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Philippines. Brittany and Sandra. Location:. Southern East Asia. History:. The Philippians had a revolution from 1896-1898.

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Brittany and Sandra


  • Southern East Asia.


  • The Philippians had a revolution from 1896-1898.

  • Filipino independence struggle that, after more than 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, exposed the weakness of Spanish administration but failed to evict Spaniards from the islands. The Spanish-American War brought Spain’s rule in the Philippines to a close in 1898 but precipitated the Philippine-American War, a bloody war between Filipino revolutionaries and the U.S. Army.

Time of imperialism
Time of Imperialism:

  • America wanted to be a favorable balance of trade.

  • America sought to spread Christianity.

  • There was a necessity of annexing so property.


  • Benefits: Naval and air base in Philippians.

  • Crops flowed freely to US market

  • Sugar

  • Manila hemp


  • US intervened on Philippines between 1898-1910.

  • Navy, troops, and army.

  • The President at the time was Mckinley.


  • Attacked Philippines to destroy Spain, to use for negotiation.

  • Spain decided not to retain the Philippines.

  • US paid Spain $20 million to overcome Spanish objections to annexation.

  • Guerilla warfare.

  • Philippine-American war lasted 3 years.

  • American death: 4200 over

  • Filipino death: 20000 over (from violence, famine, and disease.)


  • US- New found degree of global power and influence.

  • After war- US had confidence they could win the allegiance of Filipinos by showing them virtues of American Life.

More reaction
More reaction:

  • PH- more Filipinos died, they were forced to accept the US influence- Before war, they greeted US as Liberators.


  • The US and the Philippines have a strong trade relationship.

  • More of a “Love-Hate” relationship more than anything, because of what the US and Philippines have been through.

Ally or rival
Ally? Or Rival?

  • The US and Philippines are allies!

  • The US is more of a guest rather than a colonial power.

  • Their friendship that the US is now providing is much needed assistance to the victims of TypoonHaiyen (Yolanda).

Us intervention to philippines
US intervention to Philippines

  • The US sent a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington- in Hong Kong for a port visit- and several other US navy ships “to make best speed for the republic of the Philippines” to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster support.

What we think
What we think…

  • We see multiple possibilities that could benefit the US.

  • Not only is this a way to show that we are reliable and caring, but that we are strong.

  • Also we feel as if the US were to ever face a difficult situation, the Philippines would do what ever they can to help out.

  • We feel as if the US is doing the right thing by helping and supporting the Philippines.