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Philippines. Partners in Mission USA Central Territory. Map of Philippines. Geography. Located in the South China Sea just south of Taiwan and east of Vietnam, the Philippines is a series of islands that together are slightly larger than Arizona.

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Partners in Mission

USA Central Territory


  • Located in the South China Sea just south of Taiwan and east of Vietnam, the Philippines is a series of islands that together are slightly larger than Arizona.

  • The Philippines is mostly mountainous with a very narrow coastline.

  • It straddles the typhoon belt and is hit with cyclonic storms about six times a year.


  • With a large budget deficit and poor weather for agriculture, the inflation rate is over 100%.

  • People leave the rather clean countryside to seek their fortune in dirty, polluted, urban Manila where many become sick and die from the unhealthy living conditions.

  • The Philippines has many volcanoes which destroy land and crops.

The salvation army in the philippines
The Salvation Army in the Philippines

  • The Salvation Army officially began its work in the Philippines in 1937.

  • Many small enterprise projects are sponsored by The Salvation Army. They include stores, a fishing boat, a salt making factory, a weaving shop and many carabao ranches. These projects teach work skills and help augment the Filipinos’ meager income.


“The central role of women in horticultural societies tends to have political and sociological consequences.”

Fraser Weir

From earliest times women have enjoyed a special standing and respect in Philippine culture.

Women s consultation 2004
WOMEN’S CONSULTATION tends to have political and sociological consequences.” 2004


The Women’s Consultation was conducted tends to have political and sociological consequences.”

  • in response to obvious family needs in the community,

  • to survey and classify activities already being conducted in Salvation Army Corps

  • to develop resources for an expanded community oriented program,

  • to promote the well being and development of women and their families.

The salvation army s response
The Salvation Army’s Response Philippines

Residential care for child victims of sexual abuse

Hope share
Hope Share Philippines

A faith based program

of intervention and

prevention for Children

at risk

Educational services
Educational Services Philippines

Day Child Care Learning Centers Pre-elementary and Elementary Schools

Feeding programs
Feeding Programs Philippines

Traditional corps based programs
Traditional Corps Based Programs Philippines

  • Sunday Schools

  • Torchbearers

  • Corps Cadets

  • Junior Soldiers

  • Junior Clubs

  • Band String Songsters

  • Singing Companies

Emergency relief
Emergency Relief Philippines

The Philippines is reportedly the most disaster-prone country in the world.

The world’s busiest typhoon belt with an average of 20 typhoons annually.

It is further part of the Circum-Pacific seismic belt and lies in between two major tectonic plates, whose movements create mountain ranges, islands, earthquakes and tsunamis. There are 220 volcanoes in the country out of which 22 are active volcanoes.


Floods Philippines


Typhoons Philippines

How we helped
How we helped Philippines

  • These are just a few ways your generous gifts helped The Salvation Army in the Philippines:

    • They were able to buy land to build a new DHQ

    • Help financially take care of retired officers

    • Improve living conditions through the purchase of a cistern tank that ensures the people have clean water

Thank you
Thank you Philippines

  • The people of the Philippines Territory thank Midwesterners for their support and prayers.

  • Our commitment to the Philippines Territory continues through our prayer and financial support.

  • With your help, many people will be made aware of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.