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Brand “Me” Market Yourself for Success

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Brand “Me” Market Yourself for Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brand “Me” Market Yourself for Success. Your Brand … Your Value Proposition. What do you associate with this brand? Messages and Values Quality Unique features of product Packaging Advertising/ Exposure. What Makes These Brands Great?.

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your brand your value proposition
Your Brand … Your Value Proposition

What do you associate with this brand?

  • Messages and Values
  • Quality
  • Unique features of product
  • Packaging
  • Advertising/ Exposure
what makes these brands great
What Makes These Brands Great?
  • They are recognizable with established standards of excellence
  • The product features are exciting and innovative
  • They are constantly improving their product
  • They position & market their products for critical exposure
  • They plan for a great return on their investment
your unique selling proposition
Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • You must make a proposition to the employer: Buy ME, and you will receive a specified benefit.
  • The proposition must be unique; something other candidates cannot claim, or have not chosen to emphasize in their promotions.
  • The proposition must be so compelling that it motivates employers to act.
your personal profile
Your Personal Profile

Highly competent and enthusiastic professional with extensive experience in project management and administration, corporate relations, event coordination, career services, and alumni relations in a university setting.

another example for your student
Another example – for your student

Highly motivated, extroverted entry level human resource professional with entrepreneurial and management experience. Demonstrated strategic business planning and implementation of human resource strategies as owner of a successful small business.

promote your brand
Promote Your Brand

In your current workplace …

  • Be visible and known in the organization
  • Seek out and develop mentoring relationships with leaders who have knowledge and experience relevant for your career interests
  • Build relationships with peers and colleagues, as well as those who are more senior than you
  • Recognize that every interaction in the organization is an opportunity to expand your network and build relationships
promote your brand9
Promote Your Brand

In your job search … cover/thank-you letters

  • Tailor to the jobs you are seeking
  • See the employer’s point of view …
  • Quantify your accomplishments …
  • Send it TO someone …
  • Samples … PROOFREAD!
promote your brand10
Promote Your Brand

In your job search … resume resources

  • Focus on accomplishments
  • Confessions of a Recruiting Director – great samples
  • ALWAYS continue to improve …
  • Research the Do’s and Don’t’s …
  • Samples …PROOFREAD …no templates!
what did you do
What did YOU do??

White Management Detasseling, Mahomet IL Summer 2000-2005


  • Provide contract-detasseling services to Monsanto and Alliance Production.
  • Responsible for hiring, retention, and supervision of 78 student employees annually.
  • Designed and maintained interactive web site containing job information, payroll status, etc.
  • Responsible for local payroll of $52,000.

Owner/Manager, White Management Detasseling, Mahomet IL, Summer 2000-2005

  • Provide contract-detasseling services to Monsanto Seed Co. and Alliance Production, Inc.
  • Founded company with 10 employees and grew to 78 employees; average revenue started at $4,000 and grew to $25,000.
  • Responsible for hiring, retention, compensation and supervision of student employees.
  • Accountable for local payroll of $61,000.
  • Designed and maintained interactive web site containing job information, payroll status, etc.
promote your brand13
Promote Your Brand

Personal selling in your job and while searching!

  • Informational, phone, behavioral, evaluative, capacity and case style interviews. Prep for all!
  • Research the organization/person
  • Practice, practice, practice …
  • Prepare for all aspects of the interview …
where do we find your brand
Where Do We Find Your Brand?
  • Create your personal “Board of Directors”
  • Network, network, network
  • National/regional organizations
  • Career Centers
  • Online
  • Headhunters?
selling the product what s your price
Selling the Product – What’s Your Price?

Salary Calculators



  • Get Paid What You’re Worth

(Pinkley & Northcraft, 2000, St. Martin’s Press)


Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations

Nell Madigan, Assistant Dean


Gentz Franz, Director of Development