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Organizational Analysis

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Organizational Analysis. Eliada Home, Inc. Organizational Context. Eliada is a 501 ( C )(3) non-profit organization There are no stakeholders or owners Eliada follows a chain of command. Mintzberg’s Model. Perceived Problems. Staff Turnover Low Pay Communication issues between staff.

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organizational analysis

Organizational Analysis

Eliada Home, Inc.

organizational context
Organizational Context
  • Eliada is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization
  • There are no stakeholders or owners
  • Eliada follows a chain of command
perceived problems
Perceived Problems
  • Staff Turnover
  • Low Pay
  • Communication issues between staff
basic human resource strategies
Basic Human Resource Strategies
  • Build and implement an HR strategy.
  • Hire the right people.
  • Keep them.
  • Invest in them.
  • Empower them.
  • Promote diversity.

(Bolman & Deal 2008)

eliada s hr strategy
Eliada’s HR strategy
  • HR Philosophy: Eliada doesn’t have a written policy
  • HR does their best to make sure each interviewee possesses Eliada’s core values of faith, hope, and love to fit into the agency
  • Salaries are low so turnover happens very often. Pre-service training for new staff is 10 months out of the year.
  • 2 weeks of pre-service training for new staff. All staff are kept up current on CPR, First Aid, Blood born pathogens, and special populations training to help staff understand student diagnosis
eliada s hr strategies
Eliada’s HR Strategies
  • Eliada employees are empowered to use ideas and make suggestions as well as manage the programs budget.
  • Eliada Institute: Program leaders are chosen to participate in this group to work on changes to issues staff is not happy about. (i.e. doctors notes, re-writing staff evaluation form.)
  • Cultural Competency group is made up of any staff on campus to bring awareness to kids and staff.
program analysis
Program Analysis
  • Structural Frame
  • No one will talk about any of these issues in all staff meetings and how it is effecting staff and communication.
  • Human Resource Frame

Pre-service for new staff 10 months our of the year costing $83,000 or more per year.

With a constant turnover comes poor communication and consistency in treatment of our kids by new staff having to learn the ropes.

solution and prognosis
Solution and Prognosis
  • Re-evaluate Eliada’s finances and put more into staff salaries to stay consistent with good staff. This will help achieve Eliada’s mission of, “ Helping children Succeed.”
  • Create a Human Resources philosophy stating the organizations “core beliefs about managing people.”(Bolman& Deal)
  • Provide a meeting for the staff just to talk about any issues needed with no pressure of losing their job.
  • Gather program managers and senior management together to figure out a solution
  • Strive to keep staff longer by offering more rewards and making them feel more valued
  • Offer pre-service every 3 months or 4 times a year saving the organization around $55, 000 a year
looking ahead
Looking Ahead..
  • Eliada’s 20 year vision: Eliada is a community of highly integrated educational, treatment and character development programs for children, families and the greater community, utilizing horizontal and vertical integration to achieve its mission.
  • Added to the 20 year vision should be to keep mission focused, passionate, consistent staff to value them much more and show the importance of consistency for our kids and communication for our organization.