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Transforming Pedagogy & Curriculum with Information Literacy PowerPoint Presentation
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Transforming Pedagogy & Curriculum with Information Literacy

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Transforming Pedagogy & Curriculum with Information Literacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transforming Pedagogy & Curriculum with Information Literacy. LSTA: Librarian as Instructional Leader July 14 & 15, 2010. Quick LSTA Grant Overview. Precollege Information Literacy Research (PILR) Technology in instruction Ongoing Mini-Grants for IL and assessment IL for the “Rising Junior”

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transforming pedagogy curriculum with information literacy

Transforming Pedagogy & Curriculum with Information Literacy

LSTA: Librarian as Instructional Leader

July 14 & 15, 2010

quick lsta grant overview
Quick LSTA Grant Overview
  • Precollege Information Literacy Research (PILR)
  • Technology in instruction
  • Ongoing Mini-Grants for IL and assessment
  • IL for the “Rising Junior”
  • Leadership in instruction
  • Collaboration!!
pilr research question
PILR: Research Question

Does information literacy contribute to overall learning and transition for pre-college students?

Phase 1

Collect data and identify methods for integrating IL into pre-college programs

Phase 2

Seek evidence to support the hypothesis that IL instruction makes a difference in overall learning and transition for pre-college students

emerging technology and il teaching
Emerging Technology and IL Teaching

“exploring ways to harness emerging technology and sound pedagogy to create sustainable support for information literacy and e-Learning… how we can connect directly with students and what support we can provide for faculty as our partners in information literacy instruction.”

workshop outcomes
Workshop Outcomes
  • Discuss how shifting information paradigms impact information literacy instruction
  • Identify strategies and plans to improve student learning and/or build partnerships with discipline faculty
  • Explore available tools that support IL instruction and library services
  • Share experiences with technologies that support information literacy instruction
keeping track
Keeping track…

golden ideas

  • Anne-Marie Deitering

Oregon State University

  • Nicholas Schiller

Washington State University, Vancouver

information literacy plans
Information Literacy Plans

Articulate what you do and why.

information literacy plan
Information Literacy Plan
  • Purpose/goals
  • Learning outcomes
  • Modes/models for instruction
  • How do you know they work (or don’t work)?
  • Current top priorities
acrl best practices
ACRL: Best Practices
  • Mission
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Planning
  • Admin & Institutional Support
  • Articulation with Curriculum
  • Collaboration
  • Pedagogy
  • Staffing
  • Outreach
  • Assessment/Evaluation

linking to the information literacy plan
Linking to the Information Literacy Plan




Mission & Goals

1 fast forward
1. Fast forward
  • What problems do your students have learning to be information literate?
    • Communication – ability to read, skim, spell, use grammar
    • Attachment to natural language – entire question
    • Awareness of library resources
    • Need preparation as learners – how to instill passion for learning – IL is more than finding an answer – need to be invested in learning process – persistence and patience
    • Instructors aren’t always comfortable with IL and may not know how to use some of the tools
    • Wiki for students – create a nicer way for them to engage creatively with the resources – students need to be excited about it and understand it – research needs to be fun & collaborative
    • Values of the academy are different from those of the real world
    • They don’t know what they don’t know – they think they are already good at research
    • They need to know the why as well as the how
    • Students lack the spark of intellectual curiosity – we need to meet them where their passions are
    • How does real life research compare with what we ask students to do?
    • Is the information we ask them to use appropriate to their level, need, etc. Are faculty and librarians working together to address this?
    • Lack basic skills, such as using an index – some faculty assume students got IL somewhere else
    • Basic problems: lack $ for computers, software, books; lack time,
    • ESL – language or cultural
    • Limitations of our tools – databases aren’t all FT and students think they should be
    • Students can’t distinguish between different kinds of information
    • Don’t know how to sort through a list of results
    • Confuse IL with technology literacy
    • Can’t identify information needs –
    • Need more time for research
    • Assignment design – hobbled by the assignment or asked to use resources that don’t match the task
analyzing options
Analyzing Options

Impact Effort




2 golden ideas
2 Golden Ideas

Think & Write

  • Review your notes for themes & ideas.

Share & Discuss

  • Which 2-3 ideas could be used to solve IL problems that students face?
3 explore an idea
3 Explore an idea

Think & Write

  • Use the project template to begin to develop a project idea in depth

Share & Discuss

    • Describe the project to your group & get feedback
thursday wrap up
Thursday Wrap - Up
  • Share project ideas & plans (solicit partners?)
    • Share and post training models on the wiki – keep materials generic – share story boards
    • Work with IRIS/Kitty to add video etc. (sally)
    • Web site where we’ve found instructional components – explore using/sharing Delicious for this purpose (linda)
    • Use/promote social networking to generate knowledge/research – e.g., facebook, twitter,,
    • Tegrity (lecture capture software) – statewide contract
    • How to better use elluminateesp for IL
    • Usability testing for libguides
    • Develop/find textbook alternatives
  • Un-Workshop
    • Open textbooks/open course initiative – collaborate! Don’t recreate.
    • Next year 2010-2011
      • PILR
      • Immersion – advanced/custom/new
      • Rising Junior workshop
  • Questions, issues, epiphanies
  • Where to now?