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michael jordan




early life
Early Life

Michael Jeffery Jordan was born in Brooklyn,New,York during his early ages the Jordans moved to Wilmington. Michael majored in cultural geography from the university of north Carolina. He would go to the gym everyday to make it on one of the high school teams to practice but he got cut three times from a basketball team so that even meant that he would even strive more to reach his goal to become a good athlete.

starting in the nba
Starting in the NBA

Michael Jordan basketball player and active business men. with his height of 6ft 5in he has the largest leap that the NBA has ever seen. he went North Carolina and played shooting guard on the team tar heels.In 1982 Jordan joined the Chicago bulls he had the same position shooting guard. He stayed with them from(1984-1993,1995-1998) after he was done with the Chicago bulls he went to the Washington wizards and stayed with them from(2001-2003).

his family
His Family
  • Michael’s Mother Deloris Michael father divorced Michael is married to Junita Vanoy.The Jordans they met at a restaurant and later The Jordans have three kids Jeffery Marcus and Jasmine they all have December birthdays Jeffery 1988, Marcus 1990 and Jasmine 1992 .he said quote “ Ill give anything up for my kids even if it means giving up basketball”.

On 2003 Michael was put into the hall of fame the scouts has been watching Michael since he was playing with a basketball. The teams said no matter what team he played for he would always give 110%. If they would lose he would always say no matter what we do we are always bulls. Michael was not only an basketball player he was also was an baseball player .in the beginning he was declared short at5’11 but after two weeks grew four inches higher he really must have had a strict diet.

baseball vs basketball
Baseball vs basketball ?

Michael played with the Scottsdale Scorpionsand had played for a little while when his father died Michael wanted to play baseball because that was his dads favorite sport. but that did not last long he wasn’t that good in baseball than he would be as in basketball .But his stats in baseball weren’t that bad .202 with 3HR 51RBI 30SB and 11 errors but in 1994-95 the bulls were struggling at 31-31 the team received a lift and Michael decided to come back and he lead them to championships.

questions and answer
Questions and Answer

1# Michael Jordan was born in New York but grew up in North Carolina what was the name of the city he lived in? Wilmington

2#Every body knows that Jordan went to University of North Carolina but what city is it located in? chapel hill

3#What is Michaels Middle Name? Jeffery

4# Jordans high school team had the same mascot as a current NFL team what was it? Buccaneers

5# How many centimeters did Michael grow?191 or 6ft 3in

the number 23
The number 23

Michael Wanted the num (45) but it was already taken so he halved the number and kept it through High school and College . His favorite number was 45 just like his oldest brother Larry When I got to high school I couldn’t have the num 45 because Larry already had took it so I decided to halve his number and I got 22 and rounded it off to 23 and that is the real story about how I got num 23.

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