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UNDERWATER WIRELESS. BY: MITALI BHOPAL TOPIC: UNDERWATER WIRELESS ITP (LAB). We can use Underwater S ensor Networks (UWSN): • Ocean Sampling Networks • Environmental Monitoring • Undersea Explorations • Disaster Prevention

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    2. We can use Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSN): • Ocean Sampling Networks • Environmental Monitoring • Undersea Explorations • Disaster Prevention • Assisted Navigation • Distributed Tactical Surveillance

    3. Engineer explores underwater wireless communications. • Sending and receiving message below water. • The most common is using hydrophones. • Under water communication is difficult due: • to factors like multi-path propagation, • to time variations of the channel.

    4. Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UW-ASN) • Is the enabling technology for these applications. • Consist of a variable number of sensors. • Unexplored area although underwater communications. • Experimented since World War II in 1945, • An underwater telephone was developed in the United States.

    5. Major challenges in the design of UW-ASN are: • The available bandwidth is severely limited; • Prone to failures because of fouling; • The available bandwidth is severely limited; • High bit error rates can be experienced; • Usually batteries can not be recharged

    6. Wireless information transmission through the ocean • Is one of the enabling technologies for • The development of future ocean-observation systems. • Underwater wireless sensing systems are envisioned • For stand-alone applications and • Control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

    7. Wireless Controller Underwater Robot Swims • A waterproof tablet controller designed and built by • York University researchers is allowing an underwater • robot to go “wireless” in a unique way. • Divers can program the tablet to display • tags onscreen, similar to barcodes read 

    8. Wireless underwater Camera for viewing and recording exactly what is going on in the sea around you, with a 20 meter long cable. This is a professional grade video camera product for fishermen, scuba divers, marine biologists.

    9. Underwater communication has been a major • technological issue since the start of autonomous • (scuba) divers and deep-sea vehicles (DSVs). • wide-area sensor networks have enabled • the close monitoring of environmental in • case of tsunamis and volcanic ash clouds.

    10. Underwater Sensor Networks is a very recent technology that tries to follow the same steps than terrestrial wireless networks in a very different and challenging network environment. There is an increasing interest in USWN technologies.