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Group 6 Project 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Group 6 Project 2

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Group 6 Project 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By, Steve Jesukiewicz Cj Coakley Michael Sanders Maureen Mittura. Delta Kite. Group 6 Project 2. What type of kite is best?. Outline. Types of kite What Kite we chose Kite test Purpose of delta kite How to make a kite Why we chose delta kite Analysis of how our kite went .

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By, Steve Jesukiewicz


Michael Sanders

Maureen Mittura



Group 6 Project 2

  • Types of kite
  • What Kite we chose
  • Kite test
  • Purpose of delta kite
  • How to make a kite
  • Why we chose delta kite
  • Analysis of how our kite went
dragon kite
Dragon Kite

Why it looks this way

  • Deer horns represent longevity and good luck.
  • Tigers eyes, the tiger is the king of the beasts, mighty and strong.
  • Catfish whiskers, to represent the material wealth.
  • A humans beard, as a symbol of intelligence and talent.(The longer the beard the wiser you are).
  • The segmented body represents a snake.
  • With a dragon kite all the lift is created by the tail segments.
  • The feathers are essentially stabilizers. In strong winds the tail rises almost vertically.
  • They can tolerate very high wind speeds, can be flown in 25 mph winds.
  • They can range from a small dragon with a 3.5m tail, or up to a monster, with 80 m tail.
diamond kite
Diamond Kite
  • The Diamond kite is probably the most recognized type of kite in the world
  • It is shaped like a diamond
  • A tail is needed to keep it balanced
  • The tail allows it to be stable and reliable
diamond kite usage
Diamond Kite Usage
  • This kite is primarily used for the enjoyment of young children
  • Its easy to fly and handle in the air
  • While in the air the kite catches the wind and creates an area of low pressure giving the kite lift
  • VERY FUN!!!









Box Kite Design

- High-performance kite that reaches relatively high heights

- This type is a cellular kite

- The typical design has four parallel struts

- The box is made rigid with diagonal crossed struts

- There are two sails, also known as ribbons

- Each sail is a quarter of the length of the box

- The ribbons wrap around the ends of the box, leaving the ends and middle of the kite open

- Sails help stability during flights


Delta Kite

Usually have triangular wings.

Spars on the leading edge of the wings

which can pivot on the spreader bar

One or more longitudinal spars help the kite to keep its shape.

spars can be made stiffer and stronger if necessary

A keel is usually used but is not always necessary.

A high-wind Delta kite will have its towing point more towards the nose of the kite.

how it is used
How it is used
  • Usually designed to fly in light wind.
  • The ability to fly at very high line angles.
  • Used at festivals.
  • Used for surveillance
kite flying test
Kite Flying Test
delta kite video surveillance
Delta Kite video surveillance

step 5 attach spreader bars
Step 5: Attach spreader bars.

kite analysis
Kite Analysis
  • Figuring out wind direction
  • Not enough wind
  • Kite was too heavy
  • Removed wooden dowel
  • Kite got more lift