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Service Excellence Program

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Service Excellence Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Service Excellence Program. Service Excellence. Miami-Dade Community College affirms quality and excellence to be essential in all we do. What Is Service ?. Duties on a daily basis Job tasks and quality of work Consistency. Interactions Set standards Customers/learners expectations

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Service Excellence Program

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    1. Service Excellence Program

    2. Service Excellence Miami-Dade Community College affirms quality and excellence to be essential in all we do.

    3. What Is Service?

    4. Duties on a daily basis Job tasks and quality of work Consistency Interactions Set standards Customers/learners expectations Job knowledge and skills Service: What Is It ?

    5. What is organizational culture ?

    6. Business conduct Shared employee values Acceptance of difference Customs Established methods of work Personality of organization Status Perceptions Organizational Culture: What is it ?

    7. A “service excellence” culture strives for outstanding service to achieve quality and excellence.

    8. Performance/ quality of work Increase student retention Employee satisfaction Student satisfaction Increase in recruitment, enrollment and graduation Service to community Recognition as leader in community and nation What Are M-DCC Service Excellence Goals ?

    9. “Who” College Provost College President Campus Presidents Campus Facilitators School Directors Service Excellence NWSA Vice Provosts Steering Committee Chairpersons Deans Personnel Foundation Full-time Staff Directors Associate Deans Part-time Staff Personnel Full-time Faculty District Facilitator Managers Student Assistants Adjunct Faculty

    10. WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?

    11. Benefits of Providing Excellent Service • More satisfied interactions with students • Employees working toward a common goal • More supportive work environment • More effective and efficient workplace • Respect for each individual’s contribution • Higher esteem in the community

    12. Varying Roles in the Service Excellence Process • Department Role • Management’s Role • Facilitator’s Role

    13. Department Role • Identify • To whom service is provided • Measures of success • Existing instruments/indicators used to measure customer satisfaction • Attend Advanced Connections

    14. Department Role • Develop additional measurement instruments • Collect and review baseline data • Establish on-going data tracking processes

    15. Department Role • Develop Service Excellence Action Plan • Implement • Service Excellence Action Plan • Recognition/incentive programs

    16. Department Role • Track and collect data • Share the Service Excellence Action Plans with Administrative line and submit it to the SESC Committee • Modify Service Excellence Action Plan based on results

    17. Management’s Role • Provide guidance and support • Ensure the development, implementation and tracking of the department/area plans • Communicate progress of collegewide program • Accept accountability for meeting established standards for assigned area • Implement recognition/incentive programs

    18. College Facilitators’ Role • Serve as resource/support person • Facilitate kick off and action plan workshops • Coordinate attendance at training workshops • Communicate progress of overall goals

    19. RECOGNITION PROGRAMS People appreciate and deserve recognition when they provide excellent service to others.

    20. Employee Thank You Program • Employees thanking employees • Recognition of “above and beyond” • Monthly and Semester awards

    21. Student Thank You Program • Students thanking employees • Recognition of outstanding service • Monthly awards

    22. Service Excellence Program Web Site

    23. Service Excellence Program

    24. Service Excellence Action Plan Process

    25. Service Excellence Action Plan Form

    26. COLUMN ONE - RECIPIENTS • Identify to whom your area provides service , or • Identify the services you provide, and then ask yourselves, “ To whom are we providing this service?” • They can be external or internal

    27. BASELINE DATA EXAMPLES • Logs • Enrollment data • Retention data • Survey results

    28. Next Steps • Work as a team • Create measurement tool or tools, if needed • Access or collect data • Identify successes and/or challenges • Discuss information for SE action plan • Identify SE action plan scribe