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Benefits New Hire Orientation

Benefits New Hire Orientation. Welcome To Our. Benefit Offerings . Medical Wellness Program Dental Vision 401(k) Disability Life Insurance Flexible Spending Account Healthcare and Dependent care Wellness Grants and Wellness Challenges WhiteGlove (AZ and TX employees only).

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Benefits New Hire Orientation

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  1. Benefits New Hire Orientation Welcome To Our

  2. Benefit Offerings • Medical • Wellness Program • Dental • Vision • 401(k) • Disability • Life Insurance • Flexible Spending Account • Healthcare and Dependent care • Wellness Grants and Wellness Challenges • WhiteGlove (AZ and TX employees only)

  3. Benefits At Your Fingertips For more information about Benefits: • Visit the Benefits website at: www.drivetimebenefits.com or • Visit our DASH portal: DASH/Corporate/Benefits

  4. Important Information • Benefits Plan Year is effective January 1 – December 31, 2011 • New hires have 60 days from hire date to enroll in benefit elections i.e. “New Hire Window” • Instructions to enroll and confirm are posted on the Benefits website at www.drivetimebenefits.com

  5. New Hire Benefits Process Hint: Enroll in Benefits as soon as you can, your first 60 days goes by fast! This is your only opportunity to elect benefits (other than during Open Enrollment/Life Status Change). Hint: You will only need to submit your Wellness Steps if you plan to elect Medical coverage and choose to participate in the Wellness Program.

  6. Enrolling • Log into Self Service • You can log in from DASH or from home through the Benefits Website www.drivetimebenefits.com

  7. Enrolling Cont. • Detailed instructions can be found on the Benefits website under “Enrollment” at www.drivetimebenefits.com • When you are finished, CONFIRM YOUR ELECTIONS AND PRINT YOUR CONFIRMATION PAGE. We advise you to keep this confirmation page for your records Please note: “SAVING” is NOT the same as “CONFIRMING” your elections. If you make changes and do not hit the CONFIRM button, your changes will not be effective.

  8. Most Popular Elections • Medical – United Healthcare • Medical is the only carrier to issue an insurance card. • Dental – MetLife • Vision – VSP • Dental & Vision coverage accessed by providing SSN when you make appointment with your doctor.

  9. DT Current Plan Definitions • Set amount one pays to go to the doctor, urgent care or emergency room • For example = $25 for a primary care doctor visit CO-PAY • Amount of money you pay before your insurance starts to pay • For example; currently = $500 Individual / $1,000 Family • This is over and above any co-pays DEDUCTIBLE CO-INSURANCE • Money you have to pay for health services after you have paid the deductible and co-pays • For example = 80/20 split • Out-of-pocket-maximum is the most you have to pay in deductibles and co-insurance for covered health services during the plan year. This does not include co-pays. • For example; currently = $3,000 Individual / $6,000 Family OUT-OF-POCKET-MAXIMUM

  10. Frequently Asked Questions! • What’s covered? • Download and read Summary Plan Descriptions at www.drivetimebenefits.com • Click on Summary Plan Descriptions! • What are the bi-weekly premium rates? • Rate available to view on www.drivetimebenefits.com

  11. Wellness 2.0 • Would you like to save $1,200 on your Medical insurance? • Wellness Program premium discounts are divided into three tiers based on completion of Wellness Steps and meeting minimum Wellness Biometric standards. You must complete all steps to be in the Wellness Program.

  12. Wellness Program Steps • Step 1 – Biometric Testing • Your results from your biometric testing could impact the your wellness rate: • Blood Pressure, BMI, Cholesterol • Step 2 – Complete Online Health Risk Assessment • Step 3 – Annual Physical • Step 4 – Wellness Coaching (if needed)

  13. Wellness Program Steps Cont. Failure to comply with Wellness Program requirements will result in removal from the Wellness Program.

  14. Wellness 2.0 is based on the following risk factors: Blood Pressure Wellness 2.0 Cholesterol Body Mass Index (BMI) Wellness Risk Factor Pillars In addition to our Wellness Program mandatory 1-2-3 steps, we also consider three risk factors to determine what your medical insurance premium will be.

  15. Wellness Tiers The Wellness Program medical premium rates will be based on our tiered system: • Three Tiers: • 1 - Meet all 3 tier requirements = biggest discount • 2 - Meet 2 of 3 tier requirements = smaller discount • 3 - Meet 1 or less of tier requirements = no discount • Below is an example of possible combinations in each tier: PLEASE NOTE: If you cover your spouse, your spouse must meet the DT Requirements as well. Coverage will default to the lower tier if spouses are not equal. For example, if the employee meets all 3 tiers but the spouse only meets 2 requirements, the rate will be at the 2 tier rate.

  16. Wellness Program Exceptions Exceptions and Wellness 2.0 • Any employee or spouse who has a medically certified reason for not being able to comply with any of the Wellness 2.0 requirements (blood pressure, BMI and/or cholesterol) should review the medical exception form on the Benefits website to take to your physician. • For BMI only, we are allowing a 6 month check (after your initial Biometrics screen) to be completed by your physician showing your progress for working towards getting your BMI closer to the pillars we have set forth. • Complete details and forms for Wellness 2.0 can be found on the Benefits website at www.drivetimebenefits.com

  17. Wellness Program Cont. Save some bucks in the Wellness Program! The Wellness Program is completely voluntary. If you do not wish to participate, you are still eligible for medical insurance at the Non-Wellness rates. Did you know our Wellness program has been around since 2005!

