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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update. Pharmacy Directorate NHS Education for Scotland Updated September 2011. Original RPSGB CPD Framework. How should I record my CPD?. Online (encouraged and preferred by GPhC) - requires your GPhC number, username and password

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continuing professional development cpd update

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update

Pharmacy Directorate

NHS Education for Scotland

Updated September 2011

how should i record my cpd
How should I record my CPD?
  • Online (encouraged and preferred by GPhC)
  • - requires your GPhC number, username and password
  • Paper submissions
  • - only on GPhC approved documentation
  • - must stick to the ‘boxes’ provided as scanned into system and anything out with the boxes may be lost
  • Dual submissions – paper and online only; min of 5 paper records
what must i do for the gphc
What must I do for the GPhC?
  • The CPD review process has transferred to GPhC as a statutory process [legal process]
  • Make a minimum of 9 CPD entries per year (from March 2009) which reflect the context and scope of your practice as a pharmacist or as a registered pharmacy technician
  • Keep records of your CPD and to submit these to GPhC
  • when requested [legal requirement]
  • New GPhC standards for CPD came into effect on 2nd July 2011
you should also
You should also….
  • Maintain a learning portfolio with records of attendance and key learning points from continuing education and notes of other learning e.g. through work.
  • This may be requested by the regulator if there is a problem with your CPD entries or if someone has made a complaint about you as a professional.
why must i comply with the gphc review process
Why must I comply with the GPhC review process?

Registrants are in breach of theGPhC’s standards of conduct, ethics and performance where there is failure to respond to a request for CPD records. Should you fail to respond to their request you will

-receive 2 reminders (a reminder at 4 weeks then 2 weeks later)

-have approximately 6 weeks to submit

Anyone with a personal problem should negotiate an extension.

what happens if i do not submit a cpd record
What happens if I do not submit a CPD record?
  • If you still fail to respond you will receive a letter from the Registrar giving 28 days notice of intention to remove your name from the register
what happens if i have documented nothing to date
What happens if I have documented nothing to date?
  • You must complete 9 records per annum from 1st March 2009.
  • Records will be viewed in a 5 year cycle, thus if your CPD record was requested now you should submit:
  • A proportion of 9 entries from March 2011 to April 2012
  • 9 entries from March 2010 - February 2011
  • 9 entries from March 2009 - February 2010
  • Some entries from March 2008- February 2009
  • Some entries from March 2007- February 2008
  • Some entries from March 2006- February 2007
  • By 2014 we should all have a minimum of 45 CPD entries to submit!
where do i start
Where do I start ?
  • You can start at any point of the CPD cycle when recording your CPD [reflection, planning, action or evaluation]
  • Need to have a variety of different types of records but
  • the GPhC states that..
  • `At least THREE of the NINE entries must start at reflection (as of 2nd July 2012)`
do not panic
Do not panic!
  • Start today. Aim to undertake and document at least 1-2 pieces of learning per month. This may be easier in a group or by having a ‘buddy’ call you at the beginning of each month to motivate you.
  • Look back in your diary for the last 4 years-what learning events did you attend? - what did you learn? Document these now! The longer you wait, the more difficult it will become to remember……
when starting at reflection
When starting at reflection
  • Ask yourself the question-
  • What do I want to learn?
  • Or
  • What do I want to be able to do?
  • e.g. To be able to submit a CPD entry online on the GPhC online system
  • How is this learning relevant to the safe and effective practice of pharmacy and to your own scope of practice?
  • e.g. There is a statutory requirement to do this by the Pharmacy Regulatory body – the GPhC

