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Tamarins .

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Did you know…that golden lion tamarins are also known as the golden marmoset. There are tons and tons of phenomenal facts about what they eat, there habitat, types of tamarins, and fun facts about tamarins. So if you read this you will find out about these topics . Don’t forget there are also fun facts

Golden headed lion tamarin

oo oo aa aa what s for lunch
oo oo! Aa Aa! What's for lunch?

All tamarins eat fruit and insects! but on the side different tamarins eat different sides like the golden lion tamarins eats snakes and small lizards. Sometimes some tamarins eat nectar and plants. Most tamarins are known to eat tree sap as part of there balanced diet.

Cotton top tamarins

what kind of tamarin are you

What kind of tamarin are you?

There are tons of kinds of tamarins. All over the world there are tons of tamarins here are some kinds of tamarins…black lion tamarins, golden lion tamarins, lion tamarins, emperor tamarins, cotton top tamarins, Geoffroy tamarins, moustached tamarins, red handed tamarins, white lipped tamarins, golden headed lion tamarins, superagui tamarin, lion tamarins, black mantled tamarins, brown mantled, golden mantled tamarins , graeil tamarins, martin tamarins, mottle faced tamarins, white footed tamarins, spix’s moustached tamarins, and white rumped tamarins

Know you know 20 types of tamarins


please give me your address

Please give me your address!

Tamarins are from southern central America! Tamarins are also from the forests of brazil. If you are looking for a Geoffroy tamarin you would find a Geoffroy tamarin living in eastern Costa Rica! You would also have to look in the rainforests of Colombia, brazil to find tamarins. Tamarins are mostly found in south America. When you are looking for a emperor tamarin you would find them in east Peru, Amazon basin, north Bolivia, west Brazilian states of acre Amazon.

Baby pygmy tamarins

tamarin trivia
Tamarin trivia
  • The golden lion tamarin is also known as the golden marmoset
  • The emperor tamarins live in groups of 2 to 8
  • Tamarins are new world monkeys
  • Tamarins and marmosets are in the same family
  • Tamarins live in families and share the job of taking care of the twins
  • When a tamarin is giving birth it usually gives birth to twins




Wow! We learned a lot today! Lets review what we learned… we learned about what tamarins eat, tamarins habitat, the types of tamarins, and there fun facts! We had a educational day! Don’t forget what we learned I hope you enjoyed this!


you can find out more about tamarins at

You can find out more about tamarins at…




Endangered animals of the southern continent by: Barbra j behm