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Human Settlement input- Local Government Week: Building Sustainable Human Settlements Director- General: Mr T Zulu 1 A PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Settlement input- Local Government Week: Building Sustainable Human Settlements Director- General: Mr T Zulu 1 A

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Human Settlement input- Local Government Week: Building Sustainable Human Settlements Director- General: Mr T Zulu 1 A - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Settlement input- Local Government Week: Building Sustainable Human Settlements Director- General: Mr T Zulu 1 AUGUST 2012. CONTENTS. Purpose Vision and Mission Problem statement Areas for intervention Policy considerations Policy enhancements Legislative & policy review

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Human Settlement input- Local Government Week: Building Sustainable Human SettlementsDirector- General: Mr T Zulu1 AUGUST 2012
  • Purpose
  • Vision and Mission
  • Problem statement
  • Areas for intervention
  • Policy considerations
  • Policy enhancements
  • Legislative & policy review
  • Governance, fraud and corruption
  • Institutional arrangements
  • Recommendations
  • The Purpose of this presentation is to provide the Departmental view on work done to respond to Human Settlement challenges through local Government as points of delivery

A nation housed in Sustainable human settlements with access to socio – economic infrastructure”


“To establish & facilitate a sustainable process that provides equitable access to adequate housing for all within the context of affordability of housing, services, access to social amenities & economic opportunities”

problem statement
Problem Statement
  • Acute shortage of basic services and housing for the poor:
  • Affordable access to housing for the working class,
  • Creation of holistic living environments in South Africa
  • Unprecedented migration into the urban centers and resultant urban growth.
  • Growth of informal settlements and associated social ill.

Western Cape

Slum and informality

problem statement1
Problem Statement
  • Characterized by low family incomes,
  • Land speculation, and
  • Gaps in the implementation and regulatory policies, legislation and
  • Gaps in implementation frameworks - forced a substantial segment of our population to live in inadequate and precarious settlements
  • Below is a geographical location of these informal settlements;

Informal Settlements: NDHS, 2009




North West


Northern Cape

Free State

Eastern Cape

Western Cape

areas for intervention
Areas for intervention
  • Government will develop appropriate legislation and funding and implementation frameworks to develop and prevent the creation poorly located
  • Plan for the provision of basic services, sustainable livelihoods
  • Plan for alternative basic services
  • Provision of rental stock and communal development models
areas for intervention1
Areas for intervention
  • The allocation of resources: not optimally allocated and results in poor outputs and outcomes
  • Direct resources to meet human Settlements and national Developmental goals and objectives.
  • See the reality we are creating as our future:
policy considerations
Policy considerations
  • Comprehensive consolidation of the policy developed and undertaken by Government be undertaken to ensure the Department of Human Settlements responds to the development needs and aspirations of the community.
  • This will take legislative amendment, policy rethink and enhancements
policy enhancements
Policy enhancements
  • Green Paper on Human Settlements Development – Aimed at the developmental shift from the concept of housing to human settlements.
  • The drafting, adoption and enactment of a Human Settlements Development Act
  • Develop a framework for Monitoring and Oversight Planning, Funding and Implementation of National Development Priorities by Provinces and Municipalities
policy enhancements1
Policy enhancements
  • Enhance the national development mandates and priorities to ensure synergy of efforts and plans.
  • The Department proposes strengthening and tightening conditions for funding
  • Coordinate government efforts to fight poverty
  • Strengthen the co-ordination, Monitoring and evaluation regime
policy enhancements2
Policy enhancements
  • Enhance the Legislative Framework for a Consolidated Human Settlements Development Finance Institutions
  • Plan to investigation of a Human Settlements and Housing Bank so as to promote access to finance
  • We currently considering finding of a review into the Human Settlement Development Finance institutions
policy enhancements3
Policy enhancements
  • The institutions are the Rural Housing Loan Fund, NURCH and NHFC
  • They require a refocus to meet the enhanced mandate
  • Enhance the National Framework for the Management and Administration of Household and Beneficiary Administration- this is due to inaccurate data base
  • Development of policy for special and vulnerable groups. The Aged, Military veterans, children and orphans. Restoring dignity to our people



policy enhancements4
Policy enhancements
  • Policy on gender mainstreaming: Aimed at addressing inequality and empowerment of women, this will be through Gender mainstreaming
legislative and policy review
Legislative and policy review
  • Review of the Funding and Subsidy Framework and Architecture to Improve Outcomes and Sustainability of Programmes and Projects
  • Current funding framework has created a measure of dependence by citizen, this in the context of a slow growing economy
governance fraud and corruption
Governance, Fraud and Corruption
  • Review of the Current Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks to Improve Governance and Eradicate Fraud, Corruption and Maladministration
  • Evident seepage and leakage of resources from within the current system as a result of fraud, corruption and maladministration.
  • Review current frameworks for effectiveness of the system
  • Review White Paper on Sanitation to focus on integrated planning, development and funding
governance fraud and corruption1
Governance, Fraud and Corruption
  • Afford Sanitation status of a national development priority.
  • Review of policy, legislation, regulations as well as the roles, responsibilities, functions and obligations of various government and non-government role-players in the planning, funding, implementation and monitoring of the sanitation function.
governance fraud and corruption2
Governance, Fraud and Corruption
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment of Policy and Legislation in the realization of Sustainable Human Settlements Development with particular reference to the poor and working class
  • Impact assessment to be mandatory against set targets and objectives
institutional arrangements
Institutional arrangements
  • To this end, and aimed at realizing SERVICE DELIVERY, the Turn-Around Strategy has been completed.
  • The strategy is delivery focused
  • Re-oriented the Department to follow the money
  • Designed the Department to assess, monitor products and adherence to:
  • Project planning and compliances
  • Project funding, fund mobilization, delivery and impact
  • Project delivery and synergy of services
  • Facilitation and management of Public-Private partnerships and,
  • Sustainability of settlements
  • Capacity building for delivery and management of settlements




Emerald Sky

Eastern Cape


Social Housing

Western Cape


Integrated Human Settlements














Human Settlements Dept.



inescapable reality
Inescapable Reality
  • We provide tangible social and economic infrastructure
  • Provide resources for market or customer attraction and mobilization;
  • Provide bulk infrastructure that require management and maintenance, thus creating jobs;
  • Increase municipal tax and revenue base;
  • Create room to attract future investment.
  • Future housing needs be done with due consideration to active participation by communities in the planning and implementation of programmes and projects.
  • Special attention must be given to the development and promotion of the community led initiatives including Co-Operative Human Settlement and Housing Development Model
  • Current subsidy framework is not sustainable under the economic and fiscal regime