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Welcome! My Benefits Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome! My Benefits Orientation

Welcome! My Benefits Orientation

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Welcome! My Benefits Orientation

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  1. Welcome! My Benefits Orientation Great Benefits for Great People PEOPLE Benefits Orientation

  2. I am Benefits Eligible • UNMH Employees: • Regular Full-time • (.75 TO 1.0 FTE) • Regular Part-time • (.5 TO .7 FTE) • Term (long term temporary) • (.5 TO 1.0 FTE) Benefits Orientation

  3. Basic Life* AD&D* LTD* Health* Dental* Vision Voluntary Supplemental Life Cancer/ICU/ Heart Pre-Paid Legal Coverages I Can Have *UNMH pays for/contributes towards these benefits Benefits Orientation

  4. Who I Can Cover Me and my eligible dependents My eligible dependents include: • Spouse or Domestic Partner* • My unmarried Children (& Step-Children) UNTIL age 19 or age 25 • (must be full time student for dental & vision to continue from age 19 through age 24) *You must complete the DP affidavit process before DP coverage can begin Benefits Orientation

  5. My Enrollment Period The first 31 days from your date of hire or date of benefits eligibility Your enrollment period is the time to make your benefit elections for your effective date through the end of the Plan Year The Plan Year ends July 31 for most plans. The Flexible Spending Account Plan Year ends December 31 Benefits Orientation

  6. My Effective Date Your effective date (for most plans) is the first of the month following your date of hire or date of benefits eligibility Exceptions: LTD is effective the first of the month following 1 year in benefits-eligible status. Some coverage may be subject to underwriting and have a later effective date (Contact HR Benefits for effective dates). Benefits Orientation

  7. Benefits Lock • The benefits you elect remain in effect for the entire Plan Year (through July 31 for coverages and through December 31 for the Flexible Spending Accounts) • You may make changes for the new Plan Year during Open Enrollment (summer for coverages and fall for Flexible Spending Accounts) • You may make changes during the Plan Year only if you experience a Qualifying Event Benefits Orientation

  8. Qualifying Events • Open enrollment of a spouse or domestic partner • Birth • Adoption or placement of a child in the home • Change of Dependent Status - No longer your dependent, Child no longer single, turn age 19 or turn age 25 (26 for life) Unmarried children can continue health coverage until age 25 and voluntary life coverage until age 26. Unmarried children over age 18 can continue dental or vision coverage until age 25 only if a full-time student • Marriage, Legal Separation, Divorce, Death Benefits Orientation

  9. More Qualifying Events • Change of your employment status or the employment status of your spouse or domestic partner: • Regular full time to regular part time status • Regular part time to regular full time status • Casual pool to regular status or regular status to casual pool • Temporary to regular status or regular status to temporary • Leaves of Absence • Beginning or end of employment • These are not all the Qualifying Events – Call Benefits to find out if your event is a Qualifying Event Benefits Orientation

  10. Qualifying Events Musts Coverage changes due to qualifying events must be made within 31 days of the qualifying event (forms due to marriage must be done before the wedding date) If you miss the 31 day time limit, you will have to wait until next Open Enrollment to make changes Benefits Orientation

  11. How I Make Changes FILL OUT NEW FORMS! All Forms Must be Received in HR at 933 Bradbury Dr. SE, Suite 3002, by 5:00 p.m. on the 31st day Benefits Orientation

  12. My COBRA Rights • Federal Law • Requires qualified persons be allowed to continue group health, dental or vision coverage • Premium is 102% of full cost • Coverage may continue for 18 or 36 months, or longer depending upon the COBRA qualifying event Benefits Orientation

  13. My HIPAA Rights • Federal Law • Requires persons enrolled in group health coverage be provided with proof of coverage certificate when requested • You do NOT need a HIPAA certificate for proof of coverage prior to our health plan (there is no pre-existing condition clause under Blue Cross/Blue Shield) Benefits Orientation

  14. My Pre-Tax Savings HEALTH, DENTAL and VISION PREMIUMS are DEDUCTED on a PRE-TAX basis • Saves you money on your taxes • Limits changes during the plan year to experiencing a Qualifying Event Benefits Orientation

  15. Domestic Partner Tax Rule *DOMESTIC PARTNER PREMIUMS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRE-TAX STATUS • Changes during the plan year allowed only for experiencing a Qualifying Event • You must complete the Domestic Partner Affidavit process in order to add your domestic partner and their dependents to any Plans Benefits Orientation

  16. Basic Life/AD&D • FREE to Me! • UNMH pays for these benefits • BASIC LIFE insurance coverage = 1 X your base annual salary • ACCIDENTAL DEATH= 2 X your base annual salary • DISMEMBERMENT coverage included • You are automatically enrolled in all of these once you become eligible Benefits Orientation

  17. Long Term Disability • FREE to Me! • UNMH pays for this benefit • LONG TERM DISABILITY insurance coverage is effective first of month following one year in a benefits-eligible status • PAYS 60% of base monthly earnings after being totally disabled for 180 days • You are automatically enrolled once you become eligible Benefits Orientation

