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Dead Sea

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Dead Sea

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  1. Dead Sea Core E

  2. Background Information • Location: Half in Israel and the other in Jordan • Named the Dead Sea because there is so much salt, that nothing can retain life in the Sea. • Since 1960, the Sea has been shrinking

  3. What significant geographical changes have appeared over time due to the shrinking of the Dead Sea? Preliminary Question

  4. Changes in the shape of the Dead Sea due to shrinking can be observed from astronaut photographs taken over time. Hypothesis

  5. Shrinking of Dead Sea Over a span of 18 years 1992 2010 Source: Gateway to Astronaut Photography

  6. Water level of the Dead Sea (Below Sea Level) Highest Amount: 330 meters Lowest Amount: 409 meters

  7. Conclusion Hypothesis Do we agree with it? We agree with our hypothesis because clearly from astronaut photography, a change in the shape of the Dead Sea can be detected. Specific Changes: -Growth of the Evaporation ponds -Growth of land surrounding the sea -Creation of a Peninsula Changes in the shape of the Dead Sea due to shrinking can be observed from astronaut photographs taken over time.

  8. Water Level

  9. Summary of What We Learned Core E science class has learned many interesting facts about the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea was formed around two million years ago by two crustal plates that spread apart. Half the Dead Sea is in Jordan, and the other half is in Israel. There is a separate area called the Evaporation Ponds. The sea is slowly shrinking, and scientists have predicted that in 2050 there will be little water left. Since the year 1960, the Dead Sea has shrunk. One of the main reasons that the sea is shrinking is because of evaporation and the rivers feeding the Dead Sea are shrinking as well. Nothing will ever be able to live in the sea because there is too much salt. Also, the big amounts of salt allow you to be able to float effortlessly. Many products are made from the salt in the Dead Sea. The salt treats acne, hives, dandruff, dry skin stress, muscle aches, and more. Something else interesting that one of the students learned is that the Jordan River feeds fresh water into the Dead Sea. From centuries ago one of the popular names for the Dead Sea was "The Stinky Sea." The Dead Sea is a very interesting topic to learn and study about.

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