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Sex and the City is a television series that is about for middle aged women who are best friends. It is an American television romantic sit-com by Darren Star and produced by HBO. This show was broadcasted from 1998 until 2004. This included a total of ninety-four episodes. Four years later it spawned into a movie Sex and the City. Two years after that movie, a sequel came along, Sex and the City 2.
Carrie Bradshaw:

This character (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) is the main character and narrator of this television series. She works at the New York City paper writing a column about “Sex and the City”. Everything that happens in her life, and witnesses she writes about so other ladies in New York can be able to relate to her, and so they understand that all of those problems happen to majority of the women population and let them know that they aren't the only ones. As these series go on she eventually writes three books (which are mentioned in the movies).

Those books make her some what famous and the females of New York really look up to her. If she isn’t writing, hanging with her girlfriends, she is having a love life with her boyfriend (eventually husband) ‘Mr. Big’. She has many issues when it comes to dating, and the male brain but her girlfriends are there to support her every step of the way. Carrie Bradshaw loves fashion, and would rather buy the latest pair of top brand name shoes, then pay for heat in her apartment. I mean, if you can buy sweaters, is that not the same thing? I love this character, and Sarah Jessica Parker plays this role very well.

"Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”

Samantha Jones:

This male loving character (played by Kim Cattrall) is a proud, confident and sexual woman. She works hard for what she has, and as stated before… loves men! She has relationships but would much rather have a “fling” with a guy and move onto the next. Samantha may love men, but loves her three friends more than anything. This character takes pride in her friendships, and the expensive shoes that she walks in. Some men find her intimidating and straight forward while others find her irresistible. She meets a man named Smith Jarod and has a five year relationship with him, but then realizes that she would like to break it off and be friends. She claims that she needs to “work on the relationship with herself” which is true, (the first movie). In the series Samantha develops cancer and deals with that in her life and over powers that awful disease making her a stronger woman than she was before.

“I take offense at that generalization. Not all women sit around obsess about men, as soon as my relationships are over, I move on.”

Charlotte York:

This character (played by Kristin Davis) is the most traditional person that New York mainstream could possibly get. She believes in marriage and the traditional way of things, and believes in having a family but does not push it on her best friends. Charlotte is an art dealer and a Smith College graduate and comes from a very wealthy family. Considering she likes to have things done traditionally, this makes it hard for her in the dating world, considering if guys are single in New York they are single for a reason. Charlotte goes through many tough relationships (previous marriage) and boyfriends before she marries her Jewish husband and starts having a family. One thing that breaks her heart is that she isn’t able to have children (which she wants more than anything) and so they decide to adopt. A couple years later she is blessed to find out that she has a miracle growing inside of her.

“I am sweet, romantic and traditional. I’m a bit prissy and naïve and I won’t settle for less than a picture perfect life.”

Miranda Hobbes:

This character (played by Cynthia Nixon) is the feminist of the group, and is a big time lawyer at a New York firm. Miranda has strong belief that all men and women should be equal no matter what situation. She tends to date guys that are jerks, and does not no why she finds them attractive. In the first season she meets a guy (named Skipper) who is Carrie’s friend and finds him to be the most sweetest and caring guy. She wants to be with him, but still has that urge to date the “jerk”. After a couple of tries at dating, they come to a conclusion to part ways and be friends. Miranda soon after bumps into a fellow named Steve (a bartender) and they start to date. They break up a couple of times but then Miranda soon finds out that she has pregnant which amazes her, and surprises Steve considering Miranda only has one working ovary, and he only has one testicle, the other being removed because of testicular

cancer. They decide to keep the baby after many of episodes of Miranda talking to Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte about the situation. Miranda and Steve continue to date other people, and decide Steve will still play a huge role in the baby’s life. After awhile they confess their love for each other and get married, have the baby (Brady) and move to a house in Brooklyn.

“He’s just not that into you. So move on.”

This show doesn’t really explain “Teen Issues”. The reason why I chose to wrote about this, is because this is honestly really the only television show I have watched, other than Criminal Minds. I enjoy this show because I am mature enough for it, and I would rather watch a show where this is amazing fashion, and real life problems, not like “Teen Wolf”. That show has nothing to do with teen problems considering the main character transforms into a wolf. I am not stating that Sex and the City has teen issues either, which is doesn’t. But it hits closer to home, considering we will be that age eventually.

The reason why I stick up for Sex and the City so much is because it is not all about sex. Yes there are parts, considering the show is made for women. But what makes me frustrated is that there is episodes that have real life issues. How can they make ninety-four episodes and two movies just about sex? Not likely. It has work problems, society issues and relationship issues. Not only boyfriend-girlfriend problems, but there friendship has its ups and downs. They don’t all have the same opinion, which causes them to butt heads from time to time.

6.4 million viewers
  • There were many different groups, and people who enjoyed this show. Mostly middle aged women who had free time, and could watch a show that they could relate to, laugh and enjoy. I believe that my maturity is what made me understand and love this show.