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Tamarins in the Rainforest

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Tamarins in the Rainforest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tamarins in the Rainforest. Anna. Introduction.

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  • The Rainforests of the world are very helpful. Rainforests are located near the equator. They are in areas of heat and a lot of rain. They can be found in Southern Asia, South America, Africa, Central America and Pacific Islands. There are many animals and plants in the Rainforest. That’s why Rainforests are helpful to us!
forest floor and understory
Forest Floor and Understory

The forest floor and Understory are the 2 lowest layer of the Rainforest. The Forest floor is the lowest part of the Rainforest. The forest floor is very wet and dark. The larger animals live there. There are lots of plants. Its full of life. The Understory has some flying animals. It is wet too.

canopy and emergent layer
Canopy and Emergent layer

The Canopy and Emergent layer are the highest layers of the Rainforest. The Canopy is full of animals and plants. It is the third layer. The Emergent layer is the highest layer.

products we get from the rainforest
Products We get from the Rainforest

We get many supplies from the Rainforest. We get fruits from the Rainforest such as oranges, lemons and bananas. We also get cocoa and vanilla. We get lots of coffee too! We get a lot from Rainforests!

animal introduction and appearance
Animal Introduction and Appearance

. There are different colors that Tamarins are little monkeys. Most of them are about the size as a squirrel Tamarins can be. Theres gold, orange, red and dull brown. Some Tamarins have camoflogue too.

tamarins habitat
Tamarins Habitat

All but one Tamarin lives in the Rainforests of South America. The Tamarin lives in the Canopy layer. Tamarins have to have trees to live. If they don’t theres a chance for them to become extinct.


Tamarins are omnivores. From plants tamarins eat fruits, seeds and nuts. Tamarins also eat insects , spiders, bird eggs, small lizards, small tree frogs and some small snakes. Tamarins do eat nectar and leaves too. They use their pointed claws to dig insects and other small animals out of tree bark.

predators and pray
Predators and Pray

The Tamarins predators are owls, jungle cats, wild dogs, snakes , hawks and eagles will hunt and eat Tamarins. The other predators are also large snakes and raptors.


Most Tamarins have dull brown fur to help them hide in the Rainforest trees. They also have pointed claws to defend themselves.

interesting facts
Interesting Facts

There are many interesting facts about Tamarins. One interesting fact is that Tamarins live in tree holes. Another interesting fact is that the cotton topped Tamarin is named for the hair on its head. That’s just two interesting facts about Tamarins!