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Crave ™

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  1. Crave™ Business Academy Integrated Marketing Plan Bryan Gonzalez

  2. Integrated Marketing Plan Executive Summary • Crave is a 102 seat fine dining, two story restaurant . • Focus on our new ethnic foods menu providing American, Asian, Hispanic, and Italian foods. • Bringing family and friends to a cultural dining experience where they can enjoy in a modern setting, located in downtown San Francisco. Goal and Objective • To introduce different cultural foods in one place like never before. The price on average is $15 and aims for a revenue of $152,220 a week. Ideal Customer(Target Market) • People who like to go out and dine with family and friends. They are also people who are tired of going to the same restaurants and who cannot decide on what to get when they have different cravings.

  3. Integrated Marketing Plan Company Analysis: • Benefits consist of not having to choose only one dish to eat for whatever time of day. • Provide several promotions such as holiday specials, Facebook like promotions, and 'Crave' pics(taking pictures of people enjoying their foods and posting them on Facebook or Twitter). • Local, in San Francisco, where you can dine, brunch, and explore the amazing San Fran view! Competitor Analysis: • No other restaurant that serves multicultural foods in one setting. • We, at Crave, also offer a dining experience of the upstairs skylight view-Who wouldn't want that in San Francisco? • Prices are set to compete with other restaurants that are closest to Craves' such as Olive Garden and are set about a dollar less than the other restaurant's foods.

  4. Marketing Plan-Product • Crave offers Italian, Hispanic, Asian, and American foods; combining the skill sets of our chefs and adding exotic flavors that will drown the customer's appetite. • The service, obviously, cannot be proven to be the best but here at Crave we plan on hiring the best; those that have experience in management, customer service, and the food industry.

  5. Price-Average $15

  6. Marketing Plan-Location • Crave is established in San Francisco, CA and is a storefront location. • Diverse and the fact it's a hot spot for travelers and people who like to go out into the city(target market). Crave is a restaurant with a skylight view in the second floor and has large windows stretched out on the walls to which customers can enjoy the night or day view of San Francisco's life.

  7. Promotion (3 Methods) Budget Social Media: Liking Facebook page gets you 5% off discount; promoting through Youtube(free publicity). Fusion Marketing: Creating commercials that advertise the restaurant and a movie that is soon to be released. Direct Marketing: Promoting discounts and events through e-mail. 10% back to marketing to grab attention of prospective customers. Philanthropy: Give 5% of revenue back to Bay Area schools. If customer donates five dollars they receive a 5% off discount. Projected gross sales per week are $38,055 with the goal of 1,532 customers coming(Mon-Fri)-383 customers a day & 1005 customers in the weekend. *No combination of promotions.

  8. Thank You! “Tastier foods, more savings, and satisfied craves”