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Niche Marketing

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Niche Marketing. AS Business Studies Marketing. Who is the target market for these products?. Jimmy Choo Shoes. Lays Crisps. North Face Jacket. Niche Marketing. Niche marketing involves selling goods to small, clearly identifiable segments of the market. Advantages of Niche Marketing.

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Niche Marketing

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niche marketing

Niche Marketing

AS Business Studies Marketing

who is the target market for these products
Who is the target market for these products?

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Lays Crisps

North Face Jacket

niche marketing1
Niche Marketing
  • Niche marketing involves selling goods to small, clearly identifiable segments of the market
advantages of niche marketing
Advantages of Niche Marketing
  • Small firms are able to succeed in markets that are dominated by large firms
  • Consumers will often pay more for a product that has been designed to satisfy their particular needs
  • Builds up specialist knowledge and skills appropriate for that niche
disadvantages of niche marketing
Disadvantages of Niche Marketing
  • Small businesses cannot develop economies of scale and therefore their average cost of production is likely to be high
  • Success attracts larger competitors who can offer similar goods at lower prices
  • Overdependence on a small groups of consumers makes niche marketing businesses very vulnerable to changes in buyer behaviour