasive Alien Species for the Pacific Region
  • Data sharing agreement signed with IUCN-WCMC
  • Hadoop Cluster for analysis of large biodiversity datasets


  • Project has taken time to gather genuine momentum, recommend extension to 5 years


  • Emphasis on temporary staff for project execution, many contracts will expire over next 12 months
  • Switch from grantholder profile to contractual agents
  • Staff turnover and changes


  • Time zones, different emphasis and context between regions
  • Getting visibility and recognition in Caribbean and Pacific

RRIS Development

  • Interdependency with Regional Observatory definition
  • Requirements engineering and prioritisation
  • Customisation of the DOPA toolbox to specific BIOPAMA needs
next steps and action plan
Next Steps and Action Plan
  • Second Annual Report
  • Internal Work Package Review
  • Request modifications of Administrative Arrangement
  • Regional Pilots
  • DOPA Explorer review
  • CBD Regional Workshop support
  • Technical Advisory Group outcomes and follow-up
  • Technical assistance to Regional Observatory definition
  • Targeted recruitment and expert engagement
developing capacity for a protected planet www iucn org biopama stephen peedell@jrc ec europa eu

Developing capacity for a Protected Planetwww.iucn.org/biopamastephen.peedell@jrc.ec.europa.eu