Marching band tech day 3
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Marching Band Tech Day 3. Band Styles, Band Handbook, Handbook Assignment, Debate Assignment. Marching Band Styles. Friday Night Football Band Pro - modest time commitment, change shows, school spirit, simple drill

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Marching band tech day 3

Marching Band Tech Day 3

Band Styles, Band Handbook, Handbook Assignment, Debate Assignment

Marching band styles
Marching Band Styles

  • Friday Night Football Band

  • Pro - modest time commitment, change shows, school spirit, simple drill

  • Con - Simple arrangements, not a polished performance, limited carry-over to Concert Ensemble.

Marching band styles1
Marching Band Styles

  • Parade Band

  • Northern Bands, Parade focus, street routine

  • Pro - good for cold weather, modest time commitment, concentrate on music

  • Con - active in summer, arrangements need to be at one tempo, limited marching

Show bands
Show Bands

  • Entertaining,HBCU Band style, football halftime and some competition among other show bands

  • Pro - Entertaining, good audience following, Students have fun and add lots of visuals including dance

  • Con - Exaggerated moves and dancing sometimes can make playing difficult, have seen many bands where this becomes the focus instead of quality playing

Big ten style
Big Ten Style

  • Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State

  • High knee lift, timeless style

  • Pro - Entertaining, Pride associated with tradition, Usually 8 to 5 or 6 to 5 marching

  • Con - Marching style hinders playing, tend toward simple arrangements, choppy performance and no attention to instrument placement and field balance.

Corps style
Corps Style

  • Many variations on this style, based on different styles of music, nonsymmetrical drill and musical focus

  • Pro - glide step provides for musical execution, attention to detail because of time, complex visually pleasing drill

  • Con - TIME, MONEY, Burnout, delay concert band start up, focus on competition

The handbook
The Handbook!

  • Your marching band handbook is your syllabus and your LAW!

  • Should contain several elements:

  • Introduction and General School and Program information,

  • Attendance Policy,

  • Behavior expectations and consequences,

  • Required Uniform and appearance standards,

  • Uniform and Equipment rental and cleaning fees (including replacement costs)

The handbook1
The Handbook!

  • Leadership Structure and Responsibilities ( include director, staff, band officers, drum majors, section leaders, etc…)

  • Bandroom and field rehearsal care and responsibilities

  • Band Camp - what to bring, Band camp schedule

  • Season Schedule - Include football, pep rallies, events, competitions, fundraisers, etc.

  • Rehearsal schedule and expectations

  • Honors and Awards - how to obtain

The handbook2
The Handbook!

  • Define Marching Style

  • Section on Booster Club, meetings, purpose

  • Band Motto and Goals. Mission Statement

  • Signature Sheet for both student and parents.

The handbook3
The Handbook!

  • Due: February 7th

  • I have to do all this from scratch??

  • No!! Find elements you like from other handbooks and modify them to fit your own. The handbook will evolve this semester as your philosophy does.

  • Base it on your fake band.

Competitive vs non competitve debate
Competitive vs. Non-Competitve Debate

  • Divide up into Groups

  • Structured Debate

  • Positive Opening Statement

  • I ask questions - answer/justification from one side, rebuttal from the other

  • Summarizing Closing Statement


  • Band Handbook - due Feb. 7th

  • Structured Debate - Next Class!