Task 1 timeline of australian prime ministers
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Task 1: Timeline of Australian Prime Ministers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTERS. Task 1: Timeline of Australian Prime Ministers. Edmund Barton. 1 st Prime Minister Full name: Edmund Barton Preferred name: Edmund Date Of Birth: 18/01/1849 Term as Prime Minister: 1/01/1903 Electorate: Hunter. Alfred Deakin.

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Task 1 timeline of australian prime ministers


Task 1:

Timeline of Australian Prime Ministers

Edmund barton
Edmund Barton

1st Prime Minister

Full name: Edmund Barton

Preferred name: Edmund

Date Of Birth: 18/01/1849

Term as Prime Minister: 1/01/1903

Electorate: Hunter

Alfred deakin
Alfred Deakin

2nd, 5th, 7th Prime Minister

Full name: Alfred Deakin

Preferred name: Alfred

Date of birth: 3/08/1867

Term as Prime Minister:

1st 24/09/1903-27/04/1904

2nd 5/07/1905-13/11/1908

3rd 2/06/1909-29/04/1910

Electorate: Essendon and Ballarat

John christian watson
John Christian Watson

3rd Prime Minister

Full name: John Christian Watson

Preferred name: Chris

Date Of Birth: 9/04/1867

Term as Prime Minister: 27/04/1904-17/08/1904

Electorate: Bland South Sydney

George houstoun reid
George Houstoun Reid

4th Prime Minister

Full name: George Houstoun Reid

Preferred name: George

Date of birth: 25/02/1845

Term as Prime Minister


Electorate: Cowper

Andrew fisher
Andrew Fisher

6th, 8th, 10th Prime Minister

Full name: Andrew Fisher

Preferred name: Andrew

Date of birth: 29/08/1862

Term as Prime Minister: 13/11/1908-2/06/1909



Electorate: Wide Bay

Joseph cook
Joseph Cook

9th Prime Minister

Full name: Joseph Cook

Preferred name: Joseph

Date of birth:7/12/1860

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Parramatta

William morris hughes
William Morris Hughes

11th Prime Minister

Full name: William Morris Hughes

Preferred name: Billy

Date of birth: 25/09/1862

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: West Sydney, Bendigo, North Sydney, Bradfield

Stanley melbourne bruce
Stanley Melbourne Bruce

12th Prime Minister

Full name: Stanley Melbourne Bruce

Preferred name: Stanley

Date of birth: 15/04/1883

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Flinders

Jim james henry scullin
Jim James Henry Scullin

13th Prime Minister

Full name: Jim James Henry Scullin

Preferred name: Jim

Date of birth: 18/09/1876

Term as Prime Minister: 22/10/1929-6/01/1932

Electorate: CorangamiteYarra

Joseph aloysius lyons
Joseph Aloysius Lyons

14th Prime Minister

Full name: Joseph Aloysius Lyons

Preferred name: Joe

Date of birth: 15/09/1879

Term as Prime Minister: 6/01/1932-7/04/1939

Electorate: Wilmot

Earle christmas grafton page
Earle Christmas Grafton Page

15th Prime Minister

Full name: Earle Christmas Grafton Page

Preferred name: Earle

Date of birth 8/08/1880

Term as Prime Minister: 7/04/1939-26/04/1939

Electorate: Cowper

Robert gordon menzies
Robert Gordon Menzies

16th, 21st Prime Minister

Full name: Robert Gordon Menzies

Preferred name: Robert

Date of birth: 20/12/1894

Term as Prime Minister:



Electorate: Kooyong

Arthur william fadden
Arthur William Fadden

17th Prime Minister

Full name: Arthur William Fadden

Preferred name: Arthur

Date of birth: 13/04/1895

Term as Prime Minister: 29/08/1941-7/10/1941

Electorate: Darling Downs.MacPherson.

John joseph ambrose curtin
John Joseph Ambrose Curtin

18th Prime Minister

Full name: John Joseph Ambrose Curtin

Preferred name: John

Date of birth: 8/01/1885

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Fremantle

Francis michael forde
Francis Michael Forde

19th Prime Minister

Full name: Francis Michael Forde

Preferred name: Francis

Date of birth: 18/07/1890

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Capricornia

Joseph benedict chifley
Joseph Benedict Chifley

20th Prime Minister

Full name: Joseph Benedict Chifley

Preferred name: Ben

Date of birth:22/09/1885

Term as Prime Minister: 13/07/1945-19/12/1949

Electorate: Macquarie

Harold edward holt
Harold Edward Holt

22nd Prime Minster

Full name: Harold Edward Holt

Preferred name: Harold

Date of birth: 5/08/1908

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Fawkner.Higgins.

John mcewen
John McEwen

23rd Prime Minister

Full name: John McEwen

Preferred name: John

Date of birth: 29/03/1900

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: EchucaIndiMurray

John grey gorton
John Grey Gorton

24th Prime Minister

Full name: John Grey Gorton

Preferred name: John

Date of birth: 9/09/1911

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Higgins

William mcmahon
William McMahon

25th Prime Minister

Full name: William McMahon

Preferred name: William

Date of birth: 23/02/1908

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Lowe

Edward gough whitlam
Edward Gough Whitlam

26th Prime Minister

Full name: Edward Gough Whitlam

Preferred name: Gough

Date of birth: 11/07/1916

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Werriwa

John malcolm fraser
John Malcolm Fraser

27th Prime Minister

Full name: John Malcolm Fraser

Preferred name: Malcolm

Date of birth: 21/05/1930

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Wannon

Robert james lee hawke
Robert James Lee Hawke

28th Prime Minister

Full name: Robert James Lee Hawke

Preferred name: Bob

Date of birth: 9/12/1929

Term as Prime Minister:


Electorate: Wills

Paul john keating
Paul John Keating

29th Prime Minister

Full name: Paul John Keating

Preferred name: Paul

Date of birth: 18/0/1975

Term ass Prime Minister:


Electorate: Blaxland

John winston howard
John Winston Howard

30th 31st 32nd Prime Minister

Full name: John Winston Howard

Preferred name: John

Date of birth: 26/07/1939

Term as Prime Minister: 2/03/1996-3/12/2007

Electorate: Bennelong

Kevin michael rudd
Kevin Michael Rudd

33rd Prime Minister

Full name: Kevin Michael Rudd

Preferred name: Kevin

Date of birth: 21/09/1957

Term as Prime Minister: 24/06/2010-24/06/2010

Electorate: Griffith

Julia gillard
Julia Gillard

34th Prime Minister

Full name: Julia Gillard

Preferred name: Julia

Date of birth: 29/09/1961

Term as Prime Minister: 24/06/2010- present

Electorate: Lalor


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  • I found who was the 16th prime minister on here because the book had the 15th then 17th


  • Century of Australian Prime Ministers book



T ask 2 Federation


What It Is:

Federation is the joining of states to become one nation.

What happened:

In 1860 there were six British colonies in Australia. The main laws of the colonies were made by the British Parliament.

At first the 6 colonies didn’t have much to do with each other but people began to think of the idea of being Australian and celebrated in songs and poems.

During the 1890s federation started to become a popular idea. A nation would be stronger than individual colonies.

Western Australia weren’t agreeing to become a nation with the other 5 colonies but at one stage there was a gold rush that made people from the other colonies go to Western Australia which changed many people’s thoughts about becoming a nation and they decided to join the Commonwealth.

The colonies became States, and a Federal Parliament was formed according to the Constitution.

Task 3 pick a pm

Bob Hawke

Task 3: Pick a PM

Personal details
Personal Details

Full name: Robert James Lee Hawke

Date of Birth: 9/12/1929

Federal party: Australian Labor Party

Time as Prime Minister: 11/03/1983-20/12/1991

Age: 80, 81 in December

Bob hawke s life as a child
Bob Hawke's life as a child

Bob Hawke was born in Bordertown in South Australia. Bob had one brother who was older and his name was Neil Hawke. His parents names are Clem and Ellie Hawke his dad is currently a Congregational Minister and his mum used to be a school teacher. In 1939 his brother died and later on him and his family moved to Perth and lived in a suburb called West Leederville. During Bob’s teens he nearly lost his life due to a motorbike accident.

Bob hawke s school life
Bob Hawke’s School life

Bob attended school for the first time at Perth Modern School and then to university at University of Western Australia and studied arts and law. In 1952 he won a scholarship to Oxford University. He wrote his massive essay on wages, during his time at Oxford he entered the Guinness Book of Records for drinking 1.5litres of beer in 12seconds which is the record time.

Marriage and children
Marriage and Children

In March 1956 Bob Hawke married Hazel Materson at Trinity Church in Perth.

They divorced in 1995 and he remarried in 1995 to Blance d’Alpuget.

In 1957 Bob had his first child. He was a father to a girl and called she was called Susan Pieters Hawke. his second child was born in 1959 and it was his first boy and he was named Stephen Hawke. When 1960 came little Roslyn was born she was the third child. Bob was a father to another child Robert Junior but he died as an infant in 1963.

Time in parliament
Time in Parliament

  • Bob Hawke was the Prime Minster of Australia for eight years. He was apart of Labor and was the first to be in the Prime Ministers seat for that long out of the Labor Prime Ministers.

  • Bob was awarded the Prime Ministers job after spending just two years in Parliament. He was the opposition leader for only one month.

Things bob did as pm
Things Bob Did as PM

  • On the 9th December 1983 Bob made the dollar more stable. He said instead of the reserve bank choosing the dollars value he made it so the international money market decided it’s value.

  • On the 23rd of November 1988 Bob Hawke opened Questacon in Canberra.

  • He worked hard to limit the amount of products sent overseas to be used in making new items. He encouraged Australia to make finished products and then send them overseas.

What he did after office
What he did after office

  • On the 20th of February 2 months after he gave up his seat in the House Of Representatives he was an outstanding business person. He is also well known for interviewing

  • In 2007 he helped Kevin Rudd in his campaigning during the election.

  • In 2008 he returned to the House Of Representatives to be apart of saying sorry to Australia’s Indigenous people.




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By Shanae Sumner

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