T a howard middle school band parent meeting handbook 2010 2011
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T.A. Howard Middle School BAND PARENT MEETING & HANDBOOK 2010-2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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T.A. Howard Middle School BAND PARENT MEETING & HANDBOOK 2010-2011. Nathaniel Neugent, Director Meredith Keller, Associate Director (817) 299-3526. Meeting Agenda - 8/26/10. Introduction Most Important Info Handbook Information Forms and Fees Band Calendar Answer Any Questions.

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T a howard middle school band parent meeting handbook 2010 2011

T.A. Howard Middle SchoolBAND PARENT MEETING & HANDBOOK2010-2011

Nathaniel Neugent, DirectorMeredith Keller, Associate Director (817) 299-3526

Meeting agenda 8 26 10
Meeting Agenda - 8/26/10

  • Introduction

  • Most Important Info

  • Handbook Information

  • Forms and Fees

  • Band Calendar

  • Answer Any Questions

Mii 1 practice records
MII #1: Practice Records

  • Teach responsibility first, music second

  • Due every Monday, in tray by 4:10 pm

  • One day late is 30 points off

  • Must have a “Grand Total”

  • Must be signed by parent Sunday evening

  • Encourage your kids to be honest and accurate

  • A 60 is better than a zero (only 20% of total)

  • Use online PR for emergencies ONLY

Mii 2 attendance
MII #2: Attendance

  • Communication is the key.

  • If your child will miss a rehearsal or performance for any reason, please communicate that to us ASAP.

  • Email or a signed note is required.

  • A phone call is best if it is a last minute emergency but follow up afterward in writing.

Mii 3 daily rehearsals
MII #3: Daily Rehearsals

  • They must have all their materials and necessary instrument supplies present at each rehearsal to receive full credit.

  • Before and after school rehearsals count twice as they are very important and very few of them.

Mii 1 2 3 grades ic
MII #1, 2, & 3 – Grades/IC

  • You can check your student’s grades in Infinite Campus (IC).

  • Blank grade means we haven’t input it yet. 0 means no parent signature. M means missing (not turned in).

  • Feel free to email us anyway just to be safe 

  • Sym/Music App & Perc receive the same grade twice

Mii 4 private lessons
MII #4: Private Lessons

  • Students are now in large classes with multiple instruments making individual instruction more difficult.

  • Private Lessons will help your child improve more than anything else we do.

  • Half-scholarships are available for those with a financial need. You must qualify for free or reduced lunch to qualify.

  • An updated list of teachers is available in our handbook…they will also be calling those who turned in the MMEP forms.

  • Lesson times are set up on a first come-first serve basis. Those first in line get the premium times (in class).

Mii 5 pep rallies football games
MII #5: Pep Rallies & Football Games

  • Students must arrive wearing band shirt (tucked in), blue jeans, tennis shoes

  • Bring Wire Stand (and take home when done)

  • We provide clothespins help hold music down

  • Tubas & Bari Saxes from home are required

  • We have several Pep Rallies this year

  • Fri, Oct 22 & Tue, Nov 2 are our two Football Game performances

Mii 6 band concerts
MII #6: Band Concerts

  • Arrive with Tux shirt tucked into black dress pants, black dress shoes, wearing bowtie and cummerbund

  • At Willie Pigg, drop off in back by band hall

  • Students are expected to listen to other bands after their performance given the few opportunities they have to hear each other

  • Tubas & Bari Saxes from school are required, except Concert Band kids from home

  • Concerts are: Thu, Oct 7; Mon, Dec 6; Mon, May 16

Mii 7 charms mass email
MII #7: Charms (Mass Email)

  • Prior to every big event, we send home a handout (usually neon), post it on our website, and mass email using “Charms”.

  • Please keep your email address up to date with us.

  • Changing it in IC does not change it with us. A short email is the best way.

Expectations for all bands
Expectations for ALL Bands

  • Exemplary Rehearsal Skills

  • Band Materials present & prepared every day

  • Instrument goes home every day

    • Except Tubas & Bari Sax take MP only

      • Must bring to performances

  • Weekly Practice Records

    • Each band has different grading scales

  • Attendance at all required Performances

Band class schedule
Band Class Schedule

A Days

  • 7:30 – 8:30 Sectionals

  • 8:45 – 10:10 1st Symphonic Band

  • 10:15 – 10:55 Quest

  • 11:00 – 1:00 2nd Concert Brass

  • 1:05 – 2:30 3rd Honor Band

  • 2:35 – 4:00 4th Concert WW/Perc

  • 4:10 - 5:10 Sectionals

Band class schedule1
Band Class Schedule

B Days

  • 7:30 – 8:30 Sectionals

  • 8:45 – 10:10 1st Music App. (Neugent Team)

  • 10:15 – 10:55 Quest

  • 11:00 – 1:00 2nd Perc. (Dr. Hart) (Keller Team)

  • 1:05 – 2:30 3rd Honor Band

  • 2:35 – 4:00 4thConference period

  • 4:10 - 5:10 Sectionals

Grading policies and expectations


  • REHEARSAL – 40%

  • PRACTICE – 20%


Performance grades 40

Are made up of the following components:

  • Playing Tests

  • Written Work

  • Public Performances (concerts, contests, etc)

    • These count in your average twice. If you do not attend a concert and do not have an approved excused absence, two zeroes will be entered into the grade book.

    • We also expect proper concert etiquette from our students while listening to other bands perform.

    • Students are expected to stay and listen to all bands to receive full credit for the concert…listening is part of the learning process.

Playing tests
Playing Tests

Students should expect weekly playing tests that will be announced in advance. These tests could cover, but are not limited to covering, the following:

  • Daily Drill

  • Scales

  • Exercises

  • Pep Band Tunes

  • All-Region Band audition materials

  • Concert band music (“your part”)

    • Students must “pass-off” their part at a minimum standard to perform with their band at contest.

      Tests may decrease as we approach performances.

Public performances
Public Performances

  • With a performance-oriented curriculum, our performances are the most important grade we take

  • We have very few performances each year so they weigh heavily in their average

  • Are on the Band Calendar and include but are not limited to:

    • All Concerts

    • All Band Contests

    • Individual contests such as All-District, Region, & Solo & Ensemble Contest

    • Football games & Pep Rallies

Public performances1
Public Performances

Attendance at all public performances is required, except in the following circumstances:

  • Death in the family

  • Critical family emergency (for example, a car accident)

  • Bed-ridden illness (for example, pneumonia)

  • Once-in-a-lifetime family event (for example, your grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary)

Public performances2
Public Performances

  • In the case of a once-in-a-lifetime family event, parents must contact the director as soon as possible, in writing, stating:

  • 1. The student’s name.

  • 2. The date and time of the conflict.

  • 3. The specific reason for the conflict.

Public performances3
Public Performances

  • An unexcused absence from a public performance could result in any of the following, at the director’s discretion:

    • Loss of their chair position

    • Exclusion from any end of year party.

    • Exclusion from contest trips (Any student that misses a required concert or competition will not go to Schlitterbahn).

    • Reassignment to another ensemble.

    • Removal from the band program.

Daily rehearsals
Daily Rehearsals

  • Beginning Monday, any student without their instrument or mouthpiece will receive a ZERO for their daily rehearsal grade

  • Tuners & Clips will have one more week to pass out or purchase

  • You must have a signed note from your parent/guardian if your instrument is in the shop for repairs. (Please include where and when it was taken to the shop on the note.)

Daily rehearsals 40
Daily Rehearsals - 40%

Students will receive full credit (100 points) for each rehearsal that they:

  • Have their materials present and in working order:

    • Instrument

    • Mouthpiece, good reeds, or appropriate sticks/mallets

    • Band Binder (clean w/dividers, pencil bag, blue book & all music)

    • Pencil (no pens)

    • Tuner w/clip (required for All Brass & Woodwinds)

  • Follow entry & exit procedures outlined in Rehearsal Expectations

  • Actively Participate in the rehearsal process by following the etiquette outlined in Rehearsal Expectations

Daily practice 20
Daily Practice - 20%

  • Practice is monitored through Practice Records

  • Students should enter what they practiced and how much each day…not at the end of the week.

  • Minutes are recorded Monday - Sunday

  • PR’s are due by the end of Monday regardless of A or B day

  • Must be signed by parent to be counted…please review…don’t just sign

Practice records


240+ minutes per week = 110

210-239 minutes = 100

180-209 minutes = 90

150-179 minutes = 80

120-149 minutes = 70

Less than 120 minutes = 60

No parent signature = 0


210+ minutes per week = 110

180-209 minutes = 100

150-179 minutes = 90

120-149 minutes = 80

90-119 minutes = 70

Less than 90 minutes = 60

No parent signature = 0


180+ minutes = 110

150-179 minutes = 100

120-149 minutes = 90

90-119 minutes = 80

60-89 minutes = 70

Less than 60 minutes = 60

No parent signature = 0

Practice Records

Extra credit
Extra Credit

  • Attending or participating in a non-Howard concert (15 pts.)

  • Auditioning for All-District band (10 pts.)

  • Making All-District band (20 pts.)

  • Auditioning for All-Region band (20 pts.)

  • Making All-Region band (40 pts.)

  • Watching the HS band at half time (15 pts.)

Extra credit1
Extra Credit

  • Bring proof (ticket stub, program, note from parent) and signed by parent

  • Staple to and turn in with next Practice Record

  • We file it away and enter it in IC at the end of the 6 weeks

Uil eligibility
UIL Eligibility

  • Extra-curricular vs. Co-curricular

    • Contests vs. Concerts

  • Can lose eligibility each 6 weeks

  • Can regain every 3 weeks

  • Must wait for the one week “grace period”

  • Multiple absences before end of 6 weeks, ask for an Incomplete

Section rehearsals
Section Rehearsals

  • Utilizes a small group setting with like instruments to work on music that can only be worked on with that particular group.

  • All-District/Region Sectionals:

    • Begin next week & run weekly from now until Nov 12

    • Required for Honor Band & 8th Grade Symphonic Band students, optional for others

    • Schedule will be published by Friday

  • Ensemble Sectionals for Honor Band

    • Run Nov-Jan…schedule will be published a 2 weeks before

  • UIL Sectionals:

    • Begin in January and run thru UIL in April

    • Required for all Honor & Symphonic Band kids

Section rehearsals1
Section Rehearsals

  • Sectionals before school are from 7:30 - 8:30. Please arrive by 7:20 to setup & warmup in time

  • Always enter through back BH door

  • A few sectionals will be after school from 4:10-5:10

  • Since sectionals only meet once a week, attendance at every sectional is crucial for the individual and section’s progress.

  • An unexcused absence to a sectional will adversely effect your student’s grade, jeopardize their chair in the ensemble, and leave them behind in the music and on playing tests we do in sectionals.

  • Use carpools if necessary…there are always many sectionals going at once.

Band supplies
Band Supplies

  • Should have all rehearsal supplies from Registration

  • Must purchase supply again if lost or broken

    • Binder, music ($.25 per pg.), Blue Book, Bowtie ($8), Cummerbund ($12) … the tuner Clip can break easily if not cared for properly

  • If you need to wait to buy more costly supplies like a WW mouthpiece, please email me and let me know your timeline

  • See Handbook for recommended list

  • M&A and Forte offer supplies through the school for a sizeable discount. Price list is in our handbook.

    • make checks out to Howard Band

Instrument maintenance and care
Instrument Maintenance and Care

  • Store daily in slot and take home each day and every weekend

  • Brass students should clean, and oil/grease them once every 2 weeks. This can be counted as practice time!!!

  • WW’s should swab after every practice and use key oil every month. Check for loose screws once a week.

Instrument maintenance and care1
Instrument Maintenance and Care

  • Parents, if there is a problem with an instrument, please do not attempt to repair it.

  • Send it with a student to us as we can often save you repair money by fixing it ourselves.

    • We will not attempt a repair we know we can’t do and we will then recommend sending it to a shop.

    • Recommended repair shops are listed in the Handbook.

    • We have a Forte and M&A Rep come once a week.

  • We encourage parents to purchase insurance coverage on your child’s instrument.

    • The Music Agency offers affordable and thorough instrument-only insurance.

School owned instruments
School-owned Instruments

  • Are provided by the district due to cost

  • Include: Piccolo, Oboe, Bassoon, Tenor & Bari Sax, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, and large percussion

  • MISD requires a $60 fee for Brass & Woodwinds and a $20 fee for percussion

  • Maintenance and repair is student/parent responsibility while checked out…consider insurance

  • Tubas & Bari Sax are provided one to stay home due to size. We will tell you which instrument to bring to performances.

  • Extra School-owned instruments for home practice can be checked out if we have one available for an additional $60 fee.

Step up instruments
Step-up Instruments

  • Can drastically improve your child’s performance as they begin to physically outgrow the smaller beginner models

  • Please seek our advice along with your Private teacher’s advice when considering buying one

  • Do not buy online unless it is a quality used horn…we can help with that…send me the link in email

  • See recommended list in Handbook

  • Stepping up often means you will need a new mouthpiece (esp. for brass)…many of our kids are already ready for them

  • Even once you’ve settled on a make & model, try several different samples before buying…good music stores will loan them to us before buying so we can try them out!

  • Consider keeping your beginner horn for high school marching band

Fee summary
Fee Summary

Howard Fees (make check out to Howard Band)

  • Band Registration Fee: $10 (covers misc. supplies)

  • Howard Band T shirt: $12 (parents can still buy)

  • Tuxedo Shirt: $15

    MUSIC SUPPLIES (make check out to Howard Band)

  • Metronome/Tuner Combo

  • Tuner Clip

Fee summary1
Fee Summary


  • Instrument Usage Fee (School-owned Winds): $60

  • Instrument Usage Fee (Percussion) $20

  • Private Lesson (per half-hour lesson): $16

    • Make checks out to your private teacher

  • Lost Sheet Music (per page): $.25

    • Pay with cash

  • Lost Blue Book: $7 for Winds, $10 for Percussion

  • Lost Cummerbund $12

  • Lost Bow Tie $8


  • Major Performance Grades are shaded and bold

  • Right column shows what is required, optional, and for which groups

  • Has every single thing for the year so don’t be overwhelmed 

Upcoming events
Upcoming Events

  • Mon, Aug 31-Nov 13 – Weekly All-Region Music Sectionals begin this Monday – 7:30-8:30 am (Saxes after school on Tue)

  • Tomorrow!!! - Fundraiser kick-off

    • Cookie Dough - 2 weeks long – Cumulative Prizes

    • Cici’s Pizza Party for those that sell 12 or more (Thu, Sep 16)

  • Fri, Sept 10 – Fundraiser Order & Money due

  • Tue, Sept 14 - Pep Rally - (3-4 pm)

  • Thu, Sep 23 - Legacy Band Night

    • 8th graders zoned to Legacy – RL Anderson - meet there

Oct nov events
Oct-Nov Events

  • Thu, October 7 - Fall Concert – Willie Pigg

  • Wed, Oct 20 (approx.) – Fundraiser Delivery Date

  • Fri, Oct 22 - Game performance – Summit Band Night

    • Summit vs. Mansfield at Newsom Stadium (Home side)

    • Meet here, ride buses from Howard

  • Thu, Oct 28 – Band Halloween Dance

  • Fri, Oct 29 – Pep Rally (3 – 4pm)

  • Sat, Oct 30 – All-District Auditions – Jones MS

  • Tue, Nov 2 – Howard Game Performance

    • Vernon Newsom Stadium – meet @ Howard, ride buses

  • November – All-Region Audition stuff

Parent volunteers
Parent Volunteers

  • We have 20 events throughout the year that require parent help

  • *Parents who ride a bus must have turned in a Volunteer Addendum

  • Have your DL ready when you arrive…we scan and return it with a name tag sticker.

Parent volunteers1
Parent Volunteers

  • We have a signup sheet tonight for our next few upcoming events:

    • Thu, Sep 16 - Cici’s Fundraising Party – 4

    • Thu, Sep 23 - Legacy Band Night – 2

    • *Fri, Oct 22 - Game performance – Summit Band Night - 10

    • Thu, Oct 28 – Band Halloween Dance (Decoration & Chaperons) – 20

    • *Sat, Oct 30 – All-District Auditions - 5

    • *Tue, Nov 2 – Howard Game Performance – 10

    • Fri, Nov 5 – All-Region Masterclass & Party – 10

      *Volunteer Addendum Required 2 weeks in advance.

  • We will have a signup for future events at our Fall Concert