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The MedWise Program PowerPoint Presentation
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The MedWise Program

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The MedWise Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The MedWise Program
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  1. The MedWise Program Beth Martin, RPh; PhD Betty Chewning, PhD This project is currently funded by an Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Grant

  2. Funding & Team • Initial & Current Funding: • 2011-12: Portage County ADRC • 2012-14: Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Grant (Chewning & Martin) • Team: • Portage County ADRC • University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy Sonderegger Research Center • Community Academic Aging Research Network (CAARN)

  3. Motivation for the Study Number of medications & comorbidities increase with age Adults 60 and older have average of 4 chronic conditions with multiple medications As the number of medications increases, so does risk of adverse drug effects and med management problems

  4. Med Coordination Partners Needed! Medication coordination gaps between providers Older adults are the most underused resource Program needed to enhance older adults’ medication communication and management skills

  5. Pharmacists are underutilized State law requires consultation on ALL prescriptions Pharmacists are accessible Pharmacist networks for quality care Pharmacies offer MTM services… including immunizations, CMRs

  6. MedWise Program Goals To increase older adults’ interest and ability to manage their medications safely To facilitate and encourage maintaining and sharing an updated medication list To improve older adults’ skills to talk with their pharmacist (and other health care providers) about their medications

  7. Partnerships and Pilot Jane Mahoney and Jill Ballard, CAARN - WiHA Janet Zander, ADRC Director Portage County

  8. MedWise Program • 2 group sessions to improve patient communication and role play asking their questions with a guest pharmacist • Identify risks and benefits of medication use; pharmacists’ role & why updated medication list is key • Reinforce importance of own questions, ways to ask key questions, problem solving approach

  9. What Did Preliminary Data Suggest?Pre-post surveys (N=13) suggested increased: Knowledge about pharmacists’ roles / laws Belief in carrying updated medication list Belief in using pharmacist for medication questions

  10. What Did Preliminary Data Suggest? (cont) Participants perceived themselves as more likely to: • Ask the RPh questions even when not asked • Express their opinions when they disagree with the RPh • Routinely ask a pharmacist questions • Ask for more information until satisfied with answer • Ask even when RPh & patient were busy

  11. Participant Testimonials Lively discussion informing us of pharmacists’ responsibilities and questions to ask as self-advocates. What a great program… best, most practical, helpful health presentation I’ve been to at the Center. I visit my primary care doctor tomorrow to talk to her regarding my meds. The importance of carrying an updated list of my meds and writing down my questions in advance. To be my own advocate.

  12. Next Steps 2 pilot participants completed leader training conducted sessions in Portage County Additional lay leader trainings Disseminate to: Adams, Calumet, Green Lake, Marquette, Outagamie, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara 2 year funding begins July 1 Goal to enroll 300 older adults in the 2 years