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CTE 2012
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CTE 2012

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  1. CTE 2012 Fall Presentation

  2. Welcome Back!!

  3. Today’s Schedule • 1:00 to 2:30, agenda items 1-6 • 2:30 to 2:45 pm, agenda item 7 • 2:45 to 2:55 pm, agenda item 8 • 3:00 to 3:35 pm, Breakout PLC meeting • 3:45 to 4:00 pm, reconvene in Mr. Yack’s room, sign roll and receive certificates

  4. Superintendent’s Message

  5. Where were we???? • FAUPL (Final Agreed Upon Performance Level) Results • Budgets • Skills Certification

  6. Where are we???? Budgets • Budgets are not finalized until USOE gives the word. • What do we receive? • Ongoing allocation • Maintenance of Effort • Perkins • What do we pay for? • Salaries • Programs

  7. Where are we???? Budgets • Big-ticket purchases and new (or extended) programs • Fund-raising • 5-year plans • History • What can we do differently?

  8. Where are we???? Budgets • Overspending • Please use integrity in your spending • Audits • Contingency • Withholding from future year?

  9. Budget Example • Example Budget (Proposal) • This is a “proposal.” • Remembering • Talks about membership in classes. • How many students does it take to break even? • What are “other” teacher’s class loads expected to be? • What should our class loads expected to be? • What can we do to “make money?”

  10. Where are we???? Skills Tests • See Skills Certificate printout • We are above the state average by a small percent. • Do we have room to improve? • Keep good records (performance documentation and summaries)

  11. Summer Ag • All timesheets and travel expenses must be submitted by October 1st of this year. • Expenses will be paid by December 1st (no exceptions) • Please finish the final report and get it submitted by August 31st. It would be REALLY nice if we could do it before school starts.

  12. Licensure • You are responsible for keeping track of your teaching license expiration. • If you are not approved at the state level, we do not receive $ for class membership.

  13. Enrollments • We do not receive funding for students who take a skills test for a class they are not enrolled in. • Enroll the students in correct classes, even if it means having two classes in the same period.

  14. Extended Days • We are planning to allow for two extended summer days again, to be paid at the daily rate. This $ would be for summer conference.

  15. Purchase Orders • New financial system for requisitions. • All POs must be generated by the school secretary. • There is an approval chain. Once the necessary approvals are given, the PO can be submitted for ordering and payment. • Open POs can still be generated, but they need to have a $ amount specified. Make your best guess and work through it as needed.

  16. Counseling • Interim reviews for all schools will be held October 2nd through the 4th. • Classes in PowerSchool must match those in CACTUS. Please notify Diane of changes in schedules.

  17. Roll Books • Please sign and return the roll books for Diane.

  18. CTE Intro Plans • We will notify you as soon as new forms are posted. • Due to Diane by October 1st. • Remember: • You need two signature pages (Fall and Spring) • Include the orientation activity and wrap-up activity • Also include team meeting dates • Fill in all the blanks

  19. CTSOs • We receive additional WPU funding based on a formula for CTSOs. • We have paid stipends to advisors, but it’s not equitable if the CTSO is “in name only.” • Restructure?

  20. Diane’s Phone List • Please fill in as much information as you are willing to share. • The list will not be publicized. • It’s easier to find you if we have your home or cell phone

  21. Calendar Items • Fall Region CTE Conference, October 2nd at RJHS • Refer to email from Patti Godfrey with event dates • Program Approvals for AHS, DHS, THS, and UHS are October 2nd through the 4th • CCGP Interim Reviews for AHS, DHS, RJHS, Thompsen, THS, and UHS are October 2nd through the 4th

  22. Consistent Class Fees • Background: Because we are allowed to conduct our programs according to our desires and the needs of the schools and students, we are also allowed freedom to set our class fees. We have been questioned by parents about the difference between the fee structures in our schools. • Goal: Develop a consistent class fee structure for each CTE area.

  23. Q & A

  24. PLCs and Essential Elements • PLC Goals (See document) • Essential Elements (See PowerPoint) • Review Mission Statement and District Goals

  25. DCSD Goal #1 • DCSD will provide high quality instruction, which promotes optimal student achievement results in all content areas. • All students will achieve at least one year’s growth each year in language arts, mathematics, and reading as measured by the NWEA MAP Tests. • Student achievement will meet or exceed state averages in language arts, mathematics, and science on end-of-level assessments.

  26. DCSD Goal #2 • DCSD will improve classroom instruction by hiring highly qualified teachers, facilitating continuous improvement using professional learning communities, providing high quality professional development and recognizing teacher excellence.

  27. DCSD Goal #3 • DCSD will provide a safe and orderly environment that enhances the social and emotional well-being of all employees and students by teaching and modeling positive etiquette.

  28. What Makes us Different? • Our emphasis is different: • We have a history of preparing students for the workplace. • We focus on job skills. • Our funding sources are different. You have a budget • Why?

  29. Please, No Excuses

  30. How can we be the same? • PLC focus for the year (see PLC Plan) • PLC goals for today • Establish leadership • Establish norms (3-5, make it simple) • Make assignments for next meeting (Monday mornings) • Set agenda for next PLC meeting • Put it in writing (I want to SEE it) • Remember, we are working on common formative assessments. . .