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ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING. ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING. Drivermetrics. DriverMetrics the effective answer to driver risk assessment.

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  1. ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING Drivermetrics DriverMetrics the effective answer to driver risk assessment. The Advanced driver training division of the ISM would like to offer our clients a unique, ground breaking, on-line driver risk assessment that is based on proven behavioural techniques. ‘DriverMetrics’ has been developed in association with our partners at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, to assist in the assessment of driver behaviour, ability and risk. Behavioural Risk Factors Personality-based, behavioural and emotional factors can seriously disrupt driver performance and are known to be a major contributor to road traffic accidents. Since the late 1980s, research in the development of a measure of driver behaviour and risk has taken place. This research has culminated in the design of the DriverMetrics Assessment. The Assessment measures the driver's vulnerability to commonplace stress reactions and behaviour during driving and is predictive of accident involvement. Based on over 20 years of academic research into the psychology of driver behaviour, the Assessment identifies which drivers are at high risk of an accident, reveals individual high risk behaviour patterns that are causing the risk and recommends appropriate training interventions to change behaviour and therefore reduce risk. How does the DriverMetrics assessment work? DriverMetrics is an easy to use, on-line assessment, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The behavioural assessment is based on a series of questions known as the Driver Risk Index (DRI). The on-line assessment has two distinct sections. The first section of the DRI assesses situational risk and the second focuses on the behavioural risk of the driver. Based on the analysis of the DRI it is possible to predict which drivers are at risk and, more importantly, why drivers are classed in the med/ high risk category. By identifying the specific behaviours that may contribute to a driver’s risk of an accident, the ISM qualified instructors will then make suitable training recommendations.

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