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1 Corinthians . By: Kayla-Marie Figueroa. Background Information. Author  Paul Date Written Approx. 56-57 A.D. Where Written Ephesus Community People of the church of Corinth . The City Corinth. Prosperous commercial center Large percentage of population were poor and slaves

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1 corinthians

1 Corinthians

By: Kayla-Marie Figueroa

Background information
Background Information

  • Author Paul

  • Date Written Approx. 56-57 A.D.

  • Where Written Ephesus

  • Community People of the church of Corinth

The city corinth
The City Corinth

  • Prosperous commercial center

  • Large percentage of population were poor and slaves

  • Church membership from lower classes

  • Visited by Paul during his second mission

Why the church of corinth
Why the Church of Corinth?

  • Unity in Christian faith

  • Holy doctrine and practice

  • Apostleship and freedom

  • Occasion address and offer resolution to social problems arising in the Church of Corinth

Chapter 9 avoid misleading
Chapter 9: Avoid Misleading

  • Paul displays authority

  • Key message we must not disgrace the gospel

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 9:19-23

    Paul explains his hopes to share the gift of the gospel with others and conveys his own desire to share in its blessings.

Chapter 10 learning from the past
Chapter 10: Learning from the Past

  • Do not repeat mistakes of Israelites (i.e. In the desert with Moses)

  • Obey and trust in God to receive his message

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 10: 11-13

    Paul testifies that the sins committed from Israelites were set examples for the new age. He warns the people of Corinth to be loyal to God, who will help them overcome tests of spiritual strength.

Chapter 11 troubles in worship
Chapter 11: Troubles in Worship

  • Be open to God’s gospel; witness to his love

  • Acknowledges God is above Christ and Christ above all people

  • Calls to fix disunion during the Lord’s supper

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 11: 17-26

    Paul preaches the people are practicing the Lord’s supper incorrectly because they are divided, show off and get drunk. He reminds them it is no ordinary meal.

Chapter 12 spiritual gifts
Chapter 12: Spiritual Gifts

  • Acknowledgement of Christ as our master; Jesus is Lord

  • Gifts intended to be shared among Church community

  • No spiritual gift have value or worth without love

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 12: 7-9

    Paul expresses our duty to share gifts and not be selfish; use our gifts for God’s plan.

Chapter 13 love is the greatest
Chapter 13: Love is the Greatest

  • Paul defines love in relation to God and all others

  • Love is necessary, fulfilling, modest & forever lasting- as is God

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 13: 1-3

    Paul discusses the absence of love and how it leaves us with a void in our hearts. Actions and intentions are meaningless without love; with love we may understand God’s mercy. It’s a gift which endures forever.

Chapter 14 gift of tongues
Chapter 14: Gift of Tongues

  • Issues arising in the Church may be resolved through the use of public worship, prophecy, and tongues.

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 14: 37-40

    Paul emphasizes his authority which comes directly from the Lord in hopes that those blessed with spiritual gifts will heed his advice, which essentially helps the Church become stronger.

Chapter 15 death and resurrection
Chapter 15: Death and Resurrection

  • Paul proves the resurrection of Christ from the dead

  • Objections to resurrection answered

  • Key Verses 1 Cor 15: 1-11

    Here Paul reassures the validity of Christ’s Paschal Mystery. This doctrine of his death and resurrection is the foundation of Christianity. It is a truth confirmed by even the prophecies of the old testament.

Chapter 16 paul s plans greetings
Chapter 16: Paul’s Plans & Greetings

  • Paul suggests weekly collection of money for the poor

  • He expresses hope to pass through Macedonia and revisit Corinth

  • Commands to be firm, strong, and brave in our faith

  • Letter is ended with Paul sending his blessings and love to all

Chapter 16 paul s plans greetings1
Chapter 16: Paul’s Plans & Greetings


  • Key Verses: 1 Cor 16: 13-14

    Paul warns us to watch out for the enemy of Christ. We must resist the devils temptations and have the courage to help those who have not kept their faith in tact. Our vigor will keep our faith pure. In doing everything with love we are characterizing our spiritual strength.