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Market Yourself

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Market Yourself. Welcome to Market Yourself !. Hi, I’m Tanya Honeychurch, founder of Lifelong Careers. One of the most frequent comments I hear is “I don’t know how to market myself or what I do!”. Module Overview. In this program you will learn: Module 1- YOU INC- You as a Product

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Market Yourself

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    1. Market Yourself

    2. Welcome to Market Yourself ! • Hi, I’m Tanya Honeychurch, founder of Lifelong Careers. • One of the most frequent comments I hear is “I don’t know how to market myself or what I do!”

    3. Module Overview • In this program you will learn: • Module 1- YOU INC- You as a Product • Module 2- Know Yourself First- Myers Briggs Personality Questionnaire • Module 3- Your Work Purpose • Module 4- The 3 P’s of Marketing Yourself • Module 5- Skills Audit • Module 6- Success Inventory Portfolio • Module 7- Technology and Globalisation

    4. Module 1: YOU INC- You are a Product! • Do you ever stop to think that nobody in this world is the same as you? • Tick off the points applicable to you: • Nobody has exactly the same knowledge as me • Nobody has my personality • Nobody has my life experience • Nobody has my mindset • Nobody has exactly the same skills as me

    5. What does this mean? • This means that you are unique and nobody else has exactly what you have to offer! • This needs to be marketed to potential employers and clients

    6. YOU INC- Model Template • Work and Business in the 21st Century requires you to start thinking of yourself as a product which can be packaged and marketed to employers and clients willing to pay for your knowledge, skills and time. • Ask yourself- what value am I offering? -what problems am I solving? -what am I selling?

    7. Download the YOU INC Model Template • Download and start using the YOU INC Model Template • Invest time in yourself and others will too!

    8. YOU INC Project Management Scoping Document • Download the YOU INC Project Management Scoping Document- you are the project! Use it as a blueprint for self-development!

    9. Module Two- Know Yourself First! • Before you start marketing yourself to others know yourself first!

    10. Know Yourself First • Download the Myers Briggs Personality Questionnaire and complete it. • When you have completed send an email to for your personality analysis report. • This report has been written to help raise your level of self-awareness.

    11. Module Three- Your Work Purpose • What work would you like to be remembered for? • Would you love to do meaningful work?

    12. Your Work Purpose • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jump out of bed every morning and look forward to work? • Do you know what your ideal type of work is? • If you don’t what it is, how can you hope to achieve it? You need to identify it!

    13. Take a moment to think….What do you like to do? • Think about these categories of work preferences and tick which ones you most enjoy: • Help People • Entertain • Explain things to people • Make money work • Design/Create things • Find better ways to do things • Build things • Improve people’s lives • Download the Work Purpose PDF and complete to reveal what you should be working for

    14. Module Four- The 3 P’s of Marketing Yourself

    15. 3P’s to Market You • 1) Personal Branding- You are a Business! You can now be a global ‘microbrand’ ! • 2) Professional Reputation- how are you perceived both online and offline? • 3) Proposition- what is your offering? How does your product/service, or employment add value or solve problems? • Download the 3P’s of Marketing Yourself PDF Report for an insight into the new world of work.

    16. Module Five- Your Skills • Do you know what your marketable skills are? • Do you know how to promote these according to job/project/market demands?

    17. Skills Audit- Download the PDF Skills Audit

    18. Module Six- Success Inventory • What have been your most notable successes at work or in business? • Do you have samples of your past projects/work completed? • Do you know how to use these in job interviews or relate them to projects for clients? • Create a portfolio of work completed to show during interviews or meetings with prospective clients.

    19. Module Seven- Technology & Globalisation • Technology and Globalisation have permanently altered the way we work. • Take advantage of the most incredible career building and business opportunity of the 21st century- the internet! • Download the 21st Century World of Work and Business PDF. • Special Bonus- contact Lifelong Careers for a free consultation:

    20. Thank You! • Thank You for recognising that Marketing Yourself is an absolute necessary skill for work and business success! • Now take action and start marketing yourself- a promotion at work, a new client or a message to the world on social media- you now have the tools and support to do it! • “Life isn’t about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw