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Characters Plot

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Characters Plot. Period 6 Gurgen. Guy Montag Conflicts. Internal Conflict:Montag is supposed to burn books, but instead he steals them to try and read. External Conflict: Montag vs Mildred Montag vs Beatty. Guy Montag Motivations.

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characters plot
Characters Plot
  • Period 6
  • Gurgen
guy montag conflicts
Guy MontagConflicts
  • Internal Conflict:Montag is supposed to burn books, but instead he steals them to try and read.
  • External Conflict: Montag vs Mildred
  • Montag vs Beatty
guy montag motivations
Guy MontagMotivations
  • Montag wants to know what he’s missing in life and he has come to the conclusion that its books. So Montag wants to read to understand what he is missing.
guy montag relationships
Guy MontagRelationships
  • Montags and his wife Mildred did not get along but he loved her.
  • Clarisse McClellan was Montags friend, she fascinated him.
  • Beatty is his fire captain.
montag purpose
  • Montag is the protagonist in the story. He is the opposing force to society. He was chosen as a fireman by Bradbury, because this way he would know both sides of the conflict.
clarisse mcclellan conflicts
Clarisse McClellanConflicts
  • Society doesn’t accept her.
clarisse mcclellan relationships
Clarisse McClellanRelationships
  • She relates to her uncle by the way they think.
  • She was Montag’s friend.
clarisse mcclellan purpose
Clarisse McClellanPurpose
  • To let Montag think that burning is not just in this world.
captain beatty conflicts
Captain BeattyConflicts
  • Beatty’s conflict was he was that person who liked burning things.
captain beatty motivations
Captain BeattyMotivations
  • His motivation was burning things because he says that when ever there is a problem to burn it. So he was motivated to do that.
captain beatty relationships
Captain BeattyRelationships
  • He had many relationships with the firemen, because they all did the same thing.
captain beatty purpose
Captain BeattyPurpose
  • The purpose of Beatty in the story was being the antagonist he was opposing Montag by being the opposite.
mildred montag conflicts
Mildred MontagConflicts
  • She tries committing suicide in the beginning, she isolates herself.
mildred montag motivations
Mildred MontagMotivations
  • She was motivated to watch t.v.
mildred montag relationships
Mildred MontagRelationships
  • Her husband Montag.
mildred montag purpose
Mildred MontagPurpose
  • Mildred’s purpose is to show what society is like.
granger conflicts
  • Society doesn’t accept people who read and Granger is against that.
granger motivations
  • When the war starts then ends he hopes to spread his knowledge about the books he has memorized.
granger relationships
  • Mr. Simmons
  • Harris
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Charles Darwin
  • These are his friends because they memorize books together.
granger purpose
  • Grangers purpose is to give Montag motivation about reading and books. He makes him realize that some people do like books.
professor faber conflicts
Professor FaberConflicts
  • He is afraid to be caught with books and will resist being caught at all costs.
professor faber motivations
Professor FaberMotivations
  • Montag’s actions made him feel young again and he admired Montag’s bravery so they teamed up.
professor faber relationships
Professor FaberRelationships
  • Montag and Faber are friends.
  • They both read.
  • Faber teaches Montag to understand what he reads.
professor faber purpose
Professor FaberPurpose
  • Faber is the opposing force to Beatty.
  • He is Montag’s mentor.