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Priority Bags & Label Tags PowerPoint Presentation
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Priority Bags & Label Tags

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Priority Bags & Label Tags - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Priority Bags & Label Tags

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Each Priority Bag Tag has a unique identification tag number attached to an item, for the esurience that if at some point the item is lost or misdirected an online system can be used to acquire dictated information regarding the item’s owner and destination.

The Priority Bag Tag owner can use the system to securely allocate personal information, such as an address and a phone number, as well as travel information, such as flight information and destination, while controlling the amount of information given to a third party who may be trying to locate the owner to return the lost item.

The system will also notify the owner once the identification number has been reported found. The item can be reported by any third party, such as a fellow traveler or airline personnel that has access to a publicly-accessible network such as the Internet, aiding in the return or redirect of the lost item.


Travel Tips

  • To beat jetlag, book an overnight flight or one that arrives in the evening when travelling east so you can either catch your sleep on the flight or as soon as you get in to your destination.
  • To prevent the swelling of feet as is wont to happen on long flights, walk in the aisle at intervals and try not to take off your shoes.
  • Refrain from OD-ing on the free booze when on a flight, as too much alcohol causes dehydration. Tank up instead on aqua-pura.
  • When making flight reservation, remember to request for special meals if you have any food restrictions.
  • After September 11, airlines follow very strict security procedures. So make sure you reach the airport for check in well before departure time. Its best to check with the airline regarding how much in advance you should be at the airport.

Travel Tips

  • If your baggage does not arrive on the same flight as you, fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), with a description of the baggage, a list of contents and address to which it should be forwarded. If your baggage does not arrive at all, place a claim with the airline within 21 days.
  • Overbooking is a fact of life in the airline industry. If you are not in a particular hurry to get to your destination then volunteer to give your seat up and take the next flight. The airline will provide you a hotel room and other frills, so you can end up having an extended vacation at the airlines expense!
  • Do not accept any package from a stranger.
  • For a smooth ride on a plane, choose the seats located near the wings as if the plane hits an air pocket, this is where you will get the least amount of bumps.
  • If you are planning to watch the in flight movie, choose the fourth or fifth row from the screen to avoid getting a neck cramp.

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