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  1. Michael • 26 years old • Musician who was working and living in London • Became dependent on heroin and crack cocaine • Large debts forced him to return to live with parents near Birmingham

  2. Session 1: Network Diagram Barry Father Richard Friend Susan Mother Clare Richard’s Wife Michael Justine Manager Luke Friend

  3. Treatment Goal • To stop all illicit drug use and just use his maintenance prescription (Methadone) • Michael agreed to bring his friend Richard to the next SBNT session

  4. Session 2: Communication 1 • Michael attended alone • Michael and therapist worked on communication skills to engage his network • The therapist initiated a role-play to practice communication skills • Michael was then able to telephone Richard and invite him to the next SBNT session

  5. Session 3: Communication 2 • Michael attended with Richard • Treatment goals were reviewed • Discussed Michael’s communication barriers • Plan made to overcome barriers • Considered potential network members

  6. Session 4: Coping • Michael attended with Claire • They discussed styles of coping (engaged, tolerant,withdrawal) • Michael reluctant to involve parents • Michael talks about what he has found useful in the way others have responded to him recently

  7. Session 5: Enhancing Support Networks • Michael attends with Richard, Claire and Justine, his manager • Discuss ways in which Michael can use his support network to help him work towards his treatment goal • Decided to help Michael change the environment around him to make it easier to achieve his treatment goal

  8. Session 6: Increasing Pleasant Activities • Michael attended with Richard, Claire, Justin and Stuart, a friend and work colleague • Discussed the pros and cons of moving out of his parental home • Claire and Michael agreed that he would paint her flat in return for a car!

  9. Session 7: Developing a network based relapse management plan • Michael attended with Richard • Michael was making some positive changes and was using his network effectively • The possibility of Michael lapsing was discussed

  10. Session 8: Planning for the future • Michael attended with Richard • They discussed how Michael could continue to communicate his feelings to others • The treatment goal was reviewed…..

  11. Treatment progress • Working more productively and filling up his time • Using network more effectively • Stopped using crack and benzodiazepines • Reduced his heroin use by half

  12. What Michael Learned • He had changed his attitude towards the notion of network support • He felt that his network were better able to support him • He felt more able to solve his problems • It helped him to realise what he could have if he didn’t use

  13. What the network members learned • The sessions were worth persisting with • They changed too • They could see that their input had a positive effect on Michael • They could be more honest with Michael

  14. SO…. • Overall a very positive experience • Was not just about achieving abstinence • It was about building a network around Michael and working with them, looking at strategies that they could put in place for Michael so that he could continue working towards his goal over time and enabling him to work through any future problems that he might encounter.