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Team 4

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Team 4
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  1. Team 4 By PriyetaPanigrahi, Zach Leventer, Yee-Kuen Yam(Jacky), FarisTareqAlwahedi

  2. Priyeta’s Goals • Personal: • Enjoy life to the fullest • Be remembered with a smile • Social: • Married • Close knit circle of friends and family • Material: • Home • Work: • Consulting • Recreation: • Cooking, traveling, collecting shoes • Politicial life: • Remain involved in my community • Stay informed

  3. Electronic Waste (E-Waste) • Fastest growing waste stream in many western countries. • Technology is advancing rapidly. • Twenty to fifty million metric tons of e-waste is created by the entire world each year and is rising exponentially • Recycling e-waste is difficult

  4. Zach’s Most Important Things in Life • Personal: I like to believe that everything in life happens for a reason and that even when something tragic/bad happens in your life that you will gain something from the experience and that we as people are always learning. • Social life: My family is very important to me and always comes first, however I try to always have a very close group of friends • Material life: I would like too make enough money for a stable life with some insurance that if something bad happens that I have the means to fix it. • Occupation: I believe that having a job that you enjoy as long as it allows you to have reasonable living conditions is important. This is because is you have a job you enjoy you are never working a day in your life. • Recreation: Some of the hobbies I enjoy doing is fishing, snowboarding, and cleaning my car. I really love to just be outdoors. • Political: I believe that is important to stay politically informed as well as to participate in elections.

  5. Technological Advances in Agriculture • With the ever growing population comes a need to feed the more and more people • However with the new technologies producing more food faster results in the depletion of arable lands • The agricultural techniques now used lead to erosion and loss of productivity cause by overuse • The world Resources Institute estimated that in 2000 almost 40% of agricultural lands are depleted in one way or another • • •

  6. Personal Life • To keep a steady and stress less mind • Have close friends to be able to communicate to • Want only what I need and be happy with what I have • Get into a career that I would love • Be able to enjoy tennis throughout my life • Hope the economy is better in the future

  7. The Use of Plastics • Chemicals used to make plastic is harmful to humans and wildlife • The life span of plastic is a few centuries, and society tends to find plastic objects useless within ten years • The continuous making of plastics is needed for new technology, and at the same time puts the earth and its occupants in danger • Although the use of plastic is helpful in sustaining my material life, it is harming other aspects of my personal agenda •

  8. FarisTareqAlwahedi Bachelor Degree MBA Black Belt in AIKIDO Working in Advanced Technology factory Establishing a strong social life

  9. GLOBAL WARMING One phenomenon that makes the earth an unsustainable resource is the Global Warming. Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century. Sources: Wikipedia