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  1. Indonesian-Online Indonesian Online» offers the most advanced online learning materials available for those eager to learn the Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia). Whether you are about to learn beginning Indonesian, or whether you are an advanced level speaker, we have the right course for you. Our materials cover several hundred hours of learning!

  2. Materials Levels: A=Beginner, B=Intermediate C=Advanced For beginning learners of the Indonesian language, the student edition of The Indonesian Way, Indonesian language course materials is good enough unless a learner decides to work with a tutor, or if the learner wants access to the additional in-class materials and lesson plans.

  3. Materials The Indonesian Way - Learn Beginning Indonesian «The Indonesian Way» (TIW), a textbook for beginners of the Indonesian Language (bahasa Indonesia), was originally composed by Dr. George Quinn from the Australian National University, and later enhanced, and adapted for online learning by Dr. UliKozok, Professor in the Indonesian Language Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

  4. Materials Baca Yuk! — eLearning Course for Intermediate Indonesian «Baca, Yuk!», developed by Prof. U. Kozok, is an interactive eLearning course aimed at speakers with at least upper elementary, but preferably intermediate proficiency in the Indonesian language (upper A2 or B1 on the CEF proficiency scale). We recommend «Baca Yuk!» especially for learners who have completed «The Indonesian Way». The entire course of «Baca Yuk!» contains 19 lessons with more lessons to be added in the future.

  5. Materials AnekaBaca» — An eLearning course for intermediate Indonesian «AnekaBaca», is an eLearning course for the Indonesian language developed by Prof. U. Kozok*. It is aimed for speakers with at least intermediate proficiency in Indonesian.

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