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EC Technologies & Quality Standards-DSM PowerPoint Presentation
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EC Technologies & Quality Standards-DSM

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EC Technologies & Quality Standards-DSM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EC Technologies & Quality Standards-DSM. By G C Datta Roy DSCL Energy Services Presented at ‘ India Electricity-2006’ Organized by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries New Delhi, May,2006. Presentation structure. Brief introduction-DSCL Energy Services EE Market

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Presentation Transcript
ec technologies quality standards dsm

EC Technologies & Quality Standards-DSM


G C Datta Roy

DSCL Energy Services

Presented at

‘India Electricity-2006’

Organized by

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industries

New Delhi, May,2006

presentation structure
Presentation structure
  • Brief introduction-DSCL Energy Services
  • EE Market
  • DSM Market development-Objective
  • Interesting experiences-world wide
  • DSM Technologies
  • Quality-many dimensions
  • Critical success & failure factors-learning from experience
  • Conclusions
dcm shriram consolidated ltd introduction

Manufacturing Platform

Service Platform


Energy Services


Agri Business










Building prod.


Speciality/ Value added

DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd - Introduction
  • DCM Ltd established in 1889 by Sir Shriram
  • Restructured in 1990 into 4 separate companies
    • DCM Ltd
    • DCM Shriram Industries Ltd
    • Shriram Industrial Enterprises Ltd
    • DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd (DSCL).

DSCL – Rs 2000 Crore Conglomerate

EE Consulting


RE Development

Captive power



ee market how to characterize
EE Market-How to Characterize
  • Utilities
    • Generation
    • Distribution
  • Industry
    • Large energy intensive
    • Large-others
    • SME-energy intensive
    • Cottage-energy intensive
  • Buildings
    • Commercial including offices
    • Recreational including shopping malls
    • Hotels & hospitals
    • Residential
  • Municipal
  • Agricultural
  • Transportation
    • Mass & urban
    • Others

Different market drivers

immediate market potential
Immediate Market Potential

Energy Efficiency Investment : 1.52 Rs Crs/MW

dsm market
DSM Market

Demand side

Supply side










Subsidized segments are the best DSM markets

Two pronged strategy-Project & Policy

dsm market development objective
DSM Market Development-Objective
  • Macro objective
    • Reducing demand supply gap
    • Improved quality & availability of power
    • Environmental benefits
  • Economic objective
    • Improving bottom line of utilities
    • Expansion of market for high efficiency products
    • Development of technology and service providing industries
  • Incidental benefits
    • Employment generation
dsm impact some interesting experiences
DSM Impact-some interesting experiences
  • USA-highly successful utility DSM & FEMP program-for every dollar of government spend, four dollar of private investment
  • Canada-For every dollar of investment in DSM four times employment generation compared to supply side investment.
  • Brazil, Korea-DSM cess (electricity & petrol respectively) has helped in rapid development of EE market and service providing industry
  • Thailand, Srilanka-Mitigation of energy shortage
  • Australia, Most of EU countries-Development of high efficiency white goods and buildings
  • Japan-Development of Large Utility affiliated ESCO industry
  • India-No significant stride yet-MERC’s pioneering effort expected to make the first major break throu
key drivers moving the ee market
Key drivers-Moving the EE Market


Cost press


Me too


Transformed Market




Different quality dimensions

for each element

quality dimensions
Quality dimensions
  • Awareness-From general to specifics
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Service
  • Relationship

Though all dimensions are inter-related,

each one has its specific impact

quality dimension awareness
Quality dimension-awareness
  • Why-Motivation (e.g. EE in DJB for shaving peak load)
  • What-Target reduction of peak load by 200 MW
  • How-Improving the pumping system efficiency
  • Who-DJB/ESCO
  • When-Next 6 months
  • Where-Prioritisation for maximum impact

5W-1H model-powerful tool

for improving awareness quality

quality dimensions technology
Quality dimensions-Technology
  • State of development
  • Local technology support
  • Adaptation
  • Side effects
quality dimension engineering
Quality dimension-Engineering
  • Design
  • Adaptation
  • Manufacturing
  • Serviceability
quality dimension service
Quality dimension-Service
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Performance verifiability
  • O&M
  • Training
quality dimension relationship
Quality dimension-Relationship
  • Who are the stake holders?
  • Defining stake holders interests
  • Managing stake holder interests
critical success failure factors
Critical success & failure factors
  • Very successful case story-Building energy projects
    • Defined product quality specifications
    • Instituted in-situ testing protocol
    • Involved client operators in testing
    • Instituted robust PMV system
    • Maintained feedback and communication channel at multiple levels
  • Failure story
    • Repeated failure of particular component
    • Inadequate service frequency-prolonged outage
    • Negative impact on production process
    • Client put the system out of line
  • EE Market is big but penetration is low
  • DSM would be a niche market to be developed using multiple strategy
  • Instituting quality dimensions at the beginning can make better impact
  • Quality needs to be in place in all its dimensions
  • Quality in all its dimension would be the key success factor for development of the DSM market.