visit www indonesian online com n.
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learn indonesian

learn indonesian

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learn indonesian

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  1. VISIT:www.indonesian

  2. Belajar bahasa Indonesia—Learn Indonesian • «Indonesian Online» offers the most advanced online learning materials available for those eager to learn the Indonesian language (bahasa Indonesia). • Developed by leading Indonesian language teachers, the «Indonesian Online» e-courses are used at top universities around the globe.

  3. «The Indonesian Way»  Speaking toturial Text Book Online Ecourse

  4. SPEAKING TOTURIAL • Tutorials in Indonesian Online, learn Indonesian language one-on-one with native speakers via skype with flexible scheduling. • If you want to learn with a private tutor, or you found any difficulties with certain lessons/topic. You can do all this with the TIW Tutorials. Because, the tutorials are one-on-one and face-to-face, you can maximize your learning. In TIW-Tutorials, you can either… • Do predefined activities pertaining to the corresponding lesson. • Or discuss more about certain parts of a lesson (on request). • Or even practice particular language skills (on request).

  5. TEXTBOOK • Download — Textbook, Audio Files, Anki • Click on the cloud icon to access the download page. Before you download, please like and bookmark our Facebook Page! Terima kasih!! Here is an alternative download location. Audio Files Here, you can listen to the accompanying audio files. If a file does not play in Firefox, try another browser such as Opera, Safari, 

  6. ONLINE ECOURSE • The online and the textbook edition are almost identical. Both consist of 113 lessons that are divided in two parts: the lesson itself (dialogues or reading texts in Indonesian, grammar explanation, cultural notes etc.) and the exercises (multiple choice, matching, cloze exercises, sentence jumblers, crossword puzzles etc).

  7. Learn to Speak Indonesian Online • the Online Edition is interactive in that students can see instantly the results of the online exercises whereas in the Textbook Edition students need to consult the Keys to the Exercises. • Both the Online Edition as well as the textbook edition of «The Indonesian Way» are designed in such a way that students of the Indonesian language can (and should) work on them without the help of a teacher. The materials are hence also highly suitable for those who want to learn Indonesian language through self-instruction.

  8. MEMBERSHIPS • Learners who only need access to the online material, can purchase the Basic Membership. The Student Membership includes the online material plus the textbook in pdf format, and the Anki flashcards. The Premium Membership contains all of the above plus the in-class materials for students with teacher notes etc, and it also contains access to more than 30 tests.

  9. Thank you WhatsApp/SMS: +1 808 365 7043 VISIT:www.indonesian