  18. Tobacco Free • Beginning on January 1, 2011, DriveTime is a tobacco free campus. This includes any and all tobacco related products. • Only customers are permitted to use any tobacco related products at any DriveTime facility/property. • All participants in a 2011 Wellness Program are not permitted to smoke, at home or work for the 2011 Plan Year. • Anyone who needs to remove themselves from the Wellness Program for not complying will need to contact the Benefits Department.

  19. Dependent Eligibility Verification Will you be adding Dependents to your benefits? We require documentation for all newly added dependents to our medical, dental and/or vision plans. • Documents you can submit include birth certificates, marriage licenses, tax records, etc. Full details can be found on the Benefits website at: www.drivetimebenefits.com • Employees who elect to cover dependents on their medical plan must provide the necessary documents to prove their dependents are eligible • You have until your benefits are effective (60 days from hire date) to submit documents • Failure to comply with this step will mean your dependents will be removed from your coverage! • Benefits fraud will not be tolerated and could result in termination!

  20. Social Security Number Audit • Beginning in 2011, Medicare is requiring all dependents who have medical coverage to have a SSN on file with any medical plan option. • If you are planning to add dependents to your medical coverage, please enter their SSN when adding in Self Service • For any dependents with no SSN number, please contact the Benefits Department as soon as possible

  21. 401k • You may participate in our 401k Plan at any point in time after your 61st day of employment. • We offer a 40 cent match up to the first 6% of you invest. • Enroll online or by phone with Fidelity

  22. Disability Short Term Disability (STD) & Long Term Disability (LTD) • This is offered as a “combo” where DriveTime will pay for your STD if you pay for your LTD. • Rates for this combo will vary for each employee as it is based on pay. • If you elect as a NEW HIRE, you are not subject to any pre-existing provisions like you will be if you elect later on during an Open Enrollment period. • Think of STD/LTD as insurance for your paycheck; pays 60% with a 14 day waiting period.

  23. Life Insurance DriveTime is paying a FREE Life Insurance policy for you. • Be sure you enter your beneficiaries when you enroll for your benefits. • You may also purchase additional amounts of insurance for: • Yourself • Your spouse • Your dependents NOTE: As a new hire, if you elect additional life insurance coverage for you or your spouse, you will NOT be subject to pre-existing provisions like you will be if you elect the options at a later time. Up to $30K, you do not need to complete the Evidence of Insurability (EOI) for your spouse.

  24. Beneficiaries • Even if you do not elect ANY benefits with DriveTime, you still receive a FREE Life Insurance policy. • It is important you enter beneficiaries in Self Service so we have record of your wishes. • You may enter your Beneficiary Information at anytime through ADP Self Service.

  25. Enter Beneficiaries for Basic Life and Supplemental Life. You can designate Primary and Contingent Beneficiaries for your policies.

  26. Flexible Spending Accounts • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) One of the only times the IRS will let you have tax free money! • Two Options • Healthcare • To be use for health related expenses (co-pays, prescriptions, dental work, eyeglasses, etc) • $3,000 Annual Maximum • Dependent Care • To be used for dependent care expenses • $5,000 Annual Maximum • Complete information can be found on the Benefits website at www.drivetimebenefits.com THIS IS A USE OR LOSE FEATURE – PLAN ACCORDINGLY

  27. Wellness Grants A Wellness Grant is a program where you can apply for $100 for various health related items • Gym membership fees, athletic apparel, shoes, even the Wii Fit! • $100 Grant awarded annually for health related items • Eligible to apply after 90 days of employment and you must be in the Wellness program (Tier 1 or 2). • Want to learn more about Wellness Grants? Visit DASH/Corporate/Benefits/Health & Wellness

  28. Wellness Challenges • Annual, company-wide Wellness promotion events and challenges sponsored by the Benefits Department • May 1, 2011 – Company-wide 5K Walk-a-Thon for Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research

  29. Contacting Benefits • Email us: • Are you at work? Use Outlook and email “Benefits Service Request” • Are you at home? You can use any site and email us at benefits@drivetime.com • Visit us: www.drivetimebenefits.com

  30. Contacting Benefits Through Email The more information (phone number, issue or problem) employees or managers share in the email, the better we are able to help. It is not helpful to have an email which states, “I need your help with my benefits.” A better email would say, “I do not have my medical insurance card. Can you please call me at 480-123-4562, my employee ID is XXXXX?”

  31. Contacting Benefits Cont. The response to emails will come from “Service Request Notification”. This shows our response to the email/ticket.

  32. Employees of AZ & TX • Please stay on the call for additional information about WhiteGlove Healthcare. • All other states do not have this coverage at this time.

  33. Questions ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  34. Employees of AZ and TX are currently eligible • Automatic enrollment if you elect our Medical benefit • WhiteGlove follows the same effective date as your Medical benefit (61st day of employment) • Schedule an appointment from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 365 days a year, even during major holidays! • See a Nurse Practitioner at work or at home • $35 co-pay per visit, membership fee is paid by DriveTime, WhiteGlove will also bill UHC for other services (labs, Rx, etc.)

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