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Underwater Cameras PowerPoint Presentation
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Underwater Cameras

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Underwater Cameras
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Underwater Cameras

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  1. Let’s face it. There’s no substitute for the ability to see underwater. Flashers and fishfinders give you lots of helpful information to interpret ….. but cameras show you exactly what’s going on down there. Identify fish species. Watch how fish react to your presentation. Identify bottom content and explore structure. Detect light bites that you may not feel. Learn more about the fish you’re trying to catch. And have fun. To put it bluntly, cameras are fun to use. It’s easy to get mesmerized watching the action unfold before your eyes. Underwater Viewing Systems have had their share of advancements and refinements. New technology gives us WiFi video transmission to our Tablets and SmartPhones from our own mobile HotSpots, brighter displays, better cameras, and better lighting for improved performance in all water conditions. If you really want to know what’s going on down there an Underwater Viewing System will show you ..... and will help you Catch More Fish!

  2. Marcum LX-9 - From the ice age to the digital age …. the Marcum LX-9 puts an end to your days of carrying separate flasher and camera and recording systems onto the ice. With over a decade of cutting edge sonar design and underwater viewing system engineering, the radically innovative Marcum LX-9 brings it all together in one powerful unit! The LX-9 combines a Marcum digital sonar ….. a Sony Super HAD II color camera ….. a DVR for recording to an SD card ….. and a high resolution 8 inch flat panel display ….. in a single, easy-to-use system, enabling you to find fish, view them, watch instant replays, and record for later viewing . Marcum VS825SD - The Marcum VS825SD sets a new standard in underwater viewing technology. The system is equipped with Sony’s most powerful Super HAD II CCD optics and an oversize 8” waterproof Solar Intelligent Display. The display is 3x brighter than previous models and can be switched between Color and Black / White to produce a breathtaking view of the underwater world, regardless of the conditions. Complete with seventy-five feet of Kevlar reinforced cable, on-screen displays of camera depth, direction, water temp and battery voltage, so you always stay on top of the fish!

  3. Marcum PanCam Camera System - TheMarcum PanCam Camera System sets the bar for how mobile cameras should work. Much more than just a way to view what your underwater camera is seeing, you can now take complete control of all your camera's functionality from the palm of your hand. The new Marcum WiFi PanCam System and FREE Marcum Control App connects you, your smartphone or tablet and camera into one advanced, integrated system. From up to 300 feet away, you can remotely change camera direction, adjust lighting and even snap still images or record videos and instantly save them to your photo or video library .... even post them to Facebook or Twitter. Discover the freedom that Marcum's modern technology can bring you! Marcum Automatic Camera Panner - The Marcum Automatic Camera Panner is the easiest, most convenient way to rotate any underwater camera. Simply open the Camera Panner to extend the legs, place it over the ice hole, grip the camera cable with the Camera Panner, and sit back and enjoy the view. Use the 10' corded Remote Control to scan a full 360 degrees and view the entire underwater landscape!

  4. Vexilar FishPhone WiFi Camera System (FP100) - Vexilar FISHPHONE turns your smartphone or tablet into a fully functional underwater camera monitor. Now anyone with a smartphone or tablet will get a high quality video image delivered right to the palm of their hand. Using Wi-Fi signal technology to create its own “hotspot” that reaches out 100 feet in all directions, FISHPHONE lets share your video signal with as many friends as you like or keep it totally secure. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the FISHPHONE works anywhere in the world. Vexilar Fish Scout 800 - The Vexilar Fish-Scout 800 is a complete underwater viewing system that consists of a color/ black and white camera, 7” color LCD monitor, rigid carrying case with an enclosed 12 volt - 9 amp hour battery, 1 Amp Digital charger and protective soft pack carrying case. The system comes fully assembled and ready to use directly out of the box. This system is energy efficient and can run for over 9 hours on a single battery charge. Comes standard with a two year warranty.