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Hernan Cortes

The adventures of . Hernan Cortes. by Jeremy Frye. Route of exploration. Cortes was a noblemen.

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Hernan Cortes

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  1. The adventures of Hernan Cortes • byJeremy Frye

  2. Route of exploration

  3. Cortes was a noblemen Cortés was born in the Spanish city of Medellín in 1485. When he was a young man, he studied law, but he soon gave that up to seek his fortune in the New World that was just being discovered by Columbus and others. Text

  4. This is the Aztec Empire’s flag. Cortes conquered the Aztec empire for Spain. This is the Spanish flag. Cortes lived in Cuba. This is the Cuban flag. Flag’s

  5. Important facts/dates He was born in 1485 He died December 2, 1547 Text He was a conquistador Cortes is known for the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire In 1519 he went to Mexico for gold, silver, and adventure

  6. The reason he came to the Aztec Empire is to find gold during an adventure. When they offered him gold, thinking he was a god, it made him want even more gold. That is why he stayed and held the emperor prisoner. Gold Silver and ADVENTURE

  7. The many faces of Hernán Cortés, marquis del Valle de Oaxaca

  8. This is Cortes’s ship

  9. The affects of his exploration Cortes’ exploration led to the spread of small pox which killed many people. He also talked the Indians into helping him conquer the aztec. He held the the Aztec Emperor prisoner in his own city for 6 months.

  10. Timeline of Cortés's life --1485- Born in Medellin, Extremadura, Spain --1499- attends university of Salamanca --1501- he failed college and left to returen to Medellin --1502- Cortes heard stories about the expedition to the West Indies --1511- Hernan Cortes goes to the expedition of Cuba --1513- The town of Bayamo was established in Cuba --1514- He becomes a rancher in Cuba --1514- towns in Cuba were founded --1518- captains an expedition to an established colony to Mexico --1519- February 19, cortes sets sail to Mexico --1519- March, cortes lands in Mexico and suppresses a town called Tabasco and he meets his translator Malinche --1519- Sails from the Yucatan peninsula and marched to Tenochtitlan --1520- Hernan Cortes is attacked by Aztec warriors on his way to Tenochtitlan --1520- Cortes and his soliders are forced out of Tenochtitlan --1521- He returns to Tenichtitlan with reinforcements --1521- A plague strikes and many Aztecs are killed --1528- returns to Spain and he was given the title "Marques Del Valle De Oaxaca" --1530- he returns to the new world and settles in Cuernavaca, Mexico --1533- Makes a final expedition and discoveres Baja, California --1534- explored California for a year and went back to Mexico --1540- returns to Spain for the last time --1541- permission to fight against the Moors and Pirates of Algiers --1547- december 2nd, he dies near Seville

  11. This is Cortés's signature

  12. Spaniards rule Mexico • After a short trip away from the Aztec capital Cortez returned and was attacked by the Aztec warriors. • The Spaniards fled with pockets of gold. Some of them drowned in the lake because the heavy pockets full of gold. • The Spaniards surrounded the village for a year and after the Aztec’s had suffered from small pox they attacked and won the city in 1521. The Aztec Empire lay in ruins.

  13. Aztec poet wrote a sad poem about the mistreatment of his people: We are crushed to the ground; we lie in ruins. There is nothing but grief and suffering in Mexico, were once we saw beauty and valor.

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