  18. Voluntary Supplemental Life • Employee Coverage: $10,000 to $500,000 • Spouse/DP Coverage: $10,000 to $250,000 * • Spouse/DP Coverage amount cannot exceed Employee Voluntary Life Coverage • Child Coverage: Age 6 mo. thru 25 years =$2,500 Age 2 weeks to 6 mos. = $1,000 Use this special opportunity to obtain additional security for your and your family! *Employee and Spouse/DP coverage is available in $10,000 increments Benefits Orientation

  19. Voluntary Supplemental Life Special GUARANTEED ISSUE for Newly Eligible ONLY! $250,000 guaranteed issue Employee Coverage $100,000 guaranteed issue Spouse/DP Coverage Child(ren) Coverage guaranteed issue Future requests for coverage at Open Enrollment are subject to Evidence of Insurability Benefits Orientation

  20. Voluntary Supplemental Life Premiums Per Pay Period (24/Year) Rate changes due to age become effective the pay period following the employee’s or spouse/Domestic Partner’s birthday. Benefits Orientation

  21. Voluntary Supplemental Life PremiumsPer Pay Period (24/Year Rate changes due to age become effective the pay period following the employee’s or spouse/Domestic Partner’s birthday. Benefits Orientation

  22. Voluntary Supplemental Life Premiums Add only an additional .23 cents twice/month to cover all dependent children! Benefits Orientation

  23. Beneficiary Information • Life insurance & retirement beneficiary changes may be made at any time • Complete and submit new forms to HR to change your beneficiary • Remember to change your “Employee Paycheck” beneficiary - available online at HR, Forms Benefits Orientation

  24. My Annual (Vacation) Leave 10 days by end of your 1st year • Accruals prorated on hours actually worked up to 3.08 hours per pay period 1 additional day for every additional year until accruals max at 20 days/year Eligible to use Annual Leave after 5 months service See HR policy 215 – Leave Annual for details Benefits Orientation

  25. 1-New Year’s Day 2-New Year’s Eve Day or Day After N.Y.D. 3-Memorial Day 4-Independence Day 5-Labor Day 6-Thanksgiving Day 7-Thanksgiving Day After 8-Christmas Day 9-Christmas Eve Day or Day After Christmas Day My Paid Holidays 9 Paid Holidays per Year Up to 8 paid hours per holiday based on normal schedule See HR policy 225 – Leave Holiday for details Benefits Orientation

  26. Sick Leave • 7 Days Minor Sick Leave Accrual per Year • Accruals prorated on hours actually worked up to 2.15 hours per pay period • Use for absences up to 24 consecutively scheduled work hours due to illness or injury • 6 Days Major Sick Leave Accrual per Year • Accruals prorated on hours actually worked up to 1.85 hours per pay period • Use for absences over 24 consecutively scheduled work hours due to illness or injury Eligible to use Sick Leave after 90 days service See HR policy 235 – Leave Sick for details Benefits Orientation

  27. Tuition Reimbursement • 24 College-Credit Hours per Fiscal Year • Prorated on assigned FTE status • 1.0 to 0.9 = 24 hrs; 0.8 to 0.7 = 21 hrs; 0.6 to 0.5 = 18 hrs • Eligible to Apply after 6 Months Service • T.R. forms MUST be in HR prior to class start date • Must maintain Benefits-Eligibility thru-out semester • Reimbursement up to UNM regular in-state or CNM in-county rate (course fee reimbursement with itemized receipt) • 4 courses per semester limit • Spanish Language non-credit exceptions possible • For CAP RNs & RRTs, New National Certs Exam Cost Temporary Status Employees are not eligible for this program See HR policy 370 – Tuition Reimbursement for details Benefits Orientation

  28. Lots of Other Benefits • Direct Deposit • NM Educators Federal Credit Union • United Way via Payroll Deduction • Outcomes Employee Assistance Program • Discount Programs: Recreation, Shopping, Child Care, Fitness, Car Services, Dining and more • “Half-Price” Popejoy & Lobo Season Tickets and access to UNM Rec Services, Johnson Gym & more via LoboCard • Employee Referral Bonus Program • Annual Sick Leave Sell-Back Opportunity • Catastrophic Leave & Medical Crisis Leave Bank Programs • Employee Service Teams Participation • Reward & Recognition Programs (I CARE) • 5-Year Service Awards Program & Recognition Banquet • Annual UNMH/HSC Family Fun Day • Employee Scholarship & Training Opportunities Benefits Orientation

  29. Benefits Orientation

  30. Enroll in 403(b) and/or 457(b) Retirement Anytime How to contact Fidelity 1-800-343-0860 Local Fidelity Representative Cody Maschmeier 272-2552 (Leave message for appointment) Benefits Orientation

  31. When I Need to Have My Forms In HR FINAL DEADLINE IS 5:00 P.M. ON 31st DAY • Your first deductions are due on the first paycheck after your effective date • Late forms will cause double deductions until premiums are caught up to date Benefits Orientation

  32. Any Questions Call HR Benefits Lisa Mittman Benefits Tech. 272-5642 Calandra Redhouse Benefits Specialist 272-1903 Mignon Koenig Senior Benefits Specialist 272-4201 Your Benefits Team The information in this presentation is not intended to replace benefit plan details. Please refer to summaries of benefit plans and Policies and Procedures for specifics. Benefits Orientation

  33. UNION ORIENTATION Names of employees eligible to join a union will be called prior to Union Orientation at 11:30 If you are not eligible to join, you may leave at that time Benefits Orientation