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Richard's Adventures

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Richard's Adventures

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  1. Richard's Adventures Hi, I’m Richard Chi Nguyen Huong Tran Jenny Lu June 15, 2000 English 3 Mr. Seal They’re Class of ‘01

  2. Richard Wright lived with his parents, his younger brother, and his grandparents. Even at a young age, Richard was a trouble maker. One time, out of curiosity of what fire would do to his mother’s beautiful white curtain, he accidentally burned the whole house. Another time, out of rebellion for his father, Richard had killed a kitten. In addition to being scolded by his mother, he was also obligated to bury the kitten himself. My goodness, what a trouble-maker.

  3. Richard’s father deserted the family. Faced with financial problems Richard’s mother decided to seek help from her family. For awhile they lived with his grandmother, then they moved in with Aunt Maggie and her husband, Uncle Hoskins For a short period, Richard and his family led a stable life. But tragedy once again struck when his uncle got shot and killed by the “whites”. Uncle Hoskins was not killed.

  4. Richard’s family and Aunt Maggie moved to West Helena. It was there that Aunt Maggie met a man that would eventually become Richard’s uncle. Aunt Maggie moved north with her new husband. Richard’s mother was once again alone. She had to work hard to support the family. Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke leaving her paralyzed. His mother did not suffer a stroke

  5. Due to the stroke, his mother could no longer take care of him and his brother. As a result, she had to move in with Richard’s grandma. As for Richard, he was forced to live with his Uncle Clark. While his brother was sent to north to live with Aunt Maggie.

  6. He did not like living with Uncle Clark, therefore, after a short period Richard moved back to live with his grandmother. It was also there that he began his formal education. Richard disagreed with his grandmother’s way of life, which revolved too much around religion. Their contrary view of life created a great distance between them. As he grew older, he distanced himself even farther from the family. There was no communication between them, he’s basically on his own. Richard was like his grand-mother. He was very religious.

  7. Faced with his family situation, Richard was in need of a job in order to support himself. Richard went through numerous jobs, each time failing due his unwillingness to be overpowered by the white men.

  8. Following a long period of hardship, Richard was able to save a sufficient amount of money to move. He moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Even though, it was not the north, it had a better environment. There, Richard met a nice family where he stayed with for a while. Bess, the young daughter of the woman who owned the house wanted to marry Richard. Her mother had promised Richard the house if he stayed and married Bess. Richard declined the offer, he was determined to go north. Richard decided to marry Bess

  9. Richard was able to obtain a job in Memphis and earned enough money to send for his mother and younger brother. For a while, his brother and he worked hard to save money for the journey north. In the end they decided that Richard would move to the north first. He would work there until they were able to earn enough money for everyone to move north.

  10. Since Richard needed the job to support his family, he learned to stay out of the white men’s way in order to keep his job.

  11. Richard and his brother continue to live with their mother. Because the family did not have enough money, Richard never went to school. Instead, he was force to work to help support his family.

  12. Richard’s family continues to live a happy life with his aunt and uncle. He started to go to school and he eventually found a okay place to work. I’m so happy for Richard

  13. I’m so proud of my grand-son. Richard made his grand-mother really proud of him. He took a big interest in his religion and grew up to be a priest.

  14. Richard and Bess live together in that same house for the rest of their lives. Him and Bess had 5 kids, 3 girls, 2 boys. His mother and brother had eventually moved in. They never got the chance to go north, but no one ever spoke of it again. = +