The history of video games in the house
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The History of Video Games in the House - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The History of Video Games in the House. By: Adam Parsonage, Bryan Devenish, Alan Lilley and Steven Christopher . TIMELINE. Where it started. The hype of video games originated in arcades.

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The history of video games in the house

The History of Video Games in the House

By: Adam Parsonage, Bryan Devenish, Alan Lilley and Steven Christopher

Where it started
Where it started

  • The hype of video games originated in arcades.

  • Fact No: 629 - “Contrary to popular belief, the first video games were not found at an arcade, but at home.”

  • Consoles started to be produced for the purpose of home gaming.

  • There was a lack of games development in the early stages.

  • Developments for home (affordable) entertainment systems started in 1967.

Brownbox magnavox odyssey
BrownBox/ Magnavox Odyssey

  • The Brown box was the first console to be developed for home entertainment,

    however it was only a prototype.

  • Invented by Ralph H. Baer. ( <- That last name)

  • Introduced eight games which a few also consisted of multiplayer functionalities

  • The brown box lead into the production of the Magnavox Odyssey

  • The Magnavox was the first official home entertainment system.


The Founder of Atari is named Bushnell


  • 1975 saw the introduction of Atari in the gaming industry

    • Atari Sears Tele-games pong system

  • Atari was the company that introduced the video game Pong.

    • However it was actually competing with the tennis game

      made on the Magnavox Odyssey.

  • Atari was the first successful video game company that made

    home gaming more popular to the public.

  • Atari introduced the joystick controller in the home

Introduction of nintendo and sega
Introduction of Nintendo and Sega

  • Nintendo's Test version of the console was made in 1977

  • Sega’s first console was “The SG-1000”

    • Released 1983 in July, in a limited market.

  • By 1983 Sega and Nintendo were leading in the gaming industry

  • Sega’s first globally sold console was the “SG-1000 II”

  • Nintendo’s first console was known as “ColorTv Game”


  • 1981 was the release of the first home PC game (Donkey) invented by Bill Gates.

  • In it’s early stages it was rare to have a computer in the home, due to:

    • Size

    • Maintenance

    • cost

  • Computers have become more and more popular for gaming in the later years but it doesn’t compare to the console marketing.

  • The first computer hit the market in 1977, however the games where introduced a minimum of four years later.

  • Sony and microsoft
    Sony and Microsoft

    Sony’s PlayStation

    Microsoft’s Xbox

    Xbox first console

    Released in November 2001

    Xbox 360 second console

    Released in November 2005

    Xbox One Third Console

    Released in November 2013

    • PlayStation One

      • Released in December 1994

  • PlayStation 2

    • Released in November 2000

  • PlayStation 3

    • Released in November 2006

  • PlayStation 4

    • Released in November 2013

  • Nintendo

    • The Release of their “Nintendo 64” to rival Sony’s “PlayStation One”

      • Available 1996 - 1997

    • Nintendo Released their “GameCube” in 2002.

    • The “Wii” was released to compete in the market against the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

      • December 2006 saw the release of the “Wii”

    • Nintendo released the “Wii U” in November 2012

    The future of home gaming
    The Future Of Home Gaming

    • Near Future:

      • Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4

      • Microsoft will be rivalling this with the Xbox On

    • Later Future:

      • There could be no guaranteed to what is in the future.