ade it modernization effort what will replace sais in your future n.
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ADE IT Modernization Effort: What Will Replace SAIS In Your Future? PowerPoint Presentation
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ADE IT Modernization Effort: What Will Replace SAIS In Your Future?

ADE IT Modernization Effort: What Will Replace SAIS In Your Future?

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ADE IT Modernization Effort: What Will Replace SAIS In Your Future?

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  1. ADE IT Modernization Effort: What Will Replace SAIS In Your Future? Arizona Department of Education Superintendent John Huppenthal Mark Masterson, CIO Pamela Smith, IT Program Director September 14, 2011 ADE

  2. ADE Modernization Effort AELAS: New Education Management Information System Improve student achievement and lower State infrastructure costs through a new ADE data system currently called Arizona Education Learning and Accountability System (AELAS) or Education Management Information System (EMIS) that will provide a 360 view for students, teachers, schools and districts ADE Information Technology Division

  3. ADE Modernization Effort SAIS Roadmap - Updates ADE Information Technology Division

  4. ADE Modernization EffortSAIS Improvements to date • Since January 2011 SAIS availability near 100% enabling Districts and Schools to have dependable access to transfer data. SAIS has only been offline for scheduled maintenance during off hours. In 2010 and previous years, SAIS was a bottleneck as was only available 50% of year creating a need to have schools check periodically for system availability. • Since January 2011 over 500 needed changes to SAIS have been implemented fixing software bugs that were causing customer data issues resulting in delay of funding to them. In 2010 fewer than 100 changes to SAIS were made. ADE Information Technology Division

  5. ADE Modernization EffortSAIS Improvements to Date (continued) • July 11 – SAIS opened for FY12 marking the earliest time since the 2003 school year enabling kindergartners and new student enrollees to be issued a SAIS ID essential for important programs like AZELLA and AIMS student testing. This change alone has saved a significant amount of money in the cost of retesting students who were already tested. • August 1 - Upgrade to new SAIS hardware has resulted in faster integrity processing time by 50%. Future scheduled upgrades to SAIS hardware will further reduce integrity processing times providing faster service to our customers. • October 5 – 40 Day Aggregation ‘on target.’ In the history of ADE, ADE Day Aggregation processing has never occurred. For the first time, in 2011, 40 Day Aggregation will take place on time which will positively impact budget planning and execution and fast and accurate funding for our customers. ADE Information Technology Division

  6. ADE Modernization EffortAELAS – Education MIS Timeline Proposed Education Management Information System SIS (Student Information System) Human Resources The tool creates reports that everyone at the appropriate level can access Assessment Transportation Food Service These reports help inform instruction and reallocate resources effectively Library Finance An interoperable system connects all information and technologies Special Education SAIS This program results in student improvement and enables the continuous collection of information for future success 6 ADE Information Technology Division

  7. ADE Modernization EffortOther ADE IT Changes • AZ-SLDS (Arizona Statewide Longitudinal Data System) is a system that provides student-level data to school districts and charter schools that will empower educators with the ability to make data-driven decisions to improve student achievement. End Result: Districts and Schools will bring higher success rates to their students. • Great Plainsis a Microsoft Financial Systems Management product. ADE IT is in the beginning stages of implementing Great Plains in order to consolidate the agency’s use of 4 different financial systems into 1 system. End Result: Districts and Schools will receive funding faster • SAIS Business Rules Audit/Clean-Up ADE IT in process of matching current SAIS business rules to current legislation in order to identify and consolidate or remove changed or reversed bills in order to ensure optimize SAIS data processing. A “Clean-Up” bill will then be proposed to legislators to address needed changes to remove or cancel abandoned or cancelled legislation. End Result: Faster data processing and accurate data results ADE Information Technology Division

  8. ADE Modernization EffortOther ADE IT Changes (continued) • Identity Access Management (IAM) encapsulates people, processes and products to identify and manage the data used in an information system to authenticate users and grant or deny access rights to data and system resources. ADE IT will be implementing Forefront Identity Management(FIM), a Microsoft product, current and future data security requirements. End Result: Districts, Schools, Teachers, Parents will be able to access data at appropriate access levels. • Data Governance Commission Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes A.R.S. § 15-249.01, the purpose of the commission is to (1) identify, examine and evaluate the needs of public institutions who provide instruction to pupils in preschool, kindergarten, grades one through twelve and postsecondary programs in Arizona; (2) provide recommendations on technology spending; and (3) provide analyses and recommendations • First meeting held, August 19, 2011 • Next meeting scheduled for September, 30, 2011 End Result: Oversight and audit of Data Standards, Security, Standards and Processes, ensured by neutral committee comprised of technical education community stakeholder team ADE Information Technology Division

  9. ADE Modernization EffortWhere do we go from here? Discussion and Next Steps ADE Information Technology Division