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Adventures. By Jaydon Cameron. My adventure wordle. My adventurer - Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls. A goal since his father gave him a picture of Everest when he was eight was to climb Mt Everest. He did climb the mountain at the age of 23, the youngest person at that stage in 1998.

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By Jaydon Cameron

bear grylls
Bear Grylls
  • A goal since his father gave him a picture of Everest when he was eight was to climb Mt Everest. He did climb the mountain at the age of 23, the youngest person at that stage in 1998.
  • Bear Grylls lives on a house boat with three sons called Jesse, Marmaduke and Huckleberry.
bear grylls1
Bear Grylls
  • Born: Edward Michael Grylls
  • 7th June 1974 (age 37)
  • United Kingdom
  • Lives: On a boat on the River Thames
  • England.
  • Occupation: Chief Scout, Adventurer, Explorer, Author, Motivational speaker, Television presenter, father and author.
  • Married: Share Canings Knight
  • Kids: Jesse, Marmaduke & Huckleberry
bear grylls2
Bear Grylls
  • I think that Bear Grylls is an adventurer because he does crazy things like parachuting into water or parachuting into nature. Exploring deep dark caves and going to extreme places on earth seeing if he can survive. Bear Grylls will eat anything that he can find and he will use nature to his advantage. By using nature for example he will use broken branches for spears, branches and trees for huts. He shows you where to find food in places you wouldn’t expect it, and what is safe to eat and what’s not! So he is teaching us life skills and how to survive in any situation ocean, jungle and deserts and if we are in the places we will remember it and try to survive.
bear grylls3
Bear Grylls
  • Other expeditions
  • Circumnavigation of the UK year 2000
  • Crossing the North Atlantic year 2003
  • Paramotoring over Angel Falls year 2005
  • Dinner party at altitude year 2005
  • Paramotoring over the Himalayas year 2007
  • Journey Antarctica year 2008
  • Longest indoor freefall year 2008
  • Northwest Passage Expedition 2010
  • Escape to the Legion 2005
  • Born Survivor / Man vs. Wild year 2007
  • Chief Scout year 2009
my adventure
My adventure
  • An adventure is a new experience or trying something new. It also may be risky but that doesn't mean it will be. Adventure is when you get out of your house.
  • What types of adventures can you identify
  • Bear Grylls he goes in the jungle showing us how to survive in the wild that is adventure.
my adventure1
My adventure
  • How can you prepare for an adventure
  • You can prepare by being really fit and doing a lot of research on adventure books or computer. Sort out what you need to take with you to make the adventure more fun.  Go with other people who have done this adventure before , they will have the experience.
my question is w ould life be boring without adventure
My question is - Would life be boring without adventure
  • My ideas are,
  • Yes it would be because you would not get any exercise then you would become un-healthy
  • Our brains would not get stimulated nor our bodies
  • Without adventure every day would be the same, nothing new so nothing exciting to look forward to
  • Some people do not like any form of adventure they do not like to get out of their comfort zone or are scared to try something new
  • I think trying something new each day even if it's as simple as bike riding, as long as it's something new for you then it is an adventure
  • We need to challenge our bodies so then not only your body learns new things but you learn them to
  • Even if we are scared we will feel proud of ourselves when we have achieved it
my adventure2
My adventure
  • What stories have you read or heard about adventures or adventurers?
  • Thomas the Tank and Winnie the Pooh books. These books were big adventures when I was 4 and 5 so adventures are different for your age.
  • Beast Quest,  Narnia , 13-Storey Tree house
would life be boring without adventure
Would life be boring without adventure
  • WHAT: If you had no adventure or adventures in your life, your life would be boring and then everything would be the same each and everyday.
  • WHY: Because you would not learn about life or what adventure is. You would never get out of your comfort zone and enjoy life.
  • WHERE: Where would you go with no adventure you would always be stuck in the house doing work all the time or just going to your job , all the time what would you be living for?
  • HOW: How could anyone not want to be on an adventure once in awhile? It would not hurt to go for a bike ride. If you had kids you have to have a go at some sort of adventure or else they would get bored to death then with boredom comes trouble.
r eflecting
  • The question I chose was sometimes hard to answer. It was hard because if I had just picked a question about any sport to do with adventure all I needed to do was go on one site about the sport. The information that I found most helpful to answer my question was talking with family and friends. Getting everyone's opinions and then making my own decisions about what I thought.
  • I feel I have gathered enough information to answer my question. Listening and reading information off the internet has been helpful. But the most helpful has been the opinions from family.
  • You only have one shot at life so everyone should make the most of it like on a game if you die you can simply restart but in real life you can't.
recording your sources
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing
  • If you risk nothing you gain nothing
  • Life sometimes runs faster than we can keep up but I guess we gotta keep giving our best and always be grateful for our many blessings.
  • Famous quotes by Bear Grylls
recording your sources1
  • Where I gathered most of my information
  • My parents John and Michelle Cameron –
  • My aunty Nadine –
  • Bear Grylls documentary – “Man v’s Wild Season 1” Part 1 – Discovery Channel 2006
  • Most of the information is what I personally think about adventure. Jaydon Cameron