Top LHS see folder by year 1st March to end Feb

Bottom LHS see new entries

Top RH corner: date identified

planning is next
Planning is next..
  • Deadline date
  • - When do I need to know this? Pick a realistic achievable date !
  • What impact will this learning have on me, my colleagues, my patients, the organisation?
  • - Important to spend a bit of time on this section and consider all the elements of this question. If the learning will have little impact on all 4 elements, should you be doing it?
in our earlier example
In our earlier example….
  • I will learn how to document my CPD and also submit this in the required online format. Documenting my CPD will have a positive impact on the organisation or business I work for as I must remain registered to carry out my job. I plan to share my learning with my colleagues (and pre-registration trainee), thus my learning will have an impact on their knowledge and practice. CPD is ultimately to improve patient safety and thus it will have an impact on my service-users
  • Important to write something here, do not just tick the available boxes
how could you learn this
How could you learn this?
  • Consider different options. You can list them all, you don’t have to do them all, but may help identify the best learning method for you. You must list more than one option.
  • Attending a course→ attending today
  • Try to work my way through the info on the GPhC website
  • Complete a paper entry and then try to transfer to the online system
  • Discuss with colleagues
  • Read available published articles/ literature on recording CPD
  • Just tick the option or options that you decided to use to address your learning need:
  • -your learning style
  • -the level of knowledge you wish to have on the area
  • -your timescale
  • Remember to use a variety of options in the CPD reports that
  • you submit
  • Stating you attended a course for all your learning needs will
  • be picked up in your report. Using only one method of learning is not considered good practice..
action is next
Action is next..
  • What have you learned?
    • Do go into some detail here so there is some evidence that the learning has actually taken place
  • In our example…..
  • I attended a 2 hour interactive training session along with other pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians at NES where we were guided through input of an appropriate CPD entry completing all the required fields. I completed 2 new CPD entries of my own by the end of the session.

What have you learnt? Put detail in here about the content of the course so that they can see that you have learnt something. Top RHS the date completed

evaluation of your learning
Evaluation of your learning
  • Give an example of how you’ve applied or will apply what you learnt to your practice
  • e.g. I completed 2 new CPD entries of my own by the end of the session.
  • What have been or what will be the benefits to your practice?
  • An important question and must be completed.
  • e.g. It benefits my practice because I am now able to document my CPD efficiently and in accordance with professional guidance. I feel more confident in completing future entries.
have you fully met your learning objective
Have you fully met your learning objective?
  • If you feel you haven’t fully met your learning objective you will be asked what you have still to learn
  • e.g. Continue to complete more CPD entries (different types of learning) and share with my colleagues at work and agreed to `share` my entries with my line manager using the online system.
  • Why did you not fully meet your learning objective?
  • Time constraints – we only had a 2 hour session and I need to build on this experience
  • More experience at CPD entries and reviewing these against the criteria provided will be my next learning objective!
an example starting at action
An example starting at ACTION
  • Please describe the activity you have undertaken
  • Attended a NES Training Evening on respiratory medicine
  • What have you learnt as a result?
  • The importance of ensuring an accurate asthma/COPD diagnosis.
  • A further appreciation of the ‘Step-Wise’ approach and the need to move up and down the steps as the condition changes.
  • The change in guidance that adds a long acting Beta 2 agonist before increasing the dose of corticosteroid.
  • Describe an example of how you have applied this learning
  • I now check prescriptions where steroid doses are above 800 mcg/day and discuss with patient if a long acting Beta 2 agonist has not been prescribed and symptoms not well controlled. I was able to explain to a patient who was prescribed oral steroids for the first time the nature of the step-wise approach
  • Give an example of how this benefits your practice ?
  • I am now more confident in my knowledge of respiratory disease and feel more able to discuss this condition with patients
  • Have you identified any learning needs as a result of undertaking this activity? Yes/No
what happens after i submit my cpd record
What happens after I submit my CPD record?
  • Generation of an executive summary → this will be mailed to you
  • Automatic generation of feedback report→ online and more detailed than the executive summary
why review cpd
Why review CPD?
  • Ensure compliance with CPD standards
  • Encourage & support via feedback process
  • Encourage engagement in CPD
  • Increase practitioner confidence and competence
  • Necessary for statutory regulation & prepares for revalidation
  • Protects the public
review criteria
Review criteria
  • Reviewers will:
  • ONLY review what’s in CPD entry
  • ONLY base feedback on review criteria
  • Reviewers will not:
  • Make value judgements on content
  • Apply their quality criteria
  • Will not give advice on what they would do
where can i get further support
Where can I get further support?
  • CPD Team at GPhC (London)

Tel: 020 33653540


CPD Website

  • CPD guidance on GPhC website
    • Plan and Record Guide
    • FAQ guidance sheet
  • NES - CPD Surgeries; local tutors; NES team (0141 223 1600)
  • Email:
  • RPS CPD Facilitators