Vampire country
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Vampire Country. By Sydney Cooper. To the mountains down to the rivers. Romania has: The Carpathian Mountains Danube River (runs along southern border) Temperature: Temperate Climate ( regularly 52 degrees F).

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Vampire country

Vampire Country

By Sydney Cooper

To the mountains down to the rivers
To the mountains down to the rivers

Romania has:

  • The Carpathian Mountains

  • Danube River (runs along southern border)


    Temperate Climate ( regularly 52 degrees F)

Carpathian Mountains

Natural resources
Natural resources



They also have:

  • Iron

  • Timber

  • Coal

  • Copper

  • Fertile Soil


How it effects romanians
How it effects Romanians

  • They have lots of miners because of all the minerals they have.

  • They also have farmers because of their fertile soil.

  • They also have some lumber industries.

The price of the undead
The price of the undead

Romania is a developed country

  • Their GDP per capita is 12,800

  • Their unemployment rate 4.3% (which is lower than the U.S.)

    Their industries include:

  • Electric machinery

  • Textiles

  • Mining

  • Food processing

A mine in Romania

Economics continued
Economics Continued

  • Romania has 67.72 billion dollars worth of exports

  • They also have 78.31 billion dollars in imports

  • They have a high standard of living

  • Food is expensive though, it is half of the family’s income

  • They used to be big in the oil industry, but now they are relying on Russia for most of their energy.

How to act undead
How to act undead

Traditional Dance there is “The Sword Dance”


  • They normally eat Mititei ( roasted meats, mainly pork), Mamaliga (Mashed Potatoes), and Sarmale (Rice).


    Mostly Eastern Orthodox Christians


  • Men: when greeting other people they either shake their hand or if a woman kiss their hand (sign of respect)

  • Women: when greeting another woman they kiss both cheeks when greeting a man they shake their hand.

Culture continued
Culture continued


  • Romanian and Hungarian


  • Romania worked with Russia in the WW1

  • Germany conquered Romania in WW2

  • They got their independence in 1877

  • They received three provinces (Transylvania, Banat, and Bukovina)

  • They had a Dictator (Niccole) and they overthrow him in 1989

  • They decided to have a Democracy

What s new
What’s new!

  • In 2012 protesters stood outside the “capitol building” and asked for the president’s (Traian Basescu) resignation

  • He resigned 1 month later

  • In 2007 they signed a bilateral agreement on

    labor migration with the U.S.

  • Elections took place December 9th 2012

  • They elected Victor Ponto

Victor Ponto

Fun facts

Romanian attire

Fun facts!

  • To my disappointment there are no actual vampires in Romania.

  • But, they do have a mansion there that they say was once “a vampire’s home” but, it’s mainly for tourists. 

  • For people who are supposedly vampires

    they dress very colorful

The mansion