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Honeywell XLS 80e 2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel PowerPoint Presentation
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Honeywell XLS 80e 2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel

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Honeywell XLS 80e 2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel
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Honeywell XLS 80e 2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel

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  1. Honeywell XLS 80e 2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel

  2. XLS80e2 to 8 Loop Intelligent Control Panel

  3. XLS80eIntelligent Repeater Panel

  4. XLS80e - Network • Peer-to-peer network • ArcNet based • Re-transmission and isolation between nodes (1 km btw. nodes) • Error checking and correctionat each node • Message routing • Up to 100 network nodes • Up to 158,400 devices • Up to 25,500 zones • Up to 700A PSU • Network alarm response less than 10 seconds


  6. Life Safety System Goals • Greater fire detection accuracy with elimination of nuisance alarms • Faster response • Greater flexibility in alarm system design and application • Lower installed cost • Lower operating and maintenance cost

  7. Global Market Offering • Compliant with EN54 • Large graphic LCD • Multi-lingual capability • Modular design • Site configurable • Application software flexibility

  8. XLS80e Applications (1) An advanced life safety system designed for large single site and multi-site applications • Office towers • Airports • Hospitals • Universities • Manufacturing complexes • Military bases • Government buildings

  9. XLS80e Applications (2) • Retrofit and new construction • Medium to large multiple building systems • Standalone systems • Networked systems

  10. ID3000 Technical Advances • Modular design • Surface mount technology • Fully automated test equipment • User friendly interface • Peripheral options • Advanced software features • Easy programming • Multiple language options

  11. Traditional Fire Alarm Functions • Smoke and fire detection • Sprinkler system supervision • Automatic and manual system operation Added Value Options • Advanced detection products • Filtrex™, Multi-criteria, loop powered sounders and beam detectors • Enhanced loop interface board (E-LIB) • Active and passive repeaters • Graphic annunciator driver

  12. Key Terms • Basic Equipment Kit • Extension Chassis Kit • LIB - Loop Interface Board • E-LIB - Enhanced Loop I/F Board • DTP - Dual Transmission Path Booster I/F Kit • PSU - Power Supply Unit • Node - A system panel in a network • LCD - Liquid Crystal Display • CBE - Control by Event Matrix • Mimic (Graphic Annuciator) Driver Kit

  13. Hardware Overview X

  14. Modular Design Basic Configuration Installation/Commissioning Kit BasicEquipment Kit Cover(s) Extension Chassis (if required) Backbox(es) Optional Expansion Modules (if required) Power Supply

  15. ID3000 Key Components Backbox Power Supply Basic Equipment Kit Covers & Batteries & Extension Chassis

  16. Modular Design • Modular design offers: • flexibility • ease of expansion • lower service cost

  17. Basic Equipment Kit Expansion Cards Base Card ProcessorPCB Main Chassis Display PCB

  18. Basic Equipment Kit • Can be extended with: • Up to 3 Standard Loop Cards (LIB) • Up to 3 Enhanced Loop Cards (E-LIB) • One RS-232 Card • One RS-485 Card • One ID-Net Card (*) • Panel Printer

  19. Basic Equipment Kit

  20. BEK - Inputs & Outputs • Outputs: • A/B/C/D - Sounder or Relay programmable • Sounder - rated @ 1A/30V each • Dry contact relay - rated @ 1A/30V • Two can be programmed for German UE interface • Fault and Fire Relays • rated @ 1A/30V each • Auxiliary 26-28Vdc outputs 1 and 2 • both rated @ 1A • Battery charger max. 8.6A (130Ah batteries)

  21. BEK - Inputs & Outputs • Inputs: • Mains - 230Vac ± 15% 50/60 Hz • Two addressable loops - 500mA • Tamper switch input (VF dry contact) • Serial Ports: • RS232 Port 1 • PC Programming, internal printer option • RS232 Port 2 (optional module) • RS485 Port (optional module)

  22. Extension Chassis with 64 Zone Display Module Kit (with or without Printer) Extension Cover Blanking Plate Extension Chassis with PRN2000 Printer Module Kit Modular Design Extension Chassis Options Double Extension Chassis with 255 Zone Display Module Kit

  23. Extension Options ExtendedBackbox 64/128 Zone LED’s and Panel Printer 255 Zone LED’s External Printer Support

  24. Modular Design Optional Expansion Modules Printer Module Kit ID-Net Network Card Dual Loop Module Kit Enhanced Dual Loop Module Kit Isolated RS232 Module Kit Isolated RS485 Module Kit

  25. LIB Handles communication only System CPU scans loops In case of main CPU failure all detection is lost CPU always busy Max. 512 devices per panel E-LIB Powerful microprocessor Degrade mode In case of main CPU failure the E-LIB will still activate sounder circuits 1-4 and the Fire Relay when an alarm is received from the loop CPU available for other tasks Full device count on the panel Standard LIB v’s. E-LIB

  26. RS232 Option Isolated port Third party interface External printer UniNet (NION) connection Pager interface VDU for terminal emulation RS485 Option Isolated Master/Slave network Multi-drop Repeaters Graphic annunciators Serial Communication

  27. Expansion Modules

  28. Modular Design Power Supply Selection Power Supply Unit Kit 2.5 Amp Remote Battery/Charger Enclosure Kit Universal PSU Kit 4.5A or 7.0A (External enclosure or deep boxes only) PSU DTP Booster Kit (4.5 or 7.0A PSU only)

  29. Power Supply Options 4.5A PSU mounts into the deep (extended) back box 2.5A PSU mounts on the side of the BEK DTP Booster mounts on the side of the BEK 7A PSU mounts into the external charger/ battery enclosure

  30. PSU with Dual Transmission Path Booster Kit • Temperature compensated battery charger • DTP required by EN54-4 for external PSU application • Maintains constant loop voltage over a wide range of mains and battery voltages • Fault monitoring on the power supply, mains and the batteries • Inhibits charger in case of an alarm

  31. Power Supply Options • 7A PSU Status Indication LEDs(for use in the Remote Enclosure)

  32. Modular Design Backbox Options Flush Mounting Bezels Standard Back Box Kit Backbox Extension Kit (available in ‘standard’ and ‘deep’) Double Extended Backbox Kit (available in ‘standard’ and ‘deep’) Extended Back Box Kit (available in ‘standard’ and ‘deep’)

  33. Back-box Options Standarddepth 12Ah 17Ah 17 Ah 38Ah 38Ah 78Ah Deep Boxes Standard Extended Double Extended External Box

  34. Modular Design Cover/Door Kits Security Door Kits (available for main & extension covers) Main Cover Kit (High Security option) Extension Cover Blanking Plate Extension Cover Kit (High Security option) Double Extension Cover Kit

  35. Cover Options • All covers are available in: • Black/Grey (standard) - matching backbox and bezel • Red -matching backbox and bezel • NEXTEL Grey - matching bezel • Stainless Steel- matching bezel

  36. 19” Rack Mounting Option

  37. 19” Rack Mounting Option • 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for Basic Equipment Kit • 6U x 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for 7A PSU • 6U x 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for 64 Zone LED Extension Chassis & Printer Kit • 6U x 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for 256 Zone LED Extension Chassis Kit • 6U x 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for Printer • 3U x 19” Rack Blank Cover with Mains Termination Kit • 6U x 19” Rack Blank Cover with Mains Termination Kit • 3U x 19” Rack Mounting Assembly for Mimic Driver Kit • 6U x 19” Rack Blank Cover • 3U x 19” Rack Blank Cover All available in the standard black/grey colour

  38. Take Your Pick!

  39. User Interface

  40. Main User Interface • Numeric Data Entry & Enter/Cancel 6 Line x 40 Character Graphic LCD • Navigation Keypad Main Control Switches • Key switchAccess Level 2 System Status Indicators

  41. Main User Interface • Fully EN54 compliant • Simple tabbed menu navigation • Prioritised event display (Automatically displays highest priority event) • User in control/has choice of what is displayed • Simple lights and switches for common controls • Top level info displayed

  42. Graphic Display • Large 240 x 64 pixel LCD 6 lines x40 characters • Short-cuts for test & disablement • Selection by direct addressing • Displays: • Time and Date • Active Point Count for each event • Event type, index and actions • Panel, Zone and Device descriptors

  43. Graphic Display System Information on Windows Style Tabbed Screens

  44. Graphic Display EVENT TYPES AND TAB DISPLAY PRIORITIES Highest Priority Lowest Priority FIRE PRE-A FAULT DISAB TEST EVAC AUX USER If there is insufficient room to display all 8 tabs, then the lowest (on the right) are omitted.

  45. Virtual Keyboard Panel and Zone Text up to 32 Characters via Keyboard  to Navigate and  to Select

  46. Fire Alarm Display Example-3 Zones in Alarm: 2 Devices Alarmed in Zone 2 1 Device Alarmed in Zone 1 1 other zone in Alarm - Press “Zones in Alarm” to view others Use Navigation keys 46 to scroll through zones and display other devices, date/time of event and device % value, etc. Short-cut key  selects either device or zone disablement.

  47. Pre-Alarm Display PRE-ALM DISPLAY REQUIRED????? FROM P21 OF OPERATING MANUAL 3 Zones are in Pre-Alarm with 4 events in the system 2 Pre-Alarms are currently in Zone 8. Use  to scroll through zones &for device selection.

  48. Fault Display 3 Zones are in FAULT with 4 events in the system. Use to scroll through zones and  to display device, type, value, etc.

  49. Life Safety Excel Disablement Display 142 Devices Disabled in 3 input zones. 12 devices are disabled in Zone 2 (all input devices). No outputs are disabled. Use to scroll through zone list and  to see device details.

  50. Activate 2nd Stage Delay (if in Day Mode) Silence & Re-start Sounders Silence Panel Buzzer Panel Reset Override Delays &Operate Sounders Show User MenuToggle User MenusAccept Non-Fire Alarm Toggle between Day and Night Modes (German VdS Mode) Disable Fire Relay and Fire Output (if Configured) Show Fire Info & Scroll through Zones in FireAccept Fire Alarm Main Control Switches