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Soon To Be In Your Area! PowerPoint Presentation
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Soon To Be In Your Area!

Soon To Be In Your Area!

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Soon To Be In Your Area!

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  1. Soon To Be In Your Area! What’s NEW in Children’s Literature and Strategies for Using It in Your Program By: Judy Freeman

  2. Professional Development Highlight • Presented By: Lynnette Poston • March 27, 2007 • MLI5070 • Ms. Bivens

  3. Who Is Judy Freeman? • A national seminar presenter for Bureau of Education and Research (BER). • School Librarian with 25 years experience. • Children’s book reviewer for School Library Media Activities Monthly.

  4. How can Judy Freeman help with Professional Development? • Through her Seminar: What’s New in Children’s Literature and Strategies for Using It in Your Program.

  5. What does the Seminar Provide? • Preview the Best New Children’s Books See the BEST of the most recently published children’s books – picture books, novels, informational nonfiction, poetry, folklore . . . Many of the books will be available for your personal review • The Best New Fiction Books Get acquainted with realistic and fantasy fiction . . . Memorable titles you’ll be inspired to read aloud and use for guided reading, literature circles and book clubs • New Nonfiction Books Your Students Will Treasure A rich, under-tapped resource of meaningful books for fact-loving learners . . . Explore specific techniques for presenting all types of riveting nonfiction

  6. Seminar Continued: • The Best New Picture Books Discover some of the most arresting and inspiring picture books published in the last year and learn how to use them creatively throughout the curriculum with students of all ages • Strengthening Read-Aloud Skills Tips and techniques for getting your kids to hang on every word you read – and to become fluent readers themselves . . . All modeled by one of the country’s read-aloud experts • Honing Your Book Selection Skills As a reading role model for your students, you’ll find Judy’s many valuable book evaluation strategies essential for selecting new books you and your children will love to read

  7. Seminar Continued: • Developing Reading and Writing Skills Loads of innovative ideas for developing challenging reading and writing projects and samples of children’s work inspired by this year’s most unforgettable children’s books • Tying New Books into the Classroom and Library Curriculum Connect the best books of the year to your whole curriculum to enhance language arts, science, social studies, math, the arts, and more . . . Involve and excite your children with language through creative drama, Readers’ Theater, book talks, storytelling, poetry, wordplay, and songs

  8. Seminar Finished: • Current Trends in Children’s Literature Catch up on the hottest authors and illustrators . . . Hear the latest development and trends in the children’s book publishing world • Developing Lifelong Readers Instantly effective book-sharing techniques to get even the most reluctant readers fired up with irresistible books for read-alouds, read-alones and book discussion groups

  9. Seminar Details: • Provided in Different Locations • Cost= $ 185.00 per person • Time= 8:30 a.m. -- 3:30 p.m. (7 hrs.)

  10. Why I Shared This Seminar: • I am attending the Seminar in April 2007. • It was recommended to me by my Elementary School Librarian mentor. • I received the BER flyer in the mail. • I have heard other Librarians talk about this seminar and the ideas they walked away with for making their library program better.

  11. Where To Find More Information: • Judy Freeman’s Website: • Bureau of Education & Research Website: