some elements of the a awru
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All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU)

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All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some Elements of the A-AWRU. All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (A-AWRU). Agenda. Brief Description of the AAWRU Political Parties and African Women What is the Social Revolution? Power Begins with Conception. What is the A-AWRU.

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  • Brief Description of the AAWRU
  • Political Parties and African Women
  • What is the Social Revolution?
  • Power Begins with Conception
what is the a awru
What is the A-AWRU
  • The women’s wing of the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party (A-APRP)
  • Founded November 27, 1980 in Ohio, USA
  • Created as a mechanism to promote organization and political education around the problems African women face
  • Combats the triple oppression of African women
  • Works in concert within the A-APRP
what is the a awru1
What is the A-AWRU
  • The A-AWRU promotes and advocates the total transformation of the African world.
  • We encourage African people to understand that our ideology and behavior contributes to the liberation of African people.
  • By implementing the Social Revolution and embracing the fact that power begins with conception, we believe we can drastically change the conditions of our people.
political parties and women
Political Parties and Women
  • Historically political parties and organizations have inherited capitalist ideology from society
  • Women have struggled to combat sexist behavior within organizations as well as in society
  • Some organizations have regulated African women to subservient roles
political parties and women1
Political Parties and Women
  • Sexist ideology continues to permeate organizations and needs to be combated by anti-capitalist (socialist) ideology
  • The AAWRU also serves as a structure to train and organize women to take on leadership positions in the A-APRP
  • Serves as an advocate for promoting political education internally and externally about the women’s line
what is the social revolution
What is the Social Revolution?
  • The goal of the Social Revolution is to eliminate corrupt and abusive human relations and to rid society of selfish and individualistic thinking and inhumane behavior (capitalism)
  • Replace these negative thoughts and actions with positive human relations and behavior grounded in humanism, collectivism and egalitarianism
what is the social revolution1
What is the Social Revolution?
  • The Social Revolution will positively change the relationships among African people by establishing social relations of respect, patience and tolerance
  • Developing revolutionary consciousness is the start to developing the Social Revolution
revolutionary consciousness
Revolutionary Consciousness

“Without revolutionary consciousness, there is no Revolution. All those who have conducted revolution agree on this. But where does this revolutionary consciousness come from? It is certain that it’s not cultivated in this current society, nor does it come into being and develop spontaneously. History teaches us it is created and developed through ideological education and revolutionary practice.”

Sekou Toure (first democratically elected president of Guinea in West Africa)

power begins with conception
Power Begins with Conception
  • Transformation begins with the idea that change can come
  • Changing an individual’s ideology which is “the set of ideas and principles we live our life by” is the fuel for their behavioral changes
  • Power begins the minute a concept is derived
  • Ideological power drives political, economic, social and cultural power
power beings with conception
Power beings with Conception
  • Changing the ideology of the individual leads directly to the transformation of societies’ ideology
  • The individual and society are intrinsically linked, one cannot exist without the other
  • Society will only transform when the individual transforms and recognizes that power begins with re-orientating the individual and societal consciousness
how to join the a awru
How to Join the A-AWRU
  • Join the A-APRP
  • Identify if there is an A-APRP chapter in your area.
  • If there is not an A-APRP chapter, you can work to establish one.
  • Contact the A-APRP at
  • Email: [email protected]