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Showing. Presenting Sexual Trauma on Duke’s Campus. & Hiding. Omnipresent, Yet Elusive. Statute of Limitations debate. Studies report 25-30 percent of females will be raped in college. Referenced 3 consecutive years in the Me Too Monologues. Exhibits in the Bryan Center.

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Presenting Sexual Trauma on Duke’s Campus


omnipresent yet elusive
Omnipresent, Yet Elusive

Statute of Limitations debate

Studies report 25-30 percent of females will be raped in college

Referenced 3 consecutive years in the Me Too Monologues

Exhibits in the Bryan Center

57 Chronicle Articles in the past 12 months

Flyering campaigns

Greek Women’s Initiative reported 31 percent of Duke Women had received “unwanted sexual contact”

No student at Duke has ever been expelled for sexual assault

unsafe spaces


Unsafe Spaces

Entrance to Perkins

Wannamaker bench

For an affected student (AS), invisible context is overlayed onto seemingly normal spaces in a highly triggering manner.

Stationary spacesvs. fluidspaces

Wilson Gym



West Campus Archways


First Floor Bostock

Stairs down to Edens


Bus stop where I was found unconscious


you know these people1
You Know these People.

You probably know an AS. You probably know you know an AS.

But you probably also know a perpetrator. And you probably have no clue.

omnipresent yet elusive1
Omnipresent, Yet Elusive

“He takes up so much space, you have to try to fit into the spaces

that are left and sometimes those spaces collide.”

AS are highly aware of the possibility of encountering their perpetrator. Sometimes it is unavoidable: they share a class, or have mutual friends. The AS must navigate these physical triggers usually alone and in silence, in spaces on campus that others view as safe, making a concerted effort to appear unaffected to avoid shame and embarrassment. If an AS in unable to keep her emotions contained, those around her will be thrown off by and question her seemingly bizarre behavior, and by extension the AS herself. 

safe spaces
Safe Spaces?
  • Women’s Center*
    • Triggering
  • CAPS*
    • Judged, out-of-touch
  • Common Ground**
    • Stagnation in

“Survivor Mode*”

Works for Women’s Center

Continued role in CG

self as a space
Self as a Space

“Wearing” a rape.


Revealing clothing*

“In the daytime… nobody could touch me.”


“Everything would go away if I weighed 20 lbs less.”


“For a moment my head was silent.”

Promiscuous Sexual Activity**

“I thought the more sex I had the less important the rape would become*.”

Drug Abuse**

“I just wanted to check out for a bit*.”

Excessive alcohol consumption***

“When it happened I didn’t drink…and it didn’t fucking matter*.”

safe spaces1
Safe Spaces?


Disclosing experiences. If/when. Implications of choosing not to.

Sex: An expected part of a college relationship feels like a punishment*

Fear of emotional attachment.