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Indonesian Culture PowerPoint Presentation
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Indonesian Culture

Indonesian Culture

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Indonesian Culture

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  1. Indonesian Culture BY: ADYATAMA RAMADHANA

  2. WHAT IS THE INDONESIAN CULTURE? The Indonesian Culture is the whole national culture, local culture, and the culture of foreign origin that has existed in Indonesia before Indonesia’s independence in 1945. The examples of the Indonesian culture are the Dangdut music, Rendang food and the Silat Minangkabau martial arts

  3. INDONESIAN CUISINE Indonesian cuisine is a reflection of the diverse cultures and traditions derived from archipelago consisting of 6,000 islands and holds an important place in the national culture of Indonesia in general, and almost all Indonesian cuisine is rich in flavor derived from spices such as Chili, Ginger, Saffron, Coconut and followed by the use of palm sugar with cooking techniques and ingredients according to the tradition

  4. INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURE For centuries, the Indonesian vernacular architecture has shaped settlements in Indonesia which commonly took form of timber structures built on stilts dominated by large roof. The most dominant foreign influences on Indonesian architecture were Indian, although European influences have been particularly strong since the 19th century and modern architecture in Indonesia is international in scope. As in much of South East Asia, traditional vernacular architecture in Indonesia are built on stilts, with the significant exceptions of Java and Bali. The examples of stilt houses are the Rumah Gadang of the Minangkabau people

  5. TRADITIONAL INDONESIAN MUSIC Music in Indonesia is very diverse because of the tribes in Indonesia are manifold, so that virtually the entire 17,508 islands has its own culture and art. Indonesia has thousands of kinds of music, sometimes followed by a dance and performances. The most popular Traditional Music is the Gamelan, Angklung and Keroncong. While the modern music is Pop and Dangdut

  6. INDONESIAN TRADITIONAL DANCE Indonesian dance reflects the diversity of culture from ethnic groups that composed the nation of Indonesia. Austronesian roots and Melanesian tribal dance forms are visible, and influences ranging from neighboring Asian countries. Each ethnic group has their own distinct dances; makes total dances in Indonesia are more than 3000 Indonesian original dances

  7. INDONESIAN DRAMA AND THEATRE Wayang, the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese shadow puppet theatre shows display several mythological legends such as Ramayana. Wayang Orang is Javanese traditional dance drama based on wayang stories. Various Balinese dance drama also can be included within traditional form of Indonesian drama.

  8. INDONESIAN SCULPTURES Indonesia has a long history of stone, bronze and iron ages arts. The megalithic sculptures can be found in numerous archaeological sites in Sumatra, Java to Sulawesi. The native Indonesians tribes have their own distinct tribal sculpture styles, usually created to depict ancestors, deities and animals. Some examples of the Indonesian sculptures are the relief sculptures from the Borobudur Temple.

  9. INDONESIAN PAINTINGS What Indonesian painting before the 19th Century are mostly restricted to the decorative arts, considered to be a religious and spiritual activity, comparable to the pre-1400 European art. Artists name are anonymous, since the individual human creator was seen as far less important than their creation to honor the deities or spirits.

  10. INDONESIAN MARTIAL ARTS The art of Silat was created and firstly developed in the islands of Java and Sumatra. It is an art for survival and practiced throughout Indonesian archipelago. Centuries of tribal wars in Indonesian history had shaped Silat as it was used by the ancient warriors of Indonesia. Silat was used to determine the rank and position in old Indonesian kingdoms.

  11. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION We hope that this Presentation gives you an information about the cultures of our beloved country, Indonesia.