feiyu tech spg world best 3 axis smartphone gimbal n.
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3-Axis smartphone Gimbal

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3-Axis smartphone Gimbal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The best place to purchase Feiyu Tech SPG at anreasonable price would be Dvooz. The online e-commerce platform is there only to providenphotographer and cinematographers the right tool to make their work professionalnnFOR MORE INFORMATION YOU CAN ALSO VISIT HERE: nhttp://dvooz.com/dvoozpdf/3-Axis-smartphone-GImbal.pdfnnAND ALSO VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE: nnhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTfW37jQF1o

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3-Axis smartphone Gimbal

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feiyu tech spg world best 3 axis smartphone gimbal

Feiyu Tech SPG : World best 3-Axis smartphone Gimbal

What if you could do more with your smartphone than just capturing the subject? What if you

can transform your smartphone camera into a powerful storytelling tool? Wouldn’t that be

amazing? Well, now with the Feiyu Tech SPG, a 3 axis smartphone gimbal these can be possible

simply by a touch of a button. In this article we are going to give an overview of the importance

of a 3-Axis smartphone gimbal and why SPG has been the favorites of many.

It’s not been long for gimbal in the photography industry and it has already redefined the art of

camera movement. The revolutionary gear gets connected with our smartphone and become a

device to capture stabilize videos while you are walking or running. It simply asked the user to

focus on the subject while gimbals turn every bump jolt and shake in a smooth cinematic

footage. In short, it will help users to create stunning movies in a simplest way possible. Just like

how easy Gimbal has made creating a professional looking video, tougher has been to pick a

gimbal brand to get the best out of the smartphone camera.

This is why we are presenting you one of the most promising gimbal manufacturing company

known for delivering high end gimbal devices for their user. Feiyu Tech has been a standard

company across the world who are delivering some of the best gimbal worldwide. No matter

whatever categories (i.e. DSLR, action camera and smartphone) of gimbal you choose it from

Feiyu Tech it comes with an 100% assurance to fulfill all the user requirements. As far as 3-axis

smartphone gimbal from Feiyu Tech is concerned, it offers one of the advanced devices, with

the name SPG. It is preloaded with all the standard and advanced features which further helps

users to create awesome clips. All the majestic modes, turn bumpy recordings into smooth

cinematic shots. Below we are listing out some of the SPG top features for our readers help:

Best stabilizing tool for top performance

SPG is built with the latest high precision brushless motors along with the innovative G

algorithm platform, which provides SPG a whole new shake-proof video experience.

Furthermore the working modes like panning, tilting and rolling provide a tool to use SPG as per

our requirement. The three motors on which it works can be turned on and off simply by a single

press of the function button. There is an inversion mode, which make shooting the lower angle

views more conveniently then there is a vertical

views more conveniently. Then there is a vertical mode where the gimbal moves slowly 90

degree to the left or right making portrait videography looks like a charm.

Revolutionary Sliding Arm for great compatibility.

SPG is like no other standard gimbal which follows the conventional counter weight mechanism,

rather it comes with a revolutionary and highly innovative sliding arm tool to enable fast and

precise gravity center adjustment. SPG is therefore compatible with every 4 to 6 inch

smartphone and even the action cameras with the accessories. It is also designed to play nice

with a wide variety of cases and cinematic lenses.

Easy connectivity and controls with Bluetooth and Feiyu Tech


SPG like said already is an advanced model of a modern day gimbal, thus it follows all the

standard rules which make handling the device a lot easier. The Bluetooth capability is one such

criteria, it lets users to easily connect their phone with the SPG without using any additional

tools or softwares. Next big thing on this line of connectivity is the Fieyu Tech official app “Feiyu

ON” which is available for both android and iOS. The app helps users to set different parameters

of the gimbal and also for updating the firmware.

Replaceable durable 22650 Lithium ion battery.

SPG a 3 axis handheld gimbal is laced with a powerful Li-Ion battery capable of providing

remarkable shoot time of 8 hours. It provides users the option to carry the dependable device

anywhere and capture all the lovely moment in a cinematic quality.

extensive option for accessories

Extensive option for accessories

SPG comes with 1/4 inch hole on both front and bottom, giving away option to extend the views

with a wide range of accessories. With the use of a third party tripod along with SPG you’ll be

able to make even more stable recordings.

Revolutionary smart face tracking

SPG smart face tracking technology allows the user to single handedly execute shots that would

normally take a small crew. When connected with Feiyu ON app, it can set to target the face

accurately, and then it automatically follows the target face, making SPG a perfect tool to

capture the perfect shot.

Splash-proof technology

All thanks to the hardworking engineers employed in Feiyu Tech, SPG comes with an innovative

build structure. With the help of which SPG has an advanced splash-proof technology. This has

made SPG the perfect partner to carry whether in a rainy day or for a water sport event.

It won’t be wrong to say with all the handy features coming under a reasonable price tag all the

photography enthusiast has been blessed by SPG on their hands. The packed features not only

make the reliable device really versatile, but also easy to use at the same time. Combine your

phone now with SPG to dive into a world where capturing all the lovely moment is like creating a

piece of art use spg gimbal to record any sport

piece of art. Use SPG gimbal to record any sport event, professional activities, promotional

video’s or to capture all your memorable life events.

So if you’re tired of getting all those shaky jolt in your videos and want to look all your clips

smooth and beautiful, get your SPG now. The best place to purchase Feiyu Tech SPG at a

reasonable price would be Dvooz. The online e-commerce platform is there only to provide

photographer and cinematographers the right tool to make their work professional.

For more extra details use this link:- Feiyutech SPG